Top 10 Things To Do In And Around The Grand Canyon


the Grand Canyon is an awe-inspiring

place that offers much more than just a

look at the mile deep ten mile wide

Gorge of multicolored rock it is a

region of historical landmarks native

culture an abundance of wildlife and

sightseeing opportunities and activities

so here are go globe hoppers top 10

things to do in and around the Grand

Canyon number 1 Grand Canyon National

Park the South Rim of the canyon

located in Arizona is the most popular

among tourists the park is a three and a

half hour drive from Phoenix and

approximately four and a half hours from

Las Vegas it is here that you will find

Grand Canyon National Park with an

iconic wide sweeping outlook and walking

trails the park is open year-round with

a current entrance fee of $30 u.s. per

vehicle the Visitor Center offers

information on excursions and activities

in the area including plane and

helicopter tours there is also a

convenient market Plaza for souvenirs

and Native American hand crafts as well

as an IMAX theater for a stunning film

that gives tourists a bird's-eye view of

what it's like to soar above the canyon

there are free shuttle buses in the park

so info on schedules and sightseeing

routes can be found in the visitor

center as well number 2 mule rides a

traditional mule ride into the canyon is

available at both the north and south

rims two different trail rides are

available one of which is an overnight

excursion that ventures deep into the

canyon a much shorter two-hour ride is

available to explore the rims either way

if you think the views from the lookouts

are spectacular you won't believe what

the gorge looks like from below there

are several tour companies in both

regions but be sure to check out

websites for health and weight


number three rafting tours beyond the

rock layers of the canyon is a treasure

trove waterfalls and unique rock

formations that can only be accessed via

the Colorado River there's also the

man-made water body of lake powell to

see whether you're looking for the

adrenaline rush of whitewater rafting or

something much tamer in the way of a

smooth water trip excursion companies in

the area offer both options however be

warned that these unforgettable tours do

not come cheap and involve all-day

adventures of approximately 12 hours

number four Beres ona wildlife park

located one hour from Grand Canyon

National Park is a hundred and sixty

acres of fun dedicated to the wildlife

of the region Bera zona wildlife park is

just off of historic route 66 and allows

tourists to take a scenic drive through

the parkland to view indigenous animals

roaming free in their natural habitat of

pine forest and canyon formations this

includes burros black bears long horn

sheep bison wolves and Bobcats

additionally the park features a walk

through trail of exhibits as well as

live shows featuring birds of prey

native to the region reasonably priced

at $25 US per adult this attraction is

popular with all ages visit the bear

zona website for more pricing and to

plan your visit

number five historic landmarks the South

Rim of the canyon is home to several

historic landmarks worth visiting

including El Tovar the 1905 premier

hotel that was designed to resemble a

Swiss Villa and has since hosted several

celebrities also found here is the

70-foot desert view watchtower which was

built in 1932

it is free to climb and offers amazing

views for photography there is also the

Grandview lookout tower which was built

in 1914 and is precariously perched on

the edge of the rim for a mixture of

history and souvenirs tourists can visit

the 1905 Native American Adobe style

Hopi house which now hosts a gift shop

number 6 Yavapai geology Museum

if visiting the north rim of the canyon

consider a trip to the Yavapai geology

museum exhibits in the museum include a

topographic model of the area depicting

the deposition of the rock layers and

the natural carving of the Grand Canyon

due to the Colorado River number 7

Monument Valley although an excursion of

Monument Valley involves an approximate

four hour drive from the north rim of

the canyon it's well worth it tourists

can undertake the drive on their own or

opted for to our company in the vicinity

the tour provides an unforgettable look

at Navajo land rich with heritage and

stunning rock formations number 8 the


the most popular tourist attraction on

the west rim of the canyon is the sky

walk located at Eagle Point this is a

horseshoe shaped transparent glass

bridge that extends 70 feet over the rim

of the canyon and allows visitors unique

views of the gorge directly below built

by the Hualapai tribe the Skywalk

attraction features an authentic Native

American village on site that tourists

can explore as well as a gift shop of

unique souvenirs and ham crafts live

entertainment in the form of Native

American dances take place daily in the

amphitheater at 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.


number nine the Rainbow Bridge the East

Room offers a much different view of the

canyon with a lot more emphasis on the

Colorado River more importantly it's

located on sacred Navajo Indian tribal

lands and offers several spectacular

points of interest accessible only by

boat the most popular is the Rainbow

Bridge one of the largest natural

bridges in the world standing over 290

feet tall and spanning 270 feet across

this sandstone art is considered holy

and responsible for creating clouds

rainbows and rain the essence of desert

life consider booking with a tour

company to see the Rainbow Bridge along

with the Navajo bridge as well as the

Little Colorado River tribal park number

10 Antelope Canyon Antelope Canyon has

become a bucket list item for travelers

to the Grand Canyon area it is a Sam

stone formation known locally as a slot

canyon loosely resembling a cave but

without a roof Antelope Canyon offers a

dreamy landscape of meandering shapes

and vibrant colors that appears to shift

and move with the sunlight if you're a

photographer or even a novice picture

taker this sandstone paradise is for you

tours of the region are extremely

popular and fill up fast so they must be

booked well in advance for even more

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