The Big E Fair 2017 Springfield MA - D Tours #77 9/18/17

we're not sitting through that noise all

day at least it's not a dinosaur so you

and I let's go find a place away from

this noise and with this better weather

I was really hoping for better weather

for today's detour but unfortunately

today's the best day out of the next 10

days to take you here the eastern state

next position for the Big Easy is

located in West Springfield

Massachusetts it's been around since

1916 making this year the hundred and

first year of his existence the Big E

celebrates the six New England states

kinda like Epcot Center celebrates

different countries and Epcot Center

it's only opened up two weeks a year I

know the weather looks kind of

undesirable right now but legit this is

a the only day it's not gonna rain

within the next week or so so today is

the best day to come out to the Big E I

broke out a tooth on those things a

couple years ago true story

I would totally borrow that thing I'm

making a house slowly I live by myself

I think sweet and of course I have to

also buy the hardy barn

I picked a pretty good day to come here

to it's a Tuesday this place is pretty

empty means for less crowds in more bud

for me Cheers

and like all fairs get to walk around

your beer this Bud's for you oh yes the

old wonder knife I rode that a couple

years ago don't feel the need to ride it

again today they get some giant bears in

here good thing that's a live small

horse not a deadly pair but in the live

in an apartment oh definitely be in the

market for a hot tub my sister's got a

hot tub but she's also a rich or at

least richer than me

check it out martini bar at the top of

the Exorcist staircase that's pretty


that's staircase we'll take your at the

end of the martini lounge right above

this barbeque pit if wines more your

thing don't worry the biggies got your

hookup check out this Yingling tent

that's pretty cool too

there's lots of places to drink here at

big a bucket had a motto because if I

had too many beers

I'd be chewing on one of those things

and that wouldn't be good that's pretty

cool those stalls up there

that's awesome see you're telling me

there's a chance that I could win this

epic sports car

the 61 Corvette is a badass what if the

disco light comes with

ah all these unhealthy choices here in

the Midway dude look at that burger I

believe that's a donut donut with bacon

and burger some cheese on there too if

you're in the mood for Chinese they got

that here too

well check out this tent everything in

this tent one dollar that's right folks

from you three dollars you can buy here

at yellow blue and pink sunglasses take

it orange ones - I chose to buy a red

pair go check it out

goodbye a margarita here at the big aid

this place behind me is great it's like

all the infomercials you see on the

late-night television

throwing this and they're live and in

person yeah cook whatever you want but

when it comes clean pull out your credit

card you're getting a whole freakin set

this is pretty sweet own you are an



this is pretty awesome



needless to say the biggie is a pretty

safe place you want a coffee no problem

the biggies gotcha Covered ladies and

gentlemen I present to you the most epic

snack dip tray ever invented

if you guys

for tears the only teams can have these

a wonder topper are tears of joy

grilled onion right outside

in like 30 seconds

you can cut chop up an onion we could do

20 onions with wonder chopper and the

time it takes you at home to do one


how much


this could be an excellent Christmas

gift for my parents just saying although

my father with a pretty bad ass ran this

thing around Cape Coral Florida

wonder if Michael Jackson ever had this


I feel like I'm watching cocoon

purchase of our top

this face is like taking it back

popular that'll been

I'm not gonna lie one of those things

could go home with me today junior jr.

