The History of the Bible, Animated | National Geographic

along the shores of the Dead Sea three

Bedouin shepherds were tending their

flocks when one of their goats strayed

from the herd thinking it had wandered

into a cave one of them threw a stone to

scare the animal out

the unexpected sound sparked their

curiosity and inside the young shepherds

uncovered clay jars that contained one

of the greatest archeological

discoveries of the 20th century the

oldest biblical texts ever found the

first of the Dead Sea Scrolls the

scrolls were handwritten some 2,000

years ago on durable animal skin

coachman with a few written on papyrus

they were mostly composed in Hebrew from

right to left with sheets written in

columns then sewn together creating a

single scroll for safekeeping some of

them would be wrapped in linen and

encapsulated in tall jars the scroll was

eventually replaced by the Codex as the

format for Christian manuscripts they

were made by folding sheets of papyrus

and stitching them together as time

passed courtesies began to grow larger

and more complex during the medieval

period books were reproduced by hand

monks spent their days copying text in

Latin and Greek while others illustrated

the pages


it was a grueling process that required

great skill and training

the books were very expensive to

illuminate the text they used various

pigments and goldleaf and the pages

could require the hides of hundreds of

sheep or calves but it was the

introduction of the printing press that

transitioned the Bible in the Middle

Ages into the early modern world

this invention revolutionized book

production ultimately making the Bible

available to the masses today it is the

best-selling book of all time inside its

pages you can find the stories of the

creation of the world Noah's Ark in the


Moses receiving the Ten Commandments the

construction of Solomon's Temple the

birth of Jesus his crucifixion and

resurrection the Holy Spirit coming to

the Apostles and many more large

portions of these biblical stories are

represented in 400 of the oldest

manuscripts studied so far although a

few are complete most are either

incomplete or fragments today the search

for more manuscripts continues what

other treasures like the Dead Sea

Scrolls are yet to be found