hello friends guess what I'm on a girls

weekend and we are going into the

biggest Costco in the world and then

happens to be in Pauling City I've

always wanted to come here and we're

doing it today so work will go and I'll

show you some really cool things I can't

wait to see the freezer apparently they

have coats that you can put on because

the freezers are so big let's go check

it out

tEEN TOP's which I haven't seen before

look at this ever good pineapple sauce

fish prabhasa I don't think I've seen

this at my Costco either okay guys

here's here's something I don't have a

street taco dinner Wow only

canal's this is good chicken alfredo no

really good mac and cheese oh yeah

they're mac and cheese is good have you

guys tried the enchiladas No



mac and cheese


Destiny's all about the Cal pesto pasta

I've never seen that yummy I don't even

want to put it down they don't matter

alone will be in the car for but Bing

check out this bacon we do not have it

like this at our holy cow that is


you guys like them up in that hospital

cause easier but Becky told us look for

individually wrapped that's genius

yeah the kid it's easier for kids to

take the school this is what akela

that he loves this salmon just a bit

I need to try to I haven't tried that


do you do everyday



so we can always

oh wow

we couldn't find a parking spot this is

fun for Sunday Wow


oh yeah oh yeah


it just keeps going down there to go you

think there's a wall there but no

there's like more stacks and stacks in

robes this is insane things there's a

lot of things that we don't have oh my



we're not allowed back there I know they

tell you don't touch it but you want to

touch it they put something up that says

don't go back there where you want to go


it just keep going

these tiny Clerk that's why you and a

friend friends husband whoever got to

come together because it's incredible

it's incredible Oh apparently

it's not a girls weekend unless you pick

ups it's all over it's for the children

yeah I have you seen this at your it


it's ma'am right

boy you bring somebody from another

country again

um yeah even just you know one you know

Daniel childhood have been like wow oh

and the daring huh sir

so if I color

going in

like birdies

have you ever seen anything like this

this is crazy


look at that that's cool we don't have

that no we don't have half of it I don't

have a bucket of feta cheese better

please wow that was

and you definitely needed a coat if

you're seeing in there for well I know

I'm gonna keep saying that but you guys


Oh any friends oh oh dude this is way

cheaper our white chocolate that we cuz

I want bottles like yeah I found mine

it's nest

oh yeah oh yeah you guys you guys always

ask me what is a dirty coke well it is

coconut syrup and then you put fresh

lineman and that is your dirty coke you

can also do it with Pepsi I've done that

before and the girls love it in their Dr

Pepper fantastic but thank goodness we

went to the bathroom before we started

okay so when I ordered from Costco

online and they delivered I was able to

get takis I'm wondering if it came from


and that's why it took two days to come

to my house because I got that enlace so

I'm wondering if that's where they

shipped it from what do you guys think

leave it in the comments below what do

you think I think we're in the business

section of hospitals so all the

industrial things like pans and like

bags in bulk and warm

and it's amazing it really is


destiny likes the big mixer she can make

a lot of cookies of that oh look another

section mmm Oh paper supply stuff oh no

oh yeah you might want to go down here

yep you're gonna get all your supplies I

love paper pens pencils post-it you sat

down we sat down




okay to all my you two friends have you

been to this Costco what is blown your

mind I think what do you get here and if

you do live in Utah and haven't been

here I highly suggest you come it's on

300 right Becky 300 yeah 300 come down

here this is a sight to see

I'm gonna bring Derek down here because

it's just it's incredible I mean the

stuff they have here

a lot of businesses come and get their

things here obviously look cheers cheers


there's just so much cool stuff here so

we've been in here a while I mean when

right when we think we're done there's

like a whole other section

it's koala paper watermelon torini I

could catch up and jump on the go

fabric softener white chocolate sauce

raspberry torini we've got some pledge

can opener and tongs

if Becca got the toilet paper it's like

a girls weekend without toilet paper and

Tom and Tom see she won't think of our

families my girls you never studied a

mom it was amazing an hour nap hmm now

we're eating the smokehouse almonds Wow

that was seriously an adventure what did

you guys think about the lamb he was

incredible what blew me away was the the

freezers and have they had multiple

entrances and coats coats that was

seriously an experience so classy if you

live in the area and never been I

suggest you go it's an experience now we

were talking about how we should go

towards the holidays to see what is

brought in because that could be really


so we'll do this again at the end of the

year thanks so much for joining me we'll

see you guys soon bye