is a pressurized version it's the best

one of this size on the Harvick it'll

take a bite out of their major problem


my neck and my back feels so good right


how's the lay down one of these chairs

I'm gonna massage or foa's delete in on

one of these things

they look pretty firm as well what did I

just walk into it's like I just walked

into some art gallery this

computer that says a person

this is disappointing today Zoltar is

not to operational which means Zoltar

he's not telling my fortune today


check this bar it's like I'm walking to

like a movie set or a TV studio so I get

the Guinness blonde

I took the guiness blonde it's in

between a Sam and a Sam light almost

like if you had I don't know five or six

Sam summers in a hot parking lot it's

it's still good beer it's really good

beer it's it's filling heavy but I like

it better than Guiness I'm not a big

Guinness family that will drink more of

these take it out today though oh don't

worry I didn't forget about the rides I

know it compared the biggie to Epcot

Center but honestly there's no mission

space here the closest you can get to

space is the big wheel and that drop the

drop ride I think I'm gonna ride some

rad so it's got me some ride tickets yes

I think I need to go inside here with my

Midway tickets for rod number 122

tickets you guys know I love my horror

movies so write about horror movies even

though it's an affair

should still be entertaining right

oh yeah this thing definitely has my

name written all over it this thing

should be terrifying hope I get the

front seat


this should be scary Freddy Krueger

he garbage back from the wall up

to come


coming out still not spirit yet that's



with such iconic properties as The

Exorcist Hellraiser and even a Wizard of

Oz you figured this ride would be a lot

better than it was nothing wasn't scary

at all



I didn't make it to route 66 in area 51

like I wanted to yet this year probably

next year definitely next year but the

biggie is the next best thing

right I would double think this if I was

this person do you want to walk around

the park all day long with this one and

I wouldn't solid window

reminds me of Texas Chainsaw Massacre

just a little bit


I thought they were giving away free

cigarettes over here I don't know right

now I feel the urge to buy some kettle


she just gave me the freshest one yep

this is a real big bag of popcorn the

biggie doesn't compare itself to Epcot

Center in my mind it also could pairs

itself to animal kingdom but with cows

instead of lions and giraffes and zebras

and crocodiles and rhinos and gorillas

does it count that a couple of times in

my life I've been called a piece of hey

watch the language

I should ask this guy for a haircut just

put your feet in the right place I'm

gonna get a

so it's important involved it's a boy or

a girl they got different parts this one

has girl parts

the first thing we do is we take the

wool off the belly

second place in that class skies saline

scarf if you 30 a bulldozer to crops for

six sixteen sixteen when she was first

in that junior show took what he wants

to pay

I totally got poop all over my shoes

where the heck am i NASCAR thank you for

your service yes please radio my husband

has to wear

as much as I would love a super corndog

right now there's one other place here

at the fair I go to every year it serves

some mean steak right here is what I'm

talking about no I'll have to come back

after I get some cash if you were a

skateboard kid like me in the 1980s

early 90s you know but browse your

magazine I've done that before will

skeptical about the news I got nothing

turned out bad but for like a year I was

worried about it pretty pretty bad about

way back to my state tips I'm gonna stop

in here at the Opa Opa bar it's pretty





it's a good-looking lager with that

check it out you can see the blueberries

floating in the beer

blueberry log is awesome not too fruity

so it's it's you couldn't drink about

four of these put that way looks good

from one sounds out

in this place is what I'm talking about

that's the best steak in town I passed

by like corn dogs and like deep-fried

pina coladas and everything else because

I wanted to save my calories oh yeah

yeah yeah


see right here we're gonna talk about

it's just like a french fry carton full

of statements

it's a pretty little airplane

you guys in a turkey legs they got some

mighty fine legs right here for you

turducken turkey duck chicken this part

of the biggie right here is where I'll

talk about what I'm saying Epcot Center

instead of all countries the biggie has

all the New England states these are

other capital houses and every single

house has different stuff that's unique

to their to their states beers foods

crafts snacks so when it go all to the

New England states here and check it out

just like we're going to be going to

Epcot Center and check out all the

countries the same thing smaller scale

we may as well start in New Hampshire

they got mac and cheese new hampshire's

got fudge new hampshire's got chocolate

dip fruit you gotta have the cotton


you've got some weaving of some sort

what are you even what are you even a

rug weave it a run here in New Hampshire

my sister lives in the Hampshire she

should learn how to do this I would love

this for a Christmas gift those are some

beautiful rugs I'm digging this oh it's

wicked soft to New Hampshire growing

apple cider come buy some - here's your

pottery and some mugs and check out

these pies

I'm pretty sure all the New England

