Secretariat Belmont Stakes 1973 & extended coverage (HD Version - NEW!)

two extras in case of difficulty and you

will see Secretariat being led he is

number is two but he goes into the

number one post and then coming in after

him his private smiles the with the

distinguished Whitney colors most of

these are quiet horses the starters have

handled almost all of them they don't

anticipate any trouble and as this third

horse goes in I give it up to chick

Anderson who called the race for you

thanks woody the horses continuing to

move into the gate here's the one horse

that caused a bit of trouble in the

Derby whysa Prince but he appears to be

going in fine today yes he's in and well

and damn now go again he's the offside

horse and we're ready to go while the

tremendous Velma

everybody's in line and they're on looks

like the early lead goes to my gallon

yes my gallon going for the lead was

quite suppress on the outside secretary

the way very well has good position on

the rail and in fact he's not going up

with the leaders

they're moving for the first turn it is

Secretariat sham on the outside is also

moving along strongly and now it's sham

sham and Secretariat are right together

into the bursar Mike Allen has third

behind them that it's why suppress and

the trailers private smiles as they go

by the turn those two together sham on

the outside sham getting a heavy front

as they move around the turn with

Secretariat second then there's a large

gap make up eight lengths back to Mike

Gallatin third and vice offense fourth

and private smiles is still a trailer

there on the backstretch it's almost a

match race now Secretariat's on the

inside by a head sham is on the outside

they've opened ten links on Mike gallon

who is third by

with offense for then it's another eight

lives back to private smiles he was

trailing the field they continued on the

back stretch in that Secretariat not

taking the lead he's got it by about a

length and a half

still soon

on the curb

opening Belinda's increasing


coming into the firm

and holding on to the Lord


they're on the Parana Secretariat is

blazing along with three-quarters of a


the Paradis laitanan

it looks like they'll catch him today

he's out there almost a mile

our episode

he's into the stretch


very welcome the quantity

the Triple Crown


why the files for

dear mr. Lawrence

today run the most sensational Belmont

Stakes in the history of this race

Secretariat has accomplished the

unbelievable task of breaking the

mile-and-a-half record by twos and

three-fifths seconds that is a record

that makes

or if the time of this race 2:24 almost

unbelievable point I said 25 it could

conceivably have been more

the time of this race I must tell you

again an unbelievable - 24 - and 3/5

seconds director believable is all

you're hearing down here the winner's

circle and this horse we haven't been

able to digest to get ourselves right


complete mana warned confirmed all the

great ones and he certainly deserves a

jackpot an incredible than effort

demolish that feel and absolutely


no contest listen to the crowd

what he wanted today doctor

my goodness never in my dreams that I

think it would be erasing that

and all I talk about the last

every corner