Shop with me at the LARGEST DOLLAR TREE in the World | Part 1

are you guys ready to come with me into

the largest dollar tree in the world hey

guys here here from Fifty Shades of mom

back to share with you guys seriously

this is like the best video why because

I am sitting in the parking lot of one

of the largest dollar trees in all of

the world there's a big sign I've been

here before with Vanessa the lemonade

mom so I'll make sure to link that up

above if you guys have not checked that

out before so I've actually got a chance

to stand in front of that sign and it is

ridiculously awesome to feel like you

guys were at the largest Dollar Tree it

is so awesome

I cannot wait to go in there and see

what I can find because my wishlist is

like a redonkulous so I can't wait to go

in there and I can't wait to take in

Madison especially since you have like a

fellow set of group of girls who just

love to shop the Dollar Tree like you

it's really fun to just go into a place

like this so come inside and let's see

what goodies we can score and one of the

largest dollar trees in the world can

you believe it guys we are actually here

at one of the largest dollar trees in

the u.s. here in Burlington North

Carolina I am so excited to take you

guys inside and show you what we can

find look at that sign so so excited

however this being the biggest store in

the world there's no way I could share a

shop with me by myself so I'm actually

going to only film half of the store and

Madison Pippins is going to have part

two so stay tuned for tomorrow same time

same bat Channel and she'll be able to

show you the things that I didn't show

you but do you see the store you guys it

used to be a grocery store so I believe

it was something called Birds and so now

it's this Dollar Tree so I've never seen

a Dollar Tree the size of a grocery

store before I have to say that some

things just weren't any different than a

regular old Dollar Tree so the only

thing I really saw in the cosmetics

section was these blue and make up

towelettes I only ever see those ones in

the green

and then I did get a chance to score

some really neat nail polish they'll

show you guys in my hall and I believe

Madison's got some of that stuff as well

but most of the stuff a lot of the LA

Colors line and everything was some of

the things that I see in my regular

dollar tree those little compete blister

packs I hadn't seen them before but then

I went to a couple of dollar trees after

that and they were there so they must be

floating around

I did actually snag one of these Madison

said to put your micellar water in there

even though it's meant for nail polish

remover and it's a way to pump it on to

your cotton ball so I think that's a

great idea I picked up one of those and

then look at this wall of nail polish

you guys I was like whoa none of the

ones I've seen have ever had nail polish

like that before now let's talk this

overall freezer section I was blown away

by some of the things that were in here

like the yogurts like eCos yogurts in

here these are the ones that you like

pour little different like toppings into

that really surprised me in the Dollar

Tree they're usually a dollar in Walmart

but to see them on the DT that was a

little surprising to me and what I

really liked about this updated freezer

section a lot of the new dollar trees

are adding them is that if your

lifestyle really forces you to be on the

budget whether you're a college student

or a struggling mom or whatever the case

may be if this is the only place that

you could shop you still could have an

option to feed your kids a variety of

things I mean they had everything from

the pancakes and the waffles and sausage

to fresh frozen fruit to do for

smoothies I mean they had a tropical

blend and a regular brought blend they

had the French toast sticks and those

brown and serve meals I've gotten before

and Jake actually really loves all of

them but the French toast I was even

surprised about these bags of french

fries you guys these are huge bags of

fries for just a dollar so they had the

steak cut kind and then they had the

straight cut which were more like a

McDonald's cut fry and I ended up taking

a bag of those with me because that

really surprised me and so they also had

all these kinds of things like popcorn


and wings and like I said it was almost

endless like down here do you see this

you guys boneless skinless chicken

breasts I thought like when I really

trust this from the Dollar Tree but I

mean I don't know something like this I

have tried actually this rib eye steak

Daryl and I did a how to do a lunch on

the dollar tree budget we weren't really

too impressed with that steak but I mean

do you see what they just had fried

calamari flounder salmon ravioli like

all that stuff kind of blew my mind that

was some of the things I kind of would

trust like I said that ribeye steak that

dental and I put on the nachos we

weren't so crazy about that but I mean

again if you're a bachelor or something

and you're living on a budget I feel

like you could still come to the Dollar

Tree and cook a pretty decent meal I

almost bought the Cool Whip you guys

thought that was a great deal but then I

realized like hello you're two hours

from home and if you hit traffic longer

so let me not take any fries or things

home with me so I ended up not taking

anything but I mean they even had these

little like Cinnabon gooey bites and

sour patch whole boxes of sour patch

like pops and ice cream bars and then

the bread you guys I loved taking

Madison to a place where she could see

bread all of the dollar trees in Georgia

she said only have like the dollar tree

bread but you're gonna see down at the

bottom and just a second but for her to

see like Wonder Bread and cobblestone

instead of that bread right there that

family red-and-white package along the

bottom that's all she ever sees so I was

excited to show her what real bread

looks like at the DT and now here we are

over at the seasonal section this had

pretty much one of the largest st.

Patrick's Day I had seen love those beer

socks I wish Derril wore socks like that

and I would totally scoop those up but

they had so many cute things the little

LED lights that we've seen for pretty

much everything and they had those in

the clovers and then the little door

hangers if you are a teacher and you're

going to do any kind of st. Patrick's

Day themed thing the Dollar Tree has you

covered with so many different variety

of things like foam glittery hats they

had the headbands if you want to dress

up and be all Erin go bra

when you are at school or something but

I was pretty impressed with their st.

