When is the Best Time to Buy Living Room Furniture?

hi I'm Deb Kelly with Furniture Academy

I'm a design consultant with the

lay-z-boy Furniture Gallery in Lexington

South Carolina I'm here today to share a

few tips with you on when is the best

time to buy your new living room

furniture so stick around for more tips



our first tip is take advantage of

promotions throughout the year many

retailers offer unadvertised specials

all year long so every day is a great

day to shop second tip that I'd like to

share with you is don't give up your


so now retailers are offering specials

weeks prior to a holiday and extending

it two weeks after a holiday so you can

still take advantage of the savings

without giving up your holiday benefits

would be the stores are less crowded the

delivery schedules are better and if

your store has a degree of interior

designer like we do at lazyboy you'll be

able to spend some time with the

designer and hopefully get their help

with your room third tip is when is new

furniture released new furniture is

released in January and July so visit

your stores and you'll be able to take

advantage of the declarant savings

because they have to move the old stuff

out and you'll be able to see the new

items our fourth tip is shop early in

the day between the hours of 10 a.m. and

12 p.m. is the when your store is the

least busy you'll be able to enjoy great

customer service you'll be able to take

your time and visit everything in the

store so that you can make a great

decision and hopefully if your store has

a degreed interior designer like we do

at lazy boy you'll be able to spend some

time with them too we would love to have

you come out to the lexington lazyboy

where angela margul would be more than

happy to assist you in decorating your

room and our fifth tip is do your

research online before shopping you

would be surprised the specials that you

may run into coupons possibly you can

see reviews you can narrow down your

choices you can even customize your

furniture and this is all going to help

reduce the amount of time that you spend

in the store shopping and it will help

you make smart decisions about the

furniture that you'd like to purchase

in today's market every day is a great

day to buy furniture thanks for watching

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