Replacement of the Ascending Aorta and Aortic Root Replacement Using Freestyle Porcine Bioprosthesis

we present a case of aortic valve using

a freestyle porcine bioprosthesis and

ascending a water replacement impatient

with giant aneurysm of the ascending

aorta 8 centimeters

66 year old female normal ejection

fraction no coronary disease severe

aortic valve insufficiency ascending

aorta diameter 8 centimeters

pre-operative Angel City scan right

axillary artery cannulation with

Salinger technique

percutaneous right femoral vein OHS

cannulation for cardiopulmonary bypass

median sternotomy

a Adak cross-clamp


resection of the ascending aorta

resection of the aortic valve


trim of the left and right Ostia of the



it's Tantalus erotic bioprosthesis was

implanted using polypropylene

4/0 running suture for the inflow rim

begin the inflow rim searcher line at

the left coronary sinus

right coronary sinus


and non coronary sinus


test was performed with hook to check if

a or dick paravalvular leaks were

present the coronary Ostia are

reattached using a polypropylene 4/0

suture begin the left Ostia


and right Ostia


proximal anastomosis was performed of

the vascular prosthesis including both

the patient ascending aorta and porcine

a Orteig wall using polypropylene 4/0

running suture inclusion technique a

second continuous suture for enforcement

was performed using polypropylene 4/0

the distal anastomosis was performed

between the aorta and vascular

prosthesis using polypropylene 4/0

running suture


the heart and vascular prosthesis Rd

aired and cross-clamp removed

this is the final result you can see the

post-operative echocardiography