How to (Strategically) Sell Clothes + Make $$$ | Depop, Poshmark, Ebay, Resale Shops, Etc!

welcome to New York okay hey guys and

welcome back to my channel for another

video this week if you are new here my

name is Carrie I live in New York City

and I make videos about style home decor

and life in New York City building off

of last week's video I did a little

closet purge declutter clean-out

whatever you want to call it and to

follow up on that as promised this

week's video is gonna be all about how

to sell or just in general get rid of

your clothes now getting rid of my

clothes selling them whatever is

something I have been doing for years

and it is always a way that I could just

make a few quick dollars or get some of

my money back and be able to put it

towards a new clothes over the years I

have learned a lot about not only

selling clothes where to sell them how

to sell them but also just kind of what

is worth selling what's not worth

selling so that is what we're gonna be

talking about today I do just want to

put it out there and say that the amount

of money that you are able to make is

definitely relative to kind of the

brands of things that you have and the

amounts that you have and those factors

I definitely do realize that this is a

little bit subjective which is why I'm

not trying to frame this video as a how

I made X amount of dollars selling my

clothes because I don't really think

that's there and it's not really

realistic for everyone and I want to

make this as kind of objective as

possible if I can that's hard to do but

we're gonna drive just for a little

preview the way I'm gonna be breaking

this video down is into one what you

should sell or donate to where you

should sell three how should you price

things for how do you create a listing

on these different sites and five a few

tips on just shipping things out and

then getting paid once you do make some

sales all right let's get into it

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first things first what should you sell

