This Is the Only Coffee Grown in the Continental United States


people call me from around the world and

literally say are you the crazy guy

that's growing coffee in California

welcome to the rolling hills of Goleta

California and the Dominion of a man

named Jay rusty I'm Jay I'm the

first person to grow coffee in the

contents of the United States this farm

is the first farm that's commercially if

growing coffee in California so where

you're standing here is where it all


I'm Jesse Anselmi and I'm a member of

Panera's innovation team it's my job to

seek out the latest innovations in

coffee in the food and beverage space

once we heard Jays story we knew it was

a story that needed to be told and like

Panera it's really a story about

innovation Coffee is not typically grown

in the content on us it's generally

grown in tropical regions because of

soil chemistry and environmental

profiles so we basically have been in

our writing that looked on how to grow


luckily I'm kind of naive and tenacious

so I just kind of keep pushing on and I

for the last 28 years have been pursuing

niche crops exotic fruit crops in

California and now it's been coffee so

we're a really great spot here because

this is an interaction between the Hass

avocado and two coffees since they have

similar needs to coffee plants avocados

served as a sort of litmus test plus

they provided the sort of dappled shade

that coffee trees love soon it became

clear that growing coffee in California

was more than a crazy idea but

innovation doesn't stop in the field

post harvest is incredibly involved in

ever improving across

and it takes a dedicated team to get it

done it's quite a challenge of saying I

want to start a brand new industry in

terms of innovation I am a big fan that

what I call a diversity of thought so a

lot of the fringe team comes from other

industries and that type of diversity I

think helps accelerate what we're doing

and together they really help each other

to grow so what makes a good cup of

coffee you know we're in the pursuit of

the perfect cup Panera doesn't purchase

coffee from Jay today but the care that

Jay and his team put into fringe coffee

really reflects the care that Panera

puts into our coffees Coffee is a very

hands-on process every coffee cherry is

hand-picked for Panera coffee it is

checked by hand inspected by hand at the

point of origin and it really follows a

strict process to ensure that the best

quality cup of coffee is getting into

the hands of our consumers I'll drink to