The World's Biggest Airport

if you run a company like i do you spend

a fair amount of time in

airports i can confidently say that i

visited more airports than i'd like to


however i should probably add that

flying in on a private jet is a bit

different than your typical

airport experience people often bash the

airport experience and i must admit

going through tsa and packing your bags

waiting on delayed flights

it's all a bit tedious that being said

airports have dramatically

improved since the first commercial

airport was created way back in 1907

today there are airports with waterfalls

inside them airports with five-star


airports with surfing i mean there are

airports that can even serve as part of

your vacation

not just an annoying pit stop along the

way and that's why today we're

going to take a look at the most

superlative airports we'll do a flyover

and see the largest and the busiest

taking in all they have to offer and how

much they cost to build

and operate the largest airport in terms

of area

for starters let's take a look at the

two largest airports in terms of

area the second largest airport in the

world is none other than denver

international airport

just outside of denver colorado however

in my book there are two

other superlatives that denver airport

can claim as well

the world's creepiest airport and the

airport with the most

conspiracy theories behind it because

well let's face it

this statue isn't exactly inviting you

to hop on a plane and head to a tropical


if that destination was say in the

underworld then it might be a bit more


since opening in 1995 the airport has

been the center of a male strum

of conspiracy some even say that it was

created to house the elite

in case of the apocalypse and while i

don't have any evidence to these claims

i can tell you about the pure size of

this monstrous airport the airport

spends 34

000 acres or 53.12

square miles so what does it have on

that insane amount of land well for

status it has north america's longest

public use

runway which is 16 000 feet long for


that means the runway is nearly double

the length of the golden gate

bridge building an airport of that size

wasn't exactly easy the construction ran

16 months over the original estimate and

2 billion

yes billion dollars over budget in the

end the airport cost a whopping

4.8 billion dollars to build the

equivalent of 8.19 billion dollars today

the spooky massive expensive airport's

main terminal has six floors and there

are three concourses

the concourses can be accessed via

trains and one of the concourses can be

accessed via

a large walking path so how does the

size of the airport serve it well

actually fairly well

the airport is the fifth busiest in the

united states

it offers non-stop service to over 200

destinations and services 23 different

airlines now

denver sounds pretty massive but it's a

tiny blip

on the radar compared to the largest

airport in the world

king fod international airport king fod

international is located north west of

darmam saudi arabia

the airport was originally a united

states air base that was used during the

gulf war but it began

offering commercial flights in 1999

since then it has grown to be the third

largest airport by passenger volume in

saudi arabia and i think it's pretty

much unbeatable as the largest airport


area in the world and why is that

because this airport spans 776

square kilometers which is about 299

square miles almost the exact size is

new york city and if an

area the size of new york city seems

excessive for an airport well that's

probably because

it is according to the airport's website

out of the 776 square kilometers

only 36.75 square kilometers are being

used and the actual main airport

terminal is even smaller comprising of

only 0.327 square kilometers

meaning the main airport terminal only

takes up to four percent of the airports


that being said the airport's largest

buildings come with a lot of surprises

there is a terminal known

as the royal terminal reserved just for

the royal family

it is dressed with luxurious furnishings

and despite its intended purpose it's

reported that the royal family actually

rarely uses it opting for another

airport nearby instead

the airport has a beautiful mosque

building that has been constructed on

top of the parking lot it can

accommodate up to 2 000 worshippers and

can be accessed via two

enclosed air-conditioned bridges also

something a bit unusual that the airport


is its own nursery the nursery includes

three greenhouses and 36

400 square meters of green fields the

nursery was created

and is maintained to supply the airport

constantly with fresh greenery the


terminal now that we've covered land

area i think it's time we get to the fun


the largest airport terminal in the

world after all when we're talking about

big airports we're normally picturing

moving sidewalks galore

fancy elevators and indoor trams the

largest airport terminal

in the world is located at beijing


international airport beijing daxing was

created precisely because the other

airport in beijing beijing capital

international airport was reaching its

full design capacity

so what did the city do they made an

airport terminal that could support the

current population

and then some beijing's daxing's main


is 7.5 million square feet the massive

building took

almost five years to complete and is

estimated to have cost around 17

billion dollars to construct it was

certainly no small feat

but beijing desperately needed to expand

its passenger capacity and that being

said if the airport were to run at its

full capacity it would be one of the

busiest airports in the world

serving up to 100 million passengers a


however in the four months in 2019 that

the airport was operating it saw about


million passengers the airport is

certainly an airport of the future it is

beautifully light

featuring smooth curved lines and use of

white and cream walls and features

perhaps one of the coolest features in

the airport however

is the chinese garden this outside space

features traditional chinese

architecture with a pond

and bridges creating a tranquil space

for people to relax

and breathe before their long flight the

busiest airport in the world

i couldn't in this video without

discussing the world's busiest

airport and if you've ever trudged your

way through this airport this fact

certainly shouldn't surprise you the

busiest airport in the world

is none other than heartsfield

jacksonville atlanta

international airport and it has held

that title for 22 years

in 2018 the atlanta airport saw 107

million passengers on average the

airport seized over 100 million

passengers per

year or about 275 000 passengers per day

which is a little more than half the

population of atlanta itself

and the physical size of this airport

isn't anything to scoff at either the

terminal and concourse takes up 6.8

million square feet which isn't that far

behind beijing daxing there are 192

gates comprising of 152

domestic gates and 40 international the

airport is

also home to the world's largest airport


serving as the main hub for delta

airlines delta has over 1 000 flights

per day out of atlanta

journeying to 225 different locations

that means nearly half of the airport's

daily flights

are delta flights so there you have it

the biggest

and busiest airports in the world did

any of these

surprise you which one of these airports

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