states have fudge but New Hampshire has

my favorite


maple walnut I never do unboxings in my

videos but look at this

maple walnut fudge

the best he goes the best I was bought

from here guys every year

this is the best fudge you have all the

New England houses thank you for your


let's check out Connecticut nest


- banana

gonna try someone from cata get me


you are concern Sean Edwards shark next

steps good






those guys are very talented

smooth jazz holy smokes this place

smells so good right now


little air shoots brother strict seeds

up rate style you put that your video






it's a great place to get a beer thank

you for your service thank you for your

service thank you for your service and

thank you for your service thank you for

your service


without check-out Massachusetts next but

I probably won't buy too much because

I've been spending money in

Massachusetts all day I do need to

detour this guy he's right down the

street it's a dr. Seuss Museum here in

Springfield Massachusetts but today it's

just a statue here in the biggie


I don't feel the need for any more wine

today but Massachusetts godson if you

want some

check it all those bees honey out here

somebody cone

we're gonna try out Maine next I got a

feeling it's gonna be a lot of seafood

in here and I'm not a big fan of seafood

yep when you want them you see lobsters

beautiful art though it's really good to

me it smells like butter smells like

butter and lobsters but I've just got a

fantasy food oh it wasn't a lobster

Zimbardo was smelling it was the main

potatoes and butter that's what I was

smelling check with his crazy lives for

these Maine potatoes

and for your lobster oil in 2011 dollars

I don't did the seafood but I definitely

dig the mini maple syrup



do we grow in Vermont yet I don't I

don't think we do welcome to the Vermont


I'm not a big cheese fan unless it's on

pizza or chicken parm or grilled cheese

I don't like mac and cheese and I

couldn't just like Tiffany so cheesy to

eat it though to me it would be gross

but this cheese looks amazing if it was

mounted on top of a pizza or a

cheeseburger again just like every other

house Vermont has do you maple syrup

this smells delicious I want to know

what it is so I ended up getting the

apple pie with the


and here they come now making their way

into the ring is America's show camels

trained and presented by the one and

only mr. Ian gunnin what's up Ian hey

hey thank you ladies and gentlemen girls

and boys as Ryan mentioned my name is

Ian Garden and I am one of the many

animal care specialist here at Campbell

Kingdom I am also an animal behaviorist

but most of all I am an animal lover now

how many of you people in the audience

are animal lovers that's what we want to

hear because the camel kingdom we love

all animals good job - bye - bye - there

you have it Noah's Ark Achmed leave

Hacha alone good job

extremely difficult maneuver look at

that three one wait three the other

good job like threes good boys here we

go rookie here - come on move it up here

good boy all right we'll check out all

the houses here in the dark is New


that's Connecticut looking beautiful

Vermont looking pretty important out

here in the evening hello man you were

looking fly like a fly fisherman


Massachusetts I feel like I'm at Faneuil

Hall Marketplace Rhode Island just keep

on being the little state with the best



Rhode Island's got a bunch of seafood

and as I already stated I'm not a huge

fan of the seafood

and more seafood

I collect beer thanks dr. which mode

would you drink

I've already had a blueberry today not

from here but from some other place oh

yes twenty

in a state of reality I decide not to

get me popcorn or fudge or wine but I'm

gonna try one of their beers

it's the revival burn company transfer

allen night swim

it's a delicious with a beer what the

heck is this oh this must be for the

Montagu operator I heard it's coming up

at 7:30 tonight that close up and

personal look at these muddy ground

floors for tonight


I got





yes and yes at this point just take my

money that's too healthy

that's way too healthy I'm looking at

your gyro a pizza I see you sitting

there looking all sexy and all and you

look perfect oh I gotta check this place

out just cuz it looks like it's Indiana



we kind of stopped it

holy crap look at this stuff





town check gets ATMs too early place

goes it alone




Tom Chuck it's 8:15 how much is that

large corn dog right there 13 $13

oh wait only $13 you got a seller to go

with that you take credit cards Britany

screen gonna bottle water this place

oh I love the carnival Midway at night

this right here is beautiful


I've been sitting in for about 10

minutes writing for this band or rock

out they are sponsored by a Hawaiian

Tropic that's tanning oil

so this concert once they get started

she'd be totally nineties




so let's take it for practice solo check

this out his first row Willy

she's like no no no we doing it




I'm not just a giant corn dog $8 a


I'll take it I get a drink also get soda


look at the size of this corn god

I'm pretty sure I'm about to puke up

that corndog over this alligator burgers

kangaroo burgers come on man

give me a bacon burger

the baby mamas attitude the Harper

Valley PTA these hot tubs and jacuzzis

it looks so much cooler at night


well unfortunately the biggies closing

so it's time to say good night for

tonight's detour but we will be back

again next week hopefully weather

permitting and next time we'll be coming

with a bunch of friends