what is sellable what is better off to

just donate this is of course gonna

depend on a lot of different factors

what you have what you're working with

in terms of the items you want to get

rid of how much time you have how much

space you have if you're able to hold on

to things for a little bit longer or if

you just really want to get them out the

door I briefly talk about this in the

intro but the items you're selling also

don't have to be expense

yes the original price of the item will

definitely offset and change the amount

of money you're able to get back in the

end when you sell it but that doesn't

mean it's not unsellable obviously the

difference between selling something

from forever 21 versus Chanel is gonna

be a major price difference though you

can still sell both of those things but

even the difference between selling

something from chien or is awful versus

a Zara

or a mango a j.crew can be very

different just because the price points

even in those categories do start a

little bit differently and in general

just the quality is also going to be a

little bit different but no matter where

your item is from there are tons of

different things you can sell pretty

much you can sell anything in the

clothes shoes accessories realm how

relevant trendy in demand is the item

you're trying to sell this can go both

ways because there are obviously items

that are always going to be super

timeless always in demand

they don't go in and out of style but in

terms of the ease of selling something

definitely what's current what's now

what's trendy what you are seeing on

Instagram things you want to wear even

though you don't wanna wear them because

you're selling them on it's complicated

that's subjective too because obviously

not everyone's taste is the same I feel

like this is just a big disclaimer for

the entire video that this is all

subjective there are so many factors

that go into this just work with me here

you're also gonna want to take into

account seasonality because depending on

where and how you're choosing to sell an

item a lot of places will go off the

season if summer is approaching and

you're trying to sell something for

winter it might be a little bit more

difficult to sell it then if you were

heading from winter into fall when it

kind of seems like a natural progression

and time and the last thing to consider

when you're deciding what to sell is the

quality is it perfect

does it have tags on it or is it in

really bad condition is it your a pair

of sneakers that you've had forever like

a pair of Adidas or something yes those

probably would sell in a normal day if

they weren't good or decent whatever

shape but if they're super beat-up then

no one's gonna buy them so at that point

you probably have to just let them go

and donate them things don't always have

to be in perfect condition though some

people do want to buy fixer uppers some

people don't mind that especially with

like the thrift flip makeover thing that

a lot of people are doing right now and

it's super cool and a really good way to

be sustainable and recycle clothes it

just means that you're gonna have to

choose where you sell it wisely and it's

also going to mean that you have to be

really honest about the kid

it's in you might have guessed where I'm

going with this but if the items that

you're trying to get rid of don't mean

that criteria any of the things that I

just described and you're just not

really feeling optimistic about your

ability to sell them then that's where I

would donate something it also just

really depends on you and what your kind

of goal is you know a lot of people will

just flat-out donate all of their

clothes and not try to sell any of them

that's obviously great it's really good

cause to be able to donate your clothes

and give them to people who don't have

access to clothes who can't afford them

or who need to buy clothes at a

discounted rate from their stores but I

would say if you have any type of like

hesitation that things are gonna be

difficult to sell that's when you want

to throw them in your donate pile okay

the rest of this video is going to be

all about selling if that's the route

you're choosing to go or with the pieces

that you're choosing to go that route

for well let's move on to section 2

where should you sell your stuff I'm

gonna break this up into categories the

first one is selling online the first

thing you can do is list your clothes on

an app that is specifically made for

selling clothes and accessories items

like that when I say clothes it's kind

of all-encompassing the first one which

I feel like is having a huge moment

right now and just in general especially

with the kids and the Jen's ears which I

technically am is depop you can put

anything on there obviously but I would

say the stuff that is going to do the

best is items that are catered to like

that younger teen young woman when I

just say young woman is there another

word for that young adult and also that

is very like trendy the other thing that

does really well on deep hop is thrifted

stuff the thing with deep hop - is that

it's definitely like the cutest of the

apps in that category the other major

one probably the biggest competitor is


that is probably one you might be

familiar with if you know anything about

selling clothes online the biggest

difference between the two I would say

is that the Poshmark like audience

demographic is a little bit different a

little bit older I feel like stuff that

I've seen do really well on there is

like Tory Burch and J Crew Victoria

Secret pink does really well in there

too when you're vine Lululemon you can

just explore the two and see which one

you prefer after that in terms of online

selling we have eBay the thing with eBay

that differs from selling on one of

those apps is that eBay is


anything on there which I think can also

make people write it off but I've had a

lot of success selling stuff on eBay and

I've also bought some clothes on eBay

what can do well on eBay and not in

terms of clothes is definitely a toss up

when I go on eBay to look for something

it's definitely more of like a specific

item or like a harder to find item and

in terms of like online or just not in


the last place is mailings the biggest

one in that category is probably thredUP

I've never personally used the service

myself I'm almost positive thread up

when they don't take your stuff instead

of donating it I'm pretty sure that they

recycle the material the other mail and

option that I know of is crossroads

crossroads is also a physical resale

shop that at least I know they have in

New York and Chicago which is where I'm

from they also have a sell-by mail

program which I discovered recently also

this is not sponsored I just like this

program but if you just want to sponsor

me I'm here basically you can just go on

their website and request a bag and they

will send you a little package that

looks like this and then with that they

give you a bag that is a pretty decent

size and it is all like pre labeled and

whatever and you just fill it up and

send it and instead of recycling your

clothes they do donate anything that

they don't take I personally just go

with crossroads because I know them and

have sold to them in person many times

and I'm just familiar with the brand I

also like the crossroads sell by mail

option because I'll send in things that

it's like I don't know if you're gonna

take it or not but I at least know that

it's gonna be donated after that if you

don't take it and so it's kind of just

like a win-win second category here is

places that you can visit in real life

and they will buy your clothes in those

cases on the spot places like this

include Buffalo exchange crossroads

Plato's Closet in New York they also

have something called beacons closet all

of these places are looking for things

