Asus Laptop Battery Removal & ASUS Battery Replacement - ASUS battery not charging - Easy Fix

hello this is Nick with Nick's computer

fix calm and here's a video on how to

remove the battery and replace it with a

new one in the asus x5 v 1m okay to

begin with let's flip the laptop over

and grab a screwdriver a phillips at

that so that we can remove the nine

screws there on the back of the laptop

and once done we can go ahead and pop

them out and while we're doing that be

sure to make a diagram like I have here

this shows exactly where each screw goes

on the back of the laptop because they

are different sizes that range from

small medium to large okay once you have

all of the screws removed we can go

ahead and flip the laptop over and set

it down upright and lift the lid now we

are going to go ahead and remove or

separate the top portion of the keyboard

assembly lid here from the bottom

portion and you can use your fingernails

or a plastic credit card will work also

it's just being held on by some plastic

clips and once you've detached it do not

remove it completely

don't touch it any further until you

watch the rest of this which is you open

up the front gently because you can see

now that there are three ribbon cables

that are attached to the motherboard and

the top assembly of the laptop that has

the keyboard and the mouse pad and so

forth now these are detachable by

lifting the lip and removing the ribbon

cable it's very easy you don't need any

special tool and then you can go ahead

and put the lid or the top portion of

the laptop to the side all right now we

have complete

access to the battery and it's just

sitting in there and you just move it a

little bit and pull straight up and it

will come right out for you and takes a

little bit of work but it's not in there

with any special screws or clamps of any

type all right I took the original out

and I am I just grabbed the new one that

I bought off of ebay for 20 bucks and

this one has a little bit more juice to

it so to speak

it's 14 point 4 volts versus 11 point 5

volts okay up next is the east part of

the video and all we need to do is

gently drop the new battery back into

the slot where the old battery was and

push it down make sure that it is in

there tightly no special screws or

clamps required and then grab the lid

here and we can go ahead and reassemble

the laptop and as you can see we need to

attach these ribbon cables back to the

motherboard and it is not that easy but

take your time it can be done I simply

go into a little groove there and then

once you've got it in the groove you

push on the white lip and that attaches

the ribbon cable back in place and the

larger ribbon cable does require both

hands at least for me and then once

those are done you can go ahead and snap

the lid back to the bottom portion of

the laptop by pressing down on the edges

and once completed close the lid and

then let's go ahead and flip the laptop

over to the bottom side and refer to

that diagram that we made earlier to

make sure that the screws go back into

the nine holes correctly

so that we have the proper screw in the

proper hole once completed we can go

ahead and flip it back upright open up

the lid and press the power button and

we do have juice and the new battery has

been installed one last thing if the new

battery needs to be fully charged be

sure to plug your AC plug into the

laptop all right subscribe if you like

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