2010-2015 Toyota Prius 12V battery replacement

alright here we are with our 2012 Prius

3rd gen and we're gonna make a video

about removing the 12-volt auxiliary

battery first we're just gonna remove a

bunch of stuff to access the battery we

got our trunk man that will get out of

the way so unlock the lid here take it

out then there's the tray here and just

this right out also and there's your big

main battery but uh under here is the

auxiliary 12-volt battery so now we've

got well sort of access to the battery

and this helps to remove this little

cover as well makes it it gives you more

room to get the negative cable off so

there's two 10 millimeter well ones a

boat ones a nut honorable so we can take

those knock those loose okay oh the kind

of cool thing about this is that it's a

built into the tray it's not one of

those j-bolts it falls down and you know

gets lost or something

okay so that you can set aside and then

we need to disconnect the negative first

okay and you can just pop up that cap

and then you can undo the positive

okay and then the last thing is this

little vent piece you can just pop that

out and pop it back into the other

battery so then you can remove this one

I'm dropping in your new battery there

you go it just sets in the tray and put

on a positive and tighten it down

oh don't forget your vent you can still

pop that in after oh there you go fits

under the positive cable just fine and

then say it will tighten that down with

the 10 millimeter wrench a little too

crazy on snap that down clamp here


all right and then the last thing is

just getting our negative hooked up Oh

wedged in there all right all right

that's good okay this one has a hook

into that panel kind of push it up in

there and then snaps in there we're

gonna set the panel in over the battery

and just take note of the three tabs

that have to line up so you know it's

just going in crooked probably one of

those tabs that didn't line up there we

go all right then we'll drop in our tray

put on the lid and see follow directions

locking in last floor minute our cargo

net whatever you want to call it or you

might have one of those cargo trays and

rubber ones and that's it