that are on-trend are going to be

sellable and in-demand and that people

are going to buy because they're buying

your clothing outright they definitely

want to be able to sell it which is why

they also will turn down a lot of items

so don't be discouraged or upset if you

bring in a whole bag and they only take

like two to five pieces the one thing

with places like crossroads and Buffalo

exchange is that you might not get back

a ton of money on your pieces a they

already price them obviously lower than

you paid for them and then be

they only give you a certain cut of that

to have the option to either take trade

money which is money that you can spend

back at the store usually that's around

50% and then if you just want to take

the cash right then and there it's more

like 30% over the years I've gotten

pretty savvy about pre curating my stuff

and so I will always choose different

methods to sell it in and get rid of it

in basically for me if it's something

that I think I can get a decent amount

of money on myself or was worth a little

bit more money in the beginning that I'm

usually will probably try to sell it


in various different ways but if it's

something that I think I can get some

money on but I'm not really too hung up

on how much money I'm gonna get back

then I will choose a place like

crossroads and finally I'm just gonna

run through this part kind of quickly

there are a few different places if you

have luxury designer anything like that

items that you want to sell everything

from fashion file to the real real to

vest stare I think that's how you

pronounce a collective Yogi's closet two

trades II to this place called luxury

garage sale which is local in Chicago

but I do also know that they have

expanded significantly and you can sell

through them one thing in this entire

category that I just want to mention

that you should keep in mind is that all

of these places in whatever way are

going to take a cut and this is just

what happens any time if you are using a

third party to sell your items the only

way that you can talk it 100 percent of

the profit if you are trying to sell

your clothes is if you do something like

a Facebook marketplace if you do a sale

on your Instagram stories so you've

decided you want to sell something on

one of these apps or on eBay or

something how do you price it that is

section three the biggest thing here

really and this is something that I have

majorly learned over the years is that

doing your research is really just the

key thing obviously the easiest thing to

do on any of these apps or sites is to

just go on search the item or something

very similar if you can't find the exact

item and see what it is selling for and

selling at in general or if you are

selling on eBay specifically one thing

that I have learned which has helped me

immensely over the years is to use their

advanced search tools so what you're

gonna want to do is go in the little

search bar there's a little button for

advanced search tools so you're gonna

click that and then you're gonna scroll

down a bit

and there will be options that have

little checkboxes next to them and you

can either choose to see completed

listings or sold listings you can see

what people were trying to sell items

for and then if they didn't sell you'll

know that maybe that's not a great price

to sell something for and if they did

sell which it'll show up in green if

they did then you can look at all those

different prices and kind of just know

what the general market is looking like

and besides those things there are just

a few other factors that are going to go

into the price

some of which are subjective and some of

which are based on facts for example

you're gonna want to consider the

quality of the item the original price

also the demand of the item like I've

talked about a few times now throughout

this video and also how much you want it

gone if it's something that you're not

100 percent sure you want to sell but

would let it go if the price was right

then list it for what you actually want

and what you think it's worth if it is

something that's super rare and it's

brand new or something like that and you

like I said don't necessarily need it

gone you can try listening it for very

similar to the actual price that's okay

or even if it's something you do want to

get rid of but you also want what you

think is a fair amount of money for it

don't be afraid to list it for the price

that you think is fair okay part number

four how would you even create a listing

the specifics of this are gonna vary

significantly based on which method you

are choosing to go in but in general

there are a few things that I would

recommend follow one obviously is the

photos now if you were gonna go buy

something obviously you would want to

see good photos of it that not only has

to do with lighting and quality but it

also has to do with angles with

close-ups if there is something wrong

with the item and the quality if there's

like a little nick or a scratch I like

to take a solo photo of that so people

can really see it what they are getting

and in general you're just gonna want to

take good photos this does not

necessarily mean you have to have a DSLR

but just make sure that they're at least

clear you can do them on your phone it's

totally fine

second you're gonna want to describe the

condition and do it honestly I promise

you that this is super important and

it's gonna just be more helpful to

everyone in the long run when it comes

to sizing - just be really honest if

something runs small big wide whatever

if something is a large but fits like a

small like it just be really upfront

about all

thanks to you would much rather be super

super honest then kind of embellish a

little bit and lie about it to get it

sold and then when someone sees it in

person it's not the way you described it

and then they get mad and then you have

to deal with the situation and also if

your item is new with tags new in the

box there are a bunch of different

acronyms that you can use on your

listing section five is shipping items

out and getting actually paid once you

have sold them if you are selling them

through an app or something like that my

first tip and this is kind of a given

but obviously is to just ship out in the

most timely manner possible if you are

going on vacation if something comes up

your printer breaks whatever like just

be honest about that with someone and

just like let them know there might be a

delay and they can decide what to do

based on that and also just try to pack

things well this doesn't necessarily

mean that you have to like have you know

crazy cool packaging I just think what's

really important is to just make sure

that it is protected and presented

nicely if you have tissue paper that's

always just nice to put stuff in that or

bubble wrap where it's applicable and

when it comes to getting paid this looks

different on every different thing that

you choose I know deep hop and eBay go

through PayPal and that's how you get

paid and then I think Poshmark will do

it direct deposit to you Crossroads

sends a check if you do anything in

person they will give you cash or a

check on the spot all right well I think

that is all I had for you in this video

I am actually sure I forgot something

though that's all that was in my brain

for now so if I forgot anything and you

also do this or you have tips please

feel free to leave them in the comments

for everyone or just feel free to share

any of your experiences if you have a

favorite site platform app that you use

I will also leave a link in the

description below to my own deep pop and

maybe Poshmark accounts so that you can

see some examples of listings that I

have put up in the past or in case you

want to buy any of the clothes that I

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