yo we're at my warehouse right now

there's too much here bro i'ma blow that

car up I'm gonna run it over in the

battle bus I'm running over that rock

I'm cursing too much T Bob's gonna have

a hard time editing this key Bob's gonna

have a hard time editing this this we're

doing a little demolition derby people

are gonna get hurt

cars are gonna blow up this just going


look at our dad yeah the best dad ever

for your blog read the hood of the car



- last word before you - this



all right we've completely that car

Patrick's house is completely gone from

Bikini Bottom Squidward's house and

SpongeBob's house it's still here but

listen all aboard the battle bus or

finishing the job boys the battle bus

vs. the wagon



Oh broke the bus door yo

I though that car still drive after

everything we did

how how all right boys I think I'm ready

to send it right


one gone he broke the bus the bus looks

dong I slammed backing up the brakes - I

would say I just wrecked the car Oh sir

I thought that went pretty well

and we did it it's still going what's


yo oh you like a balsam Hills grab your


all right so we're gonna go down the

hill very fast I already went down it

but it wasn't fast enough so I'm gonna

have lucky tow the car or have me fall

under the car and then I'm gonna get

towed into the hill going it faster

haha let's go

that's the full Sun experience Souter

gotta go faster go faster

yeah crazy we'll cut that part out

Alex pretty good I was acting crazy I

probably should this be inside playing

for night but if you guys like this

video right now I'll jump off this

bridge right after I'm done going down

at full speed on a piece of wood how

about that

he will just fall off he was just about

to go down that bridge full speed it is

beautiful honestly that was probably the

greatest thing that could have happened

they might


alright intermission


good make sure he's good - all right

boys I know I took some time off but I'm

returning to twitch October 1st October

1st baby October 1st



cheese oh we've made it successfully use

your ankle to build that's true we have

successfully Bob bridges jumped off of

bridges but I don't even take the days

over totally five o'clock alright dude I

randomly had the urge to buy a bunch of

instruments lon - oh no and I don't know

how to use any of them I am terrible

with instruments

don't apply any interest at all

I don't know how do you say anything

I'm literally dog here we got good