Inside the Famous Bachelor Mansion - Open House on NBC


welcome back now we're in Los Angeles to

visit the distinct Spanish Hacienda

style home that was fittingly for

today's show this setting of the hit

series The Bachelor and the Bachelorette

but besides hosting those notorious and

entertaining battles of the sexes it's

also a real home that was built with

love and care by its owner and developer

he takes us in for a closer look

hi I'm Marshall the Marsh group general

contractors today we're here in the

Santa Monica Mountains but look at Villa

de Ville beena a Spanish hacienda that i

designed and built twelve years ago you

may have seen it on TV you may not have

but today i want to take you around the

house show you some of the things that i

like most about it my family really

enjoys De La Vina has six bedrooms ten

bathrooms are you ready let's go check

it out come on inside here we are in the

entryway at De La Vina this is my

favorite part this room has something

for everybody whether it's the Spanish

basket weave pattern or the tile on the

floor whether it's the Indian wood frame

structure here or there handrails

skylight or the chandelier so here we

are in the great room some people think

it's a great room because it's got a

beautiful fireplace

it's got tall ceilings it's got great

access to the back yard in the swimming

pool but what makes it great is all the

best times that our family has are in

this room

what's the Super Bowl interact the

fantastic food that's why it's a great

room to me so here we are in the kitchen

this is definitely the heart and soul of

the house over here we've got mesquite

wood doors that were original full-size

doors we took them apart riah rail them

size them down made them into cabinets

this tile is reclaimed and recycled in

this chevron pattern a typical hispanic

pattern so when these big meals are

going on there's no place to sit and

here to eat so you've either got to go

into the great room to the breakfast

nook outside if it's nice out or we go

inside of the dining room could've done


welcome to the man cave where we honor

the caveman who was the original

inventor of the man cave obviously I've

got a fireplace to sit by if it's a cold

night who's got a bar that we made from

a reclaimed Indian piece of furniture

got a wine cellar with a roof tiles

we're holding the wine bottles in place

very curvaceous we can open up these

doors and that leads right out to the

pool and and activities out there if

it's a nice night sometimes things



so here we are the coolest place on the

property the swimming pool got a Jacuzzi

up top it's four feet deep in that end

it's nine feet deep at this end this

archway simulates an aqueduct that they

would have moved water from point A to

point B just using gravity and there's

waterfalls and that simulates that it

broke over time there's a great feeling

of satisfaction to design something put

it to paper and build it here we are in

the master bedroom one of my favorite

rooms this room epitomizes Hacienda

style architecture because the room is

small quaint and cozy over here we've

got a fireplace with a tech counter a

stone surround around it

we've got hickory wood floors we've got

Indian art on the ceilings we've got a

Spanish hand-carved window that looks

into the bathroom and right here we've

got doors that access the terrace and

invite in the beautiful views of the

canyon here we are on the other side of

the window in the master bath this is a

sexy room mosaic tile floor Spanish

doors crown molding and carved cabinets

our Spanish style window looking out to

the canyon and still have the creature

comforts jacuzzi fireplace red wine

candles if that doesn't work we got a

shower there hold at least six


so thanks for coming on the tour of the

house was my pleasure to show you around

so you can see some of my favorite

places in the house I hope you enjoyed


right now it's five o'clock somewhere

and it's time for me and the boss to