How to Buy a Refrigerator: 3 Things to Know – Best Buy

top freezer is gonna be your basic

traditional refrigerator on the bottom

freezer on the top they're very good if

you need to fit it into a smaller space

because they do come in sizes that the

others don't bottom freezers are also

going to be good for the smaller spaces

it's nice to have everything at waist

level French door is gonna be that same

style with the freezer on the bottom and

it's just gonna have two doors in the

front usually the largest cubic feet you

can get in the fridge is in a French

door the really nice thing though is

when you open those two doors you have

everything right out in front of you I

side-by-side refrigerators basically one

side would be dedicated to the

refrigerator and then once I would be

dedicated to the freezer for those

people that 50% of their time is split

between the refrigerator and the freezer

counter depth refrigerators are a little

bit more shallow it'll have a little bit

more of a built-in look so if you do

have an island and you trying to

maximize your space that's where counter

depth is gonna come into play when a

customer's looking to buy a fridge

probably the most important thing they

need to know is two dimensions once you

have that measurement then you can kind

of play with what the capacity is gonna

be think of one cubic foot as a

basketball if you're looking at twenty

eight cubic fridges you say oh that's

thirty one cubic foot I really can't

tell difference there's three

basketballs extra that I can fit in that

fridge somewhere really all depends upon

what kind of lifestyle that you have

whether you're a shop everyday person or

a shop for the week or two weeks person

do you entertain that's also another

important aspect with any appliance you

always want to know that you've got

enough space for it and enough space to

get it into your house the door in door

refrigerator is pretty awesome

you actually just push a button on the

front of the right door and it opens up

to just that side so you actually save a

lot of energy because you're not opening

the whole refrigerator up I think

probably one of the better things is a

dual evaporator system the benefits of

that is you keep more humidity in your

fridge and less humidity in your freezer

so it's gonna keep your fruits and your

vegetables lasting a lot longer I think

one of the coolest features on our

fridge right now is the SodaStream

function you can actually get your

sparkling water right out of your