✅ How To Check Cash App Balance 🔴


hey welcome back guys so today on this

video we're talking about cash app and

more specifically we're going to go over

how to check your cash app balance or

how to check to see how much money you

have in your cash app so let's go ahead

and talk about this first off if you're

not familiar with cash app it is one of

the more popular peer-to-peer payment

systems a lot of folks use it to split

bills if you go to a restaurant or you

need to pay for something you can also

easily use it to send money to family

and friends and I believe some retailers

even accept cash app so if you're going

to a service company sometimes they'll

let you pay them in with a cash out but

we're not gonna worry about that we're

going to go ahead and see how to check

your cash out balance so there's a

couple of different ways that you can

check your cash app balance the easiest

way that I've found is through the app

their app is called cash app it's just

green and white one right here if you

don't have the app already be sure to

check the video description I'll try to

leave a referral link there or you can

easily download the app on the App Store

or Google Play just type in cash app I'm

gonna go and open my app now alright I

went ahead and opened up my app and this

is the home screen here on the home

screen you can request money you can

send money through cash app you can make

changes to your profile you can even

check the current price of bitcoins but

how do you check your balance on your

cash app that's pretty easy Josh that

makes it pretty easy it's right here on

the bottom left so for example I have

one hundred thirty dollars in my cash

app right now if I would like to pay

somebody or withdraw that money let me

go ahead and click on that now alright I

went ahead and click there and then as

you can see it gives a little bit more

detail so on the home screen it shows

that I only have one hundred thirty

dollars in my cash app for my balance

when I check it however once I click in

here it shows that I actually have one

hundred thirty dollars and nine cents in

my cash app so on the home screen that's

going to show just the dollar amount not

any change or part of a dollar like I

have but it will show the full dollar

amount of money that you have on your

cash app so that's the easiest way I

know to find my cash app balance if you

know an easier way to get in touch with

your cash app balance may be a phone

number or another website be sure to

leave a comment below let the rest of us

know overly found that video useful if

so click thumbs up and hope to see on

the next one thanks again for watching