6 HIDDEN REWARDS in Party Royale Event! (Fortnite)

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fortnite as of recently is still

managing somehow to surprise us in the

most pleasant of ways

despite obviously in the 12.50 updates

innovating into this whole new mode

of free roam area of party royale which

is going to be the basis of this video

they also implemented a cool little mini

game accessible on deadpool's computer

be in the game mode club

freely despite this being the last

development we're probably going to see

for deadpool this video as just

mentioned is going to be entirely based

around patch royale

and not only that but some free rewards

more than one that we'll be able to earn

in this particular mode of

fortnite not just this but there's also

a ton of free items as of recently that

have surfaced whether they're big or


and with us about to see the addition of

this season's overtime challenges added

as we've just gone into overtime with

the season being initially set to end on

april 30th

and now has been moved to june 4th we're

yet to see also upon these first edition

of overtime challenges being added if we

can earn

a free next battle pass for the upcoming

season season 3 but if not

let's just say later in this video we're

going to be discussing aware where

everybody can actually earn

the battle pass for free for doing very

little not even completing in-game


so with that said make sure you're

sticking around and watching the full

video today and also at the very

end of the video we have a leaked

showcase of all the skins currently in

the files that also

some of which could be contained in the

season three battle pass

that perhaps again we can earn for free

from the method that i'm about to show

you guys

so diving straight into it the first

thing to mention surrounding three items

is the one that everybody's talking

about on youtube the neon wings

initially this was leaked or found in

the files as an upcoming free gift or

cosmetic of epic rarity

for simply attending one of the premier

concerts or actual showcases

in party royale at the main stage now

this might seem pretty self-explanatory

in terms of how we can earn this but

tons of live streamers right now

have obviously been putting in their

title or thumbnail that they've unlocked


due to the fact that epic games tweeted

out last night randomly

that they'd be testing these live

premieres for the future

in terms of what they can actually work

on and then air

in terms of an actual announced event

and here is that tweet

on screen right now it says nice night

for a party in 30 mins

joined jordan fisher and diplo

performing the major laser set

live at the fortnite party royal main


you won't want to miss it now obviously

with them saying we won't want to miss


this implies that there's going to be a

free item involved but as you guys know

with the travis scott event

with this being large context for any

collaborative live event or any event

where we can earn a free item

they always announce officially

beforehand when and exactly

what we need to do in order to earn this

free item such as simply attend the

concert when it happens

on any of the set days it will occur as

we know events now can occur multiple


even if it is the same one due to what

happened with travis scott's concert

happening five times so everybody had a

chance to at least witness it once

for those of you wondering what the neon

wings back bling looks like or why it's

so hyped up in the community despite

looking really cool in overview form as

a free cosmetic anyways being

in a high rarity such as purple or epic


if we go in game and obviously use it

from day to minus swapping it out for

other backlinks early not obtaining it

we not only found out that it's reactive

to what we're doing in game but


what we're performing as an emote and

what sounds or songs

or tunes or melodies are played and

obviously it reacts different to every

individual dance

or whatever song is played when

performing certain emotes which i think

as a first for fortnite is a step in the

right direction and really cool

hopefully they add more neon bass

cosmetics obviously in this reactive

format that we've seen newly introduced

for the neon wings as you can see in the

concept for the thumbnail

being in neon cape perhaps now despite

the neon wings being the first of many

free rewards we'll be able to earn him

past royale for numerous things

obviously we can attend the live main

stage concert

or the big screen to actually witness

showcases but

also we can complete mini game tasks

which i'm guessing there's going to be

challenge sets for soon

and even with all this set to happen

with party royale being something that

epic games are going to put a lot of

time and effort into there is also going

to be some free rewards our emotes will

be able to perform during this event

that perhaps

we can unlock permanently in our locker

here is a very short showcase on screen

right now of all the built-in party

royale event or game mode based emotes

that we'll be able to perform

for specific live events or concerts

occurring like we saw with diplo

and then jordan fisher obviously coming

on to basically talk about the future of

party royale and that this is just the


and honestly i think these are all

really cool that could obviously be used

or added as free items so then we can

then utilize or make the most of these

outside of party royale considering

they'd be fit into a lot of situations

or people would simply

like to use them outside of this

particular aspect of fortnite

the person who leaked this is called

cassia and he'll be linked in the video

description down below as he's a small

creator and honestly i haven't seen this

anywhere else

so i'll give credit where credit's due

despite everything we've been shown so

far that's not the end of our three

items as we're not only yet to discuss

the free battle pass method at least we

know of anyways despite the overtime

challenges that are yet to come

we also have a sprayer that many people

or youtubers or influencers in the

fortnite community

are basically putting out there on their

social media and each card whenever

influencers do this for

previous sprays or stickers grants

numerous amount of redemptions and a

total of 1000 for this pumping gold


which is a part of the meow soul set in

order to complete it as you can see it

stays a part of the swirl cat set

also another free spray that you can

actually earn yourself in game right now

as of may 2nd the time of me recording

this video anyways

is the lantern spray that was said or

themed around ramadan

however we can earn it from obviously

toggling our region to the middle east

and entering this lantern cup

and also once doing this to earn the

spray itself we need to earn a

numerous amount of points being 10 in

total as you can see on the image on


despite religion and everything else

obviously affecting the factors of how

this is designed it looks really cool

and i myself might have to get this

but regardless of all the free items

we've already mentioned now the moment

you've all been waiting for

obviously we're going to be talking

about the free season 3 battle pass and

how everybody watching this video

may have already obtained it or actually

can for the foreseeable future of season

2 until it

ends this could literally happen to

anybody randomly but

certainly it's best to a particular base

of players

that have newly tried accessing upon the

12.50 update

lifting fortnite through google play

here is what that reward screen looks

like renting players 1 000 v-bucks for

the issues that were encountered

when accessing fortnite through google

play when this update went live

whether or not you've ever even accessed

google play it's also safe to say that

you could randomly receive

these v books all the compensation on

your account as

other players have been tweeting out

this has happened to them this

particular person doesn't even know the


so let her learn the fact that he knows

that google play now has fortnite

accessible through it

and because they've messed up in this

aspect by granting players who are


these refunded v books surely they have

to make everyone even right by granting

every player 1 000 v-bucks onto their

fortnite account

and how this links into the free battle

pass despite the overtime challenges

obviously not revealed yet actually

determining if we'll be able to earn one

for free

is because each battle pass costs 950 v


and that means if or when we are

recompensated 1 000 v

books we're able to then spend them on

the season three battle pass itself

without having to part with any real

life money

anyways with everything mentioned in

today's video that's all i've got to

show you guys before i stop talking

because all of the leaked skins

currently in the files i'm going to be

showcasing in locker form

for when we actually go to change our

skin in party royale itself

so make sure to stick around until the

very end are some of these as previously

mentioned at the start of the video

could be included throughout the season

3 battle pass

as perhaps one of the level 1 rewards or

even the level 100 skin reward if you

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and hopefully i can recognize you guys

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section of my future videos to come

and i'm out so have an amazing rest of

your day all night wherever you are

whenever you're watching

have a good one take it easy and stay

safe and peace