Patrick's Day selection

I even scooped up that sign in the

corner because I didn't really have too

much decor as far as st. Patrick's Day

and then now here is the Easter stuff so

besides these two signs I want to show

you guys a lot of these stuff was stuff

from last year this one I think is new I

do not remember seeing that one last

year and I don't remember seeing this

one here at the bottom with the

galvanized metal and a little burlap a

bow but the rest of the ones I bought

last year the welcome to our patch the

Sun bunny loves you I have the one that

with the little Cottontail butt and I

have the Easter blessings as well as I

don't have that Easter greetings one

that was a potholder down there that

says Happy Easter but a lot of those

worse the same so I'm kind of kind of

inventory before I buy but if you have

no decor for Easter Dollar Tree

definitely has you covered for that as

well huge book section in this place and

you guys know I love my books there

wasn't too much here that I had it had

already I did get a few good scores that

I'm excited to show you guys in my haul

tomorrow but not a huge selection that I

purchased but still a very big a book

section I always say that if you want to

score in a Dollar Tree book section you

really have to dig and so if you don't

have the time to like really dig through

the gems kind of have to pop and jump

off the shelf at you you guys look how

cute these little coffee pads are oh my

goodness crown jewels you're killing me

like they're beautiful they're gorgeous

and their coffee so hello so here I am

in the stationery section now just right

over from the book section and these are

new these are like markers meant to do

like those color your own adult coloring

books there's two in a package and each

one had a variety of different colors so

I thought that was a pretty good deal

they always have the coloring books but

never really those colored pens so that

was pretty neat to see and then I love

these new notebooks that were out of

course I have a little bit of a notebook

addiction so I didn't bring any home

with me but the paws off journal was so

cute the

he's in my heart love love love that you

can't handle this that was so cute and

then the unicorn of course you guys know

that had my heart with the word dream on

it so that was super cute now here's one

of the things I didn't like about the

large dollar trees and so there's only

so much stuff that a dollar tree

actually has so they had whole aisles

that like one aisle the whole side was

paper towels and the other side was

paper plates this one was like the whole

aisle was just repetitive Tupperware so

it was almost like they were just

filling space but they did have a whole

selection of those egg cartons which I

did to pick up to give to one of you

guys in a future giveaway because I know

that that is a hot item they had a whole

bunch of new mugs that were out and

these really pretty fabric placemats and

then this I didn't really get a good

chance to show you guys Madison got a

closer view but last year they had the

cherries and the lemons and then now

this year they have the apples and the

pears but like I said she got a better

like close-up view this was more of just

a passerby and then we came down the

aisle where the picture frames were and

then they had these really cute like

little signs I thought they were so

sweet I wasn't really crazy about them

in black but I thought they would be

perfect to spray-paint there was an

accident Oh a laugh a family a love

memories like I could have taken them

all home such cute DIYs and then I

really scoured the candle section I am

looking for that watermelon lemonade so

all that other new ones that were out

I've come across and I bought all the

ones that I wanted but that watermelon

lemonade I am still searching for so

they did have a bunch more of these I

didn't get all them originally these are

the sugar cookie latte ones I love the

look of these these were very Bath &

Body Works the spiced toddy and the cozy

sweater the warm flannel those are all

ones like very play-off of Bath and Body

Works and they smells amazing so I

scooped up a couple of those ones and

those ones were actually star candle

company which I usually don't have a

very good success with but the last few

have been super good and I think on the

next time around I'm going to pick up

I haven't yet but I love that they look

like the little terracotta pot with the

basil and thyme and then this one was

rosemary and mint they smell really

garden fresh so I think it's gonna be

perfect for the spring

I just before I buy any more darnit I'm

looking for that watermelon lemonade so

if you guys find that let me know

because it's definitely on the top of my

wishlist and then I had to show you guys

this end cap because I don't think I've

ever seen 11 by 14 frames at the Dollar

Tree that's an insane deal $1 for a

frame that big I feel like you could

totally make a use of that and then here

are all those new iridescent notebooks

the girlboss the strong is the new

pretty like I'll absolutely love the

iridescent a look of them they have the

backpack ID tags and the luggage tags

I thought these bracelets were pretty

heavy-duty for a dollar so I was pretty

interested in them I had seen the one in

a million but I had never seen the year

of gem so that was super cute and then

here are the stickers that everybody has

been hauling 150 sicker as you guys for

a dollar is absolutely insane

here is my cart major damage and then

here is the back of my car so Madison

and I definitely made a dent in the

largest dollar tree and I was so excited

to take you guys there so I hope that

you had a wonderful time at coming

inside with me and if you did make sure

to give this video a big thumbs up don't

forget to tune in for part two tomorrow

that Madison will have over on her

channel will she'll be able to show you

all the things that I didn't show you in

this giant Dollar Tree so thank you guys

again so much for watching

did you notice these carts like Aldi

that you had to put the quarter in like

super swanky rock on to the largest

Dollar Tree and we'll see you next time

Burlington bye