How To Get PARTY ROYALE REWARDS in Fortnite Battle Royale! (NEON WINGS)

okay so here we are inside of the brand

new party Roy our area and yours come on

guys welcome back to another video on

the channel so guys today a fortnight

have actually released something called

the party Royale TM and and if you guys

actually go in the LTM you'll realize

that it's not just any for my LTM it's a

pretty cool now TM so if you guys

haven't already been in the AL TM in

this video I'm going to show you guys

everything you need to know about the l

TM and also talking about the free

rewards that you actually can get from

this al TM so if you're going to enjoy

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okay so as you guys can see right here

when you do go into change game mode it

says part Serio and he actually says

under it welcome welcome to party royale

a new experiment to an evolving space

all chill no sweat leave your weapons

and mats behind and hang out with

friends play games perfecto skydive and

more the party's just getting sides so

guys let's head into this newest game

and let me show you guys everything you

need to know about it and then we'll

talk about how you can actually get your

hands on a brand new of free bat bling

ok so here we are inside of the brand

new party Roy our area and guides it

looks so nice if you look at the map

right here we have so much stuff to

explore we have there we have the big

screen the plaza the main stage we

literally have and as you guys may see

we have these kind of little circles

with like an icon inside and that is

actually where you can go ahead and do

mini games so guys so guys let's go

around and check out the party where our

area and guys let's get into it's

literally crazy ok so one of the main

things a bunch of people are talking

about is that you can actually change

your outfit while on this island so if I

go here and change from an aerial

assault trooper to my purple skull

trooper for example or any of my skins

in my locker

I can literally change my back bling

pickaxe like no matter what I can change

everything and then as soon as I back

out and as you guys can see I am now the

purple skull trooper and I've actually

just changed my whole entire outfit just

from this little like booth here ok so

as you guys can see although there are a

bunch of mini-games there are these kind

of new items which you guys can actually

get access to you like as you guys can

see there's it's kind of like paintball

gun there's some like paint thing

there's just a bunch of different items

like there's a bow and arrow right here

we have like the jump pads obviously and

then we also have a fishing rod here

which if I touch you guys you can see

all at the bottom of the screen are all

the new items and then there's

simplicity I wish you could actually use

these things where you can play a game

that'd be so awesome if you could do

that but guys as you can see we have all

these brand new different kind of

weapons I guess and if you actually

shoot yourself or anyone else it will

actually change you to a different color

so as you guys can see I'm orange right

now let's actually go and use this on

someone else as you guys can see we have

some people right here let's just go

ahead and put this on this guy boom any

changes to orange by how cool is that

okay we also have this thing as well

like these kind of like derp burger

tomorrow things like what does this do

if I chuck at him we're gonna go over

and check out the football pitch where

you can actually play football it's

actually crazy so we're just going to go

over there and check out if anyone's

there and wants to play a game of

football with us there's so many people

around the football pitch but no one's

actually at it wait why does not want to

play look okay I'm gonna stand here and

wait for someone's come over look guys

come on like I literally get a throw

these tomatoes at you man come on

alright so it turns out normal to play

so I'll just do it by myself as you guys

can see whenever I you can see when I

kick the ball into the back of the goal

boom it actually will update on here as

well so yeah there we go one one so as

you guys can see it literally all works

let's just go check out one of

everything so I can see what everything

does might think this might be a race

over here or some sort of like Time

Trial so let's go check it okay so the

main stage is right there look how cool

that looks but guys let's just get one

of these boats in HI here we go claim

the boat where is it okay let's go we

got a boat okay I'm really bad at this

side we've got 1 out of 16 I'm guessing

I've got to kind of go over that rock I

here we go

Yee okay let's get the third one right

here yeah boom let's get through that

let's get the fourth one let's just

let's just get through all of this real

quick I can't actually fire the missiles

like you would think you'd be ahh to

fire the missiles on the smoker you

actually can okay so I'm just guessing

we all go round like this okay for some

reason just stop the time trial but guys

that is basically what you can do with

the boat area so let's move over to the

let's move over to this massive like

pirate ship over yeah let's go over here

okay so here we are at the pirate ship

it does look pretty fresh I must say

that guy's glider redeploying right

there but this actually looks really

really cool like the question I'm asking

myself is can we hop on the boat alright

let's go check it out okay somehow you

can actually get on top of the bow by

