17 Weeks Pregnant - Your 17th Week Of Pregnancy

welcome to your week by week pregnancy

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maternity ultrasound center hi I'm

Monica Healy welcome to pregnancy chat

this is week 17 of your pregnancy

your baby's skeletal system that's the

bones of your baby's body are continuing

to change from cartilage into bone which

is a process called ossification your

baby's head is still a little large in

comparison to the body baby weighs about

five ounces and is about four and a half

to five inches long from the top of the

head to the bottom of the spine about

the size of this pepper baby has started

to practice respiratory movements so

amniotic fluid is flowing in and out of

the future air sacs of baby's lungs

baby's hair continues to grow on the

scalp baby's getting eyebrows and

eyelashes and although the eyelids

remain fused closed the eyes beneath

them are growing larger you'll see on

this 3d image of a 17 week fetus the

umbilical cord up near baby's neck some

parents worry when they see this on an

ultrasound examination and so thought

worth mentioning is that the umbilical

cord at this time is growing longer and

thicker it's helical in nature somewhat

like a telephone cord so even if it's

around baby's neck or gets tied in a

knot it's not a problem while baby lives

inside mother's womb baby can also hear

loud sounds at this time so so sometimes

a really loud sound will make baby jump

and also baby has bouts of hiccups you

won't be able to feel them quite yet

happening your body's changing too you

may feel like you need to go shopping

a few well-chosen items to mix and match

are a good choice and should get you

through through to the end of your

pregnancy shoes are night another

important item comfortable shoes that

keep you steady on your feet and allow

for a little bit of swelling layering

your clothing is also helpful because

you'll have times when you're perspiring

or feel warmer and then cooler again so

you can take your jacket off or put it

back on again

lastly nylons support of holes that help

with swelling of your legs also help

with varicose veins varicose veins are

veins that swell during pregnancy

because of increased blood volume

sometimes it's a good idea to put these

stockings on before you even get out of

bed in the morning

I know it's a bit of a hassle because

you'd have to bathe in the evening but

it really helps with swelling and to

protect your legs against varicose veins

at least that's what I had to do when I

was expecting my babies I hope you found

this helpful and thank you for visiting

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