This is the *NEW* Fortnite MAP! (Party Royale Update)

welcome everyone we're about to check

out the brand-new fortnight map in the

form of the new party Royale limited

time mode this is essentially

fortnight's brand new social space where

you can just hang out and do so much

stuff you haven't been able to do in

fortnight before we're gonna be jumping

in exploring all of it for the very

first time and sharing with you guys

everything you can do within this space

is it's gonna become a big part of what

fortnight is moving forwards now this

wasn't meant to come out for a nice

another few days so I'm just gonna jump

straight in and start exploring if you

guys are excited give it to video a big

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Fortnight there's actually been a full

fortnight update today with a load of

other changes that I've covered in

another video so a double uploading for

you guys today

I'll even link that video down below and

at the end of the videos you can go

check that out as well but party for

Alex here a brand new map for fortnight

let's explore it so here we go the Sun

is about to rise when we are dead on in

the middle of the map as we can see here

there is so much to explore so much to

do and we're gonna be checking out

absolutely everything we're in the

center right now known as the plaza and

you can see all the different icons for

different fun challenges and games you

can get up to around the map loading the

quad crash boat gliding challenges and

more and so many other entertainment

areas it can check out as well the first

thing you probably think of when you

come to the plaza I've only been to

Disneyland once before but it feels like

I'm at a theme park you got fish sticks

here you got tacos here it feels like

I'm in a fortnight theme park obviously

within a video game with the statues in

the middle looking very very cool indeed

and no building no shooting you can

focus whenever you want so it is

literally a social hangout experience

with basically a load of cool features

we've never seen before in fortnight and

one of those actually being the ability

to change your skin whenever you want so

if you look around the map you'll be

able to see the blue if you head over

here Oh yo I haven't even done that for

we'll do that in a second a blue post

box and if you go in here you can


change your skin to whatever you want if

I go over to my presets and for example

decide are you know what actually be

Deadpool for the rest of this walk

around I can then just go back it does

seem like it's freezing don't worry it's

not freezing and boom I've changed my

skin in-game how sick is that so a

random app you can also find yourself

these cool little vending machines where

you can claim only chill out buddy a

load of Awesome not really weapons to be

honest with you the load of Awesome

items and they're basically like imagine


almost my gosh everybody wants me to

come and hang out I'm getting on where

we going buddy

where are we going oh my god it's crazy

I'm gonna have to jump off oh because I

got things to show people just like if

you're in a shopping mall or something

there's these cool little signs telling

you thank you where you are in a map

just in case you get lost I say we head

over to the main stage first and then

we'll work around all the different

areas take me to the main stage as we

head over the amazing walkway this is

basically a giant constantly performing

concert stage take a look at this we

ever want to jam out for free with your

bodies it's literally right here

constant performances constant music

imagine like a small-scale Travis Scott

event or like marshmallow event oh y'all

have even got jump pads here oh my gosh

this is so cool it would throw you

around if you hang out jam out of your

friends and even a giant squeeze no

doubt a load of cool crossovers load of

cool things will happen here and hey

maybe all the future limited time modes

will often go down here as well oh let's


so these are all of the new weapons when

I say weapons they're not really weapons

they're they're sort of painful

esque things what they're you just stick

somebody with one that's hilarious and

also a paintball - snow launcher as well

which I'll have to find some ammo for

this area is for the purple glider so

let's see what happens when I jump in oh

yo it's literally like gliding practice

you can see the rest of them

from up here as well perfectly look how

big is there's the monster skeleton over

there got the pirate ship from season 8

over there we've got a giant screen to

check out even massive crash pads oh my

gosh this is so cool I'm just gonna land


ACU rank okay kind of trash but that

shows what the gliders challenge is

alight and I send you cause record yo

let's go yep that's right that part over

there which you can see on the bottom of

the map is literally the monster from

the monster versus robot event after he

gets destroyed oh yo look at this as

massive zip lines to get around the map

as well alright this one looks like some

sort of running time trials so let's

glide our way oh it's another sort of

glided test I guess because she sounds

quite hard but is swimming in there as