think you've got kind of fire yourself

up here wait can I Drive the cannon real

quick okay we go reposition this but

apparently you can get on top of the

boat okay let's let's try this all right

so we got okay here we go come on yes

we've done it oh wait there is already a

zipline I didn't even see okay now what

happens if I go here it's a time trial

and let's go we're actually doing good

on this one

I got to get on the zipline let's go

let's go let's go we've got a jump up

here a glider II deploy come on

no way yes he still counts it still

counts even though I didn't get that one

come on got that one and we got that one

eight out of 12 come on last night out

12 right there

can we get it come here to ten maybe can

we can we actually finish this one this

time hi this is the finish line I didn't

get them all does that still matter okay

that somehow worked but we just didn't

get a very good rank I just go check out

I just go check out this glider redeploy

thing here okay so here we are one of

the glider redeploy areas and we're

going to go ahead and see what it does

so if we go through this it's brought us

for a rift and now we have a glider drop

Time Trial okay let's try this out let's

actually see if we can go quite faster

this one I'm gonna try and get a good

speed on this one we got there's only

seven checkpoints though so okay here we

go we've done four out of seven this

literally I can see where the end is

right there no I don't think I made this

okay that's five six and I'm presuming

the floor is seven have I missed any

back there all right listen matters just

get this done come on that's got to be a

good rank we gotta be ranked that is

very impressive alright I'll take as my

first ten so that's what the glider does

so we see what this thing does we've

seen what that the glider does we've

seen what the boat does this you up the

football area does now we just gotta see

what the quad crash area does but

quickly I want to go to the main stage

so I can show you guys how literally

insane this is here we are at the main

stage is very loud you guys work your

hair as loud as I can but trust me it's

pretty loud here we go alright so maybe

in the future this is where the events

will happen like the marshmallow Travis

Scott type events maybe they'll happen

in the party area but you know we'll

have to put off the wait and see but no

one is actually here I don't actually

know how many people are in this LTM at

one time so as you guys can see it just

kind of plays like remixes of like

fortnight songs which is actually really

good you know some of them actually

pretty decent also the map isn't

actually as big as you guys think like

honestly like the main stage is right

there and to run over to like where I'm

going right now which is the quad crash

area it's is she not even taken that

long yes here we go alright where is it

yes let's go we got a quad crusher

alright so ones if we follow this guy

here right let's go we've got our own

little racetrack this is literally

insane let's go come on I'm gonna beat

this guy in a race I'm gonna she gonna

overtake him come on honestly I'm so

happy for now I brought out our mode

like this this is actually such a nice

moment if you don't actually want to go

in fortnight and just actually sweat out

and play a game you can just come here

for a little bit of fun let me actually

talk to you guys about how to get the

reward which is actually the neon wings

back bling if you guys didn't already

know there has been a back bring that's

been found which looks really really

insane I'll actually put a picture of it

on screen that is actually the reward if

you guys didn't already know now let me

tell you guys how to actually get it at

the big screen let's go to the big

screen then I tell you guys how to get

it right so here we are at the big

screen nothing really is going on but

guys and let me end the video by telling

you guys how to actually get the neon

wings babbling so if you guys didn't

already know fault line themselves have

actually said that this is the

early stages off partly out and what

they're gonna be doing with it it's

gonna be so much more basically so much

more than any of us think so guys this

is gonna be a really big mode when

they're finished with it and what they

have said is is that this is obviously

the early stages now guy is coming in

the next few days it could honestly be

when you're watching this video about

some point guys if you do login to the

party for a hour mode you will actually

just get giving this backlink for just

going in this mode and experimenting

around with it and just playing with it

testing out for fault like because they

basically just want to see you like how

good this mode is for players so guys

there's literally it all you have to do

is just play this mode when they

actually announce that the reward is in

the game and then that's it you're gonna

be able to get this back billing it's

actually the neon wings back bling I did

show you guys a minute ago if you want

to get back in the video and look at it

again it's a really really cool back

playing and I honestly advise that you

guys login to party royale whenever they

actually get around to adding the reward

into the game and giving it a go for

yourself because actually really really

fun but path night guys thank you all so

much watching this video if you guys did

enjoy it make sure you smash it thumbs

up subscribe to channel and I'll see you

guys all in the next video very very

soon have a great day guys and peace