10 Surprising AUTOBAHN FACTS! πŸš— Highways In Germany

hello Tom I'm your vlog Dave when

foreign people think of Germany as a

country they tend to associate it with

the German Autobahn

yeah the German highway system so let's

talk about ten surprising facts about

the German highway system

sorry not sorry to disappoint a few guys

I guess but no adult fiddler didn't

invent or even build the first German

Autobahn it's a propaganda lie in fact

the first trick of the complex German

highway system we know today was opened

in Cologne in 1932 which was around one

year before Hitler even began his reign

it's today's Autobahn our funa funa funa

funa funa fitzy connecting Cologne and

Bonn and on a side note it was opened by

Konrad Adenauer who was Colin's mayor at

the time and who later became Germany's

first Chancellor after the Third Reich

the actual term Autobahn was already

coined by professor Hobart Autzen three

years prior in 1929 before this people

referred to a little single-segment road

freeze the deserts of the outer ban if

you like only motorised vehicles were

allowed to drive on

s.d newer autumn abuse NASA the only

automobile street in Germany's highway

system is one of the longest and most

complex international highway systems

whereas in 1949 its total length was

2000 and 100 kilometers it's around

13,000 kilometers long at the moment

regarding prototypes of the German

Autobahn you can even go way more back

in time the training route ballina Evo's

was built from 1913 to 1921 it's only 10

kilometers long it was designed for

testing fast motorised vehicles one

misconception many foreign people have

regarding the German Autobahn is that

there's no speed limit yes it's true

that there's no general speed limit for

the German Autobahn but no there are

actually quite a lot of sections on

different German Autobahn where you're

only allowed to drive at a maximum

allowed speed for instance up to 130

kilometers per hour

you can rest at over 700 so-called last


dear Alice plaits the lay-by or rest

area the German Autobahn section with

the most steady traffic is a part of the

our unit in Berlin with over 186

thousand cars per day Wow

although you might not assume it at

first the German Autobahn is in fact a

safer place for driving then rural roads

are regarding deaths statistics say that

around 60 percent of all deaths that are

curing while driving in Germany are

happening on rural roads rather than on

the German Autobahn the Autobahn is only

responsible for around 12% of all those

deaths at the moment there is only one

Autobahn section that prohibits tracks

from driving there it's a part of the

RIS new cologne that runs over a bridge

section the reason for this is the bad

condition of this part of the Autobahn

so only trucks with a maximum weight of

3.5 tons are allowed to pass the bridge

and number 10 relating to this many

parts of the german autobahn system are

under construction quite often well it's

not the same parts all the time but you

know often this only affects one lane

but sometimes a whole part of the

Autobahn is blocked for a certain period

of time however the regularly happening

maintenance for many different parts of

the Autobahn as a whole also leads to a

comparatively safe place for driving

around every 15 years or so the

respective upper parts of the tarmac

there as filed are being renewed alright

guys those were 10 more or less

surprising facts about the German


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