How To Buy Tires, the RIGHT WAY

tires yes these guys tires they are

literally the most important part of any

car and truth be told they should be the

only things touching the pavement at

least you'd hope plus pretty much

everything that you do in your car is

influenced by the tires the way your car

handles the way the car brakes heck even

the way your car looks but guys if you

don't know what you're doing it can be a

total nightmare when you're buying your

tires yes tires are the easiest way to

get ripped off out of any mod yeah I

know more people that have gotten ripped

off buying tires than I have friends and

well I don't have a lot of friends so

lucky for you I'm gonna walk you through

step-by-step exactly how I get

incredible deals on my new tires and

this exact process has saved me and a

lot of my friends a ton of dough oh and

real quick if you're new here my name is

Brad danger and this is ideal media if

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button otherwise let's put the rubber to

the road and let's go if there's one

thing that you should know about your

car even if you're not really a car

enthusiast yet is that getting a quality

new set of tires for your whip is the

best money that you can spend on it

period well except gas but but that's a

different story but believe me you don't

want to cheap out on the tires because

the last thing you want when you're

whipping around the twisties is to lose

your precious grip mmm I don't know if

that's gonna buff out now the first

thing that we got to dig into is tire

size you need to know what your tire

size is because well then when you go

buy your tires they actually take you


and when somebody takes you serious

that's the easiest way not to get

scammed reading a tire is something that

I think that everybody should know and

it's key to know exactly what tire you

need to buy because if you don't know

how to read tires correctly well a tire

shop could recommend something a little

bit bigger a little bit wider a little

bit taller and you wouldn't even know

the difference and then all of a sudden

your car could look like this

I'm squid what what are these and why

did they look so freaking good on the

911 we just got from our sponsorship

what oh yeah okay so let me show you

guys how to properly read a tire once

you know how to do it it's like reading

Braille it's really easy except I don't

know how to read Braille so maybe it

maybe it's hard no it's really easy

there's really two or there's there's

three things that you need to know so

this is actually perfect that we have

both tires here because I'm gonna first

show you on the rear of the 911 and then

also then go through the rear of the new

tire on the 911 after that so this tire

what you want to look for is this this

and that

the 305 is the width of the tire in

millimeters yeah I know it's the metric

system but just bear with me the second

lesser number it'll always be lesser is

basically how tall this the sidewall is

in relation to the width which is back

here of the tire so if that makes any

sense the width is 305 millimeters and

that sidewall right here is 30% as tall

as the tire is wide clears mutt the next

is you see the Hat Z right there which

that's a pretty cool little letter there

because Z means that the tire is rated

to go over a hundred and forty nine

miles per hour not that I would know but

supposedly these tires can do that and

then the R stands for radial and then

this number at the end is what the

diameter of the wheel is this is a

19-inch wheel if we look here these are

16 1916 tonight what how is that gonna

fit on on there no maybe some movie

magic oh and also one more thing the 102

means the maximum load the higher the

number the more load it can take this is

an extra load tire and then that why

it's actually alphabetical and why means

you can go over a hundred and eighty-six

miles per hour on this tire if you have

an a it's not going to be able to go

very fast and then why is like the

fastest one so now that we went through

the 19-inch wheel with the

high-performance me

went higher let's go through this

16-inch real quick 215 is the width of

the tire this way 70 is the ratio of the

width to height of the sidewall R means

radial 16 means the diameter of the

wheel 100 is the load and T means how

fast it can go so this is a T that's a

why T cannot go as fast as wife I

seriously can't believe that this tire

is gonna be going on this car a Safari

911 it is going to hopefully break the

internet so if you will want to see us

build this car definitely go subscribe

and I hope the explanation was not that

tough and as far as the tires go I know

there's a ton to remember right if you

have no idea what you're doing just get

the exact same specs as the tire that

you're replacing it's as easy as that

and if you're sizing up your wheels and

you want to maintain the same tire look

and size there are luckily websites for

that as well my favorite is 1010 tires

calm and if you want those wheels and

tires hella flush which you know I know

some of you guys do I mean wouldn't that

look cool on the 911 you should go check

out our boys over at fitment industries

where they have a database of all kinds

of cars with pictures and how people

have tucked and stretched their wheels

and tires

it's an incredible resource and I've

actually used it once or thrice and

we'll link to those guys down in the

description whatever you choose it's

good to have all this info and know how

to read your tires before you buy

because choosing the wrong tire can be

downright dangerous and I just think

it's best that as an educated buyer you

are gonna be able to kind of give it a

second opinion and make sure that the

sniff test actually smells good

so what tire should you buy and how much

moolah should you pay so this is my

exact process for getting the best deal

and also getting the best value tire out

there now I didn't say most expensive or

least expensive I said best value

specifically because not always the most

expensive tire is the one that you want

to buy sometimes it is sometimes there's

