Robert Irwin's virtual Australia Zoo tour!

g'day and welcome to Australia Zoo my

mom and dad built the zoo from a tiny

little reptile park to what it is today

isn't it incredible let's go check it

out here in Australia Zoo you can meet

all of these awesome animals we've got

this gorgeous macaw here a beautiful

little koala this is Jenny the Burmese


and my favorite Andre the alligator have

a go at this guy here at Australia Zoo

everything is hands-on Oh a one that

excuse me hey mate

I absolutely love wombats they're one of

my favorite Australian animals they're

kind of like Australia's bulldozer of

the bush and you wouldn't think so with

those little stumpy legs but they can

actually run up to 40 km/h it's pretty


welcome to Southeast Asia this is one of

our beautiful tiger cubs just like me

and bindi is the next generation of

Australia Zoo

this is bindis island I'm here with a

few of our beautiful lemurs and they

definitely love their fruit there's such

special animals this is one of our giant

Aldabra tortoises his name is Jarvis

he's absolutely amazing and what I

always say is if the food isn't good

enough for me though it's not good

enough for the tortoises ego Oh YUM here

at Australia Zoo

you can even experience Africa

kids from the age of four can visit

Australia zoo and feed our beautiful

giraffes and our gorgeous zebras here in

Australia Zoo even the littlest people

can meet the biggest animals this is DJ

and he's a massive two-ton white rhino

he's like a dinosaur these little guys

are the newest addition to Africa aren't

meerkats just awesome


it's not just the animal forget the best

food at Australia Zoo check out this

awesome spread from crikey cafe when you

visit Australia Zoo be sure to check out

one of our awesome gift shops and you

can even take home one of my photographs


this is the Australia Zoo wildlife

hospital and it's one of the busiest

wildlife hospitals in the entire world

since we opened in 2004 we've taken in

thousands of animals every year just

like little josh here he's a gorgeous

little koala that was unfortunately hit

by a car but with the great help of

doctor amber and all of the wonderful

vets and nurses that we have he'll have

a speedy recovery and hopefully be out

in the wild very soon he's very cute