well rank a yeah I'll take that yours at

a legendary vending machine I Spy they

gotta bring vending machines back to the

full game as well maybe this is a little

teaser but it's gonna happen or what yep

don't mind if I do

actually try a quad crusher assault

course but how the heck do I always a

jump oh my gosh this is sick obviously

these minigames you can compete with

your friends try and get better times or

just try and beat the rest of the people

that are in your lobby probably do a

better job than I am but it's so cool

that this can be like a fun place where

nothing's that serious where things from

older seasons within fortnight can

return and it's not massively gonna

affect the rest of the game hey maybe

one day they'll throw in the zapper Tron

into here just for us to mess around

with you never know I don't really get

the point of these weapons but I guess

seeing your friend with one of these

star condoms kind of funny oh I found it

nice to schemee loads of eggs yes please

give me those pain pills and give me one

of a refresh one of these things as well

all right we're gonna mess some people

up with our new weapons in a second oh

you could be a test subject

oh you're covered in paint mate holy

geez you really are covered in pain yeah

that should go buddy currently I'm

making my way over to the big screen now

for take a look at this obviously

nothing's happening on it at the moment

but this is almost like a cooler more

futuristic version I guess if like risky

reusing fortnight they could show

whatever they want on here they've done

Star Wars previews in previous LTM so we

could see more film trailers more just

cool videos or live events being rezone

to everyone that can come and sit here

and watch it honestly I feel like

falling I have so much stuff planned for

it this is just the beginning you know I

had to come and check out the old season

eight bow I absolutely love season eight

to be honest with you but why is it here

the Buccaneer Bay what are you hiding in

the Buccaneer Bay now through in-game

files a few images have been leaked of

potential like events that will be held

within the party royale oh yeah by the

way this is really cool Buddha speakers

have like directional audio so they

sound exactly like a real speaker at

sick but one of the posters that was

leaked for like an event within the

party royale mode was like some sort of

V Box magical show no idea what that

means what it is but expect some sort of

V box event coming within the party

royale mode soon also here we can get a

fishing rod if you can fish some cool

fish here obviously all the other

weapons as well what are you hiding here

I flew to this place so many times

within season eight I feel like I know

it so well apparently nothing in the

boat at the moment but those giant

launch pads oh my gosh I need to land

myself on a target pad I love going to

the top of the map just to look at it

look how crazy this is there are few

more places we haven't visited including

the soccer pitch we'll give one of the

boat races ago there's also an island on

the very far bottom left area I want to

see what they're hiding over there and

also one more building over here looks a

little bit like a barn what are you

hiding for tonight Oh see if you end up

finding something really cool within the

party royale playlist do let me know I'd

love to find it out

there's a legit football pitch we got be

blabbing a bottle flip off you trying to

land on his head one huge thing that

isn't that obvious is the fact there's

actually a battle bus here if we go back

to the plaza this battle bus although it

is just looking like it's being shown

off is actually doing a lot more than

that you can queue for a battle royale

game from within the plaza if you go up

to it which is so cool you're back into

the battle royale experience then for

tonight what are you hiding in the

corner of the party royale mode a load

of boats you can jump over talking about

don't have a go one of the boat races oh

wait I need a boat who's got a boat I

wanna have a race oh hey over here

please let me vending-machine you must

have a boat yes let's go alright Brianne

are we about to raise all my gosh about

to race through the monsters skeleton in

an ultimate boat race

what is life this is crazy all gonna

clear them all we cleared all the boats

with Greg final one for the victory be

that that is litter my worst ranking yet

unfortunately oh I've had enough of you

wait a second this little challenge on

top of the bow so this is what you're

hiding final place barnyard obstacles a

cool little place to come and bring your

quad crasher I guess and jump through

and rush around the map let's not forget

this is literally just the beginning of

this crazy crazy space that's now within

the world of fortnight I can't wait to

see what they do so guys we've now

covered everything within this new mode

if you want to check out today's update

and see everything that specifically

changed go watch that right now if you

upload it twice today and I don't want

you to miss it thank you so much for

watching I can't wait spend more time

here in this awesome new area and I hope

you guys have enjoyed