a better value out there and well I'm a

value shopper so it makes sense to get a

lay of the land of what tires are

available and then make an executive

decision and buy one and

by what's best for your needs your

lifestyle and your budget so I'm gonna

take you through the exact process that

I use to get these tires these Michelin

Pilot Super Sports on this 911 so the

first thing I did is I went to tire rack

calm and I put in all my vehicle info

this is just for preliminary research

and there's a chance that I will buy

from tire rack but the best part about

them is that I can look at all their

reviews and start to get a good feel of

how much I need to budget so for my 2006

Porsche 911 and this is without TPMS

which is tire pressure monitoring system

and here it's asking exactly what tire

size I want and BAM just like that I'm

hit with a bunch of options now for a

high performance vehicle like this I

want to put the best tire on the car so

I sort by consumers highest ratings and

over in a little nifty Google Doc I'll

put down the prices of a couple tires

I'm interested in so these pilots sport

for s's they're twelve hundred nineteen

dollars and let's see some reviews now

real quick before I click hover over the

rating to see the average rating okay

those look awesome let's click now

although those tires look like the

golden ticket it's always good to have a

back-up plan so let's scroll down and

see what another tire I'd be interested

in okay I've had Continentals in the

past and they are also a great tire and

look at that they're actually a couple

hundred dollars cheaper so I'll throw

those in the Google Doc as well so after

a little bit of research I've narrowed

it down already to just two tires that I

want to buy so how do I get the best

possible price easy well if it was that

easy everybody would be doing it it does

take a little bit of work but it's

definitely worth it first I search deals

online by typing in tires for sale and

I'll look for the prices of these tires

on discount tire com Walmart Pep Boys

and more when you're going through this

process make sure I can't reiterate make

sure that you actually go through the

whole checkout to see sales tax shipping

costs so you know exactly how much that

tire is going to cost to get delivered

to your door and anytime that you find a

lower price than Tire Rack throw it into

that Google Doc next I look local and

the key here is to pick up the phone


dile that's right you've researched and

you found the best price online it's

time to get the biggest discount that

you possibly can so by picking up your

tinder swiping device I mean I mean

phone this is how I can a hundred

percent guarantee that you're going to

get the best deal out there the same

exact companies that you just looked up

online I've found that you actually get

a better deal time and time again if you

pick up the phone and talk to an actual

human and there's some very simple steps

to negotiate an even better deal first

is tell them the exact specifics that

you want in your tires both front and

rear if they're staggered and ask them

what they're out the door best price is

they're gonna come back with a number

check it against your Google Doc and

even if it's lower than the best price

you found online there's still more you

can do see if there's any current or

upcoming rebates in their system and if

it's not as good as the price that you

found online see if they'll beat it once

you get an answer yes or no now ask them

are there any current or upcoming

rebates in your system they'll usually

sit there for a few seconds to be like

oh I didn't think about check-in well


now once you've gotten the absolute

lowest price from that tire shop you can

always still ask for some freebies to be

thrown in you know can you include

installation into the price that you

gave me or how about road hazard

warranty coverage and also how about

some lifetime tire rotation the worst

that they can say is no and I can

promise you if you don't ask you will

not receive also one other trick but

this is skill level expert is I've used

a tire companies credit card to get an

extra hundred dollars off the tires yeah

believe it or not a lot of tire

companies will actually have their own

credit card and if you use it you get a

discount on those tires and I'm the

first to say that 99.9 percent of the

time you should never use credit card

offers but as long as you know and I

can't emphasize this enough as long as

you know that you will pay it off in

time and not incur a ton of fees it's

actually one of the easiest ways to get

10 15 even 20 percent off your tire

purchase so ask the salesman if they

have a manufacturer credit card for the

tire that you're trying to buy it's a

50-50 chance that they will or they they

won't but again it doesn't hurt to ask

and so you wash rinse and repeat with

all the other local tire companies in

the area

and you will get an incredible deal on

your new set of rubber just remember do

not agree to a final price until you get

the out the door price that means the

tires that means any of the freebies

that they throw in tax any other fees

including shipping all included and know

that exact price so that you get the

best deal yeah I know it sounds like a

lot but it takes just a couple hours of

research and calling different tire

shops to get a deal done and I can

promise you you will sleep so much

easier at night knowing you got the best

deal dare I say ideal deal on your new

set of tires and with all the

information I just gave you I am

confident that you can go out there and

get the best value on the rubber that

you need just remember once you get your

new tires proper tired maintenance like

keeping them inflated within spec and

also rotating them every six to eight

thousand miles is definitely the easiest

way to get the most life out of your

tire now I want to hear from you guys

what are your tips or tricks to get the

best value on tires when you're shopping

and also what did you guys think of

those big off-road tires on the 911 let

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