2019 Arnold Strongman Classic | Full Recap

the Arnold strongman classic the holy

grail of strongman competition athletes

must will themselves pass their

competitors and the implements ten men

five grueling challenges spirits will

break records will fall all to find the

strongest man on earth the 2019 Arnold

strongman classic next



the Arnold sports festival for the next

two days it will be the focus of the

fitness world as fans from around the

globe have descended on Columbus Ohio to

watch the best in weightlifting

bodybuilding armwrestling and even

fencing but we are here to answer one

big question and that is who is the

strongest man on earth welcome inside

the Greater Columbus Convention Center

everybody I'm Sean Whalen with dr. bill

Crawford and bill we have the most

powerful men in the world here to

compete in five unique events all for

the right to be called the 2019 Arnold

strongman Classic champion yes this is

the most prestigious competition of the

year for strongman Darrell strongman

classic is also the heaviest competition

and is the defining competition and

strongman there are 10 men from 8

different countries here to compete

Bryan Shaw is a crowd favorite and

three-time Arnold strongman Classic

champion two youngsters to keep an eye

on Martines Lee sees and Matteo scale

Laskowski and all of them are chasing

the man they called the mountain half

Thorpe yourson from Iceland won this

competition last year and he is the

favorite to do it again in 2019 he also

holds the Elephant Bar deadlift record a

1041 pounds he is here to defend his

title his main challenge may come from a

man to defend his second of yours at

last year that's Bryan Shaw he has been

first or second in this event seven of

the last eight years

also four-time Twi world Strongest Man

winner and he's back to get his title

there are five events the competitors

will get points based on how well they

do in each event you win an event you

get 10 points you finish last

you get one

event number one is the elephant bar

deadlift each man gets a chance to live

and the man with the heaviest single

lift will win the event and to make

things even more interesting for the

fans and athletes here if someone breaks

the world deadlift record he wins

$50,000 they met an interesting twist on

the doublet this year when we all got

the news bag rogue was gonna throw

$50,000 to anybody that could pull more

than 500 kilos on the elephant bar for

me I was excited it's great to challenge

those guys you know and it's cool just

to go in front of it than what you think

we can is anybody gonna do it that's the

big question well if I now

here's Martines Lee sees his second

appearance at the Arnold strongman

classic 970 pounds on the bar Martines

is someone that many people Phil's the

future of strongman he always comes

prepared I personally feel that his

greatest attribute is his mental

toughness he's been coming on strong the

last few years and won the 2019 Arnold

strongman Classic in Santa Monica and

970 is good for the Dragon that is a

personal best for him notice and more

narrow foot stance a lot of lower back

I'd like to see his feet out a little

more and uses hips more from the bottom

I think that's where he'll need to go to

have bigger lifts in the future

Martines lease he's one of the more

emotional men in the field and he does

not hold back after that live up next

Mikael Shiva lock off at 974

and Shiva Lacoste with the blood running

from his nose that is common for him he

has that problem a lot he is okay but

that lift will count 974 pounds solid

off the bottom gets it to his knees and

has to shake it a little bit to get it

back and then the and the blood coming

out of his nose he did that last year

like I said he really commits he doesn't

that doesn't bother him that is Jean

Francois Corona at a candidate and he is

stepping up to 904 pounds oh and korone

dropping the parties grabbing at that

right hamstring and remember he's been

having a problem with that hamstring

since the qualifying event in Santa

Monica back in January drops his hip

starts to pull and immediately stop as

soon as the way cleared the floor things

getting serious is Brian Shaw with 1021

pounds on the bar he's gonna really want

to get his levers working here get his

hips down and push as hard as possible

with his feet down


and Brian Shaw stands up 1,000 21,000 on

his a personal best for him on the

elephant bar and here we go bill pushes

off the floor gets it to his knees

efficiently pulls back no wasted

movement Brian Shaw your new leader is

1021 pounds half the Robertson is up

next the defending Arnold strongman

Classic champion and he is starting to

establish himself as a dominant force in

the sport so in 2018

I won Arlen Classic and Columbus Ohio

Europe Strongest Man Isis honest man the

world soonest man and the world's

ultimate strowman last year's good yeah

for sure because after win all

competition last year all the best

competition he's super ready he's super

strong it looks like he's had a good

training camp leading up to the Arnold

but I would expect that for

that's why I like I like to train that

way that I used to believe I'm a

superhuman hero

I'm here ready and I'm going to my best

if anyone beats me then I'm just like

congratulations to him he's better than

I am

Georgeson looking to break the record he

set last year when he hit 1041 pounds

this lift 1045 pounds this is only a

second attempt this shows he has his

sights set on taking a crack at the

ultimate prize

give me a break how easy is that Anna

knew we'd record 1045 pounds for the

mountain they looked easier than last

year's 1041 he has the gas for the

all-time record enemy Brian Shaw up next

looking to beat half through Burton and

set a new record 1049 pounds on the


and Shah falling forward over the bar on

that attempt it will not go for him and

that means that half Thor Puran Singh is

the winner of this event with one lift

remaining one more look at what would

have been a new world record on the

Elephant Bar Bryan can go home

understanding that he gave everything he

had on the lifting platform on his

deadlift puritan with 1105 pounds on the

barbell he has already set the Elephant

Bar world record he did that on his

second lift when he made 1045 pounds if

he makes this next lift he earns $50,000

for all the marbles here it is

at the knees at bjornsen cannot get it

blood coming from his forehead that's

how intense that effort was he sets the

elephant bar record wins the event and

the deadlift world record I guarantee

you that is well within his reach his

hips come up just a little bit sooner

than on his previous lifts he gets it to

his knees but the bar still forward and

he just can't overcome the weight past

his knees to complete the lift what a

way to kick off the 2019 Arnold

strongman classic with that 1045 pound

lifts Hathor bjornsen sets the Elephant

Bar deadlift world record and locks up

10 points in the standings Ryan Shaw

takes second but it comes at a price as

he enters his left hamstring and he's

with Mark Henry backstage I know you're

in pain I'll see you later and tell us

about the injury yeah I just saw just a

lots deadlift there that 1051 you know I

just locked in on it and felt the pop in

the hamstring so that's that's why I

went forward because it was a pretty big

pop when it's just part of the game

unfortunately he gets get banged up and

just got to deal with it up next one of

the most famous challenges in all of

strongman it's the Husa Phelps don't

carry the 2019 Arnold strongman classic

on CBS Sports is sponsored by row

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that's built to last

who Savelle stone is a new event at the

Arnold and North rogues two main

replicas of the stone is amazing the

question is how far can you book is a

great stone it has a great history I'm

super pumped I'm excited about that

event so I'm really excited to see it

really excited to you know kind of get

my hands on it and touch it and figure

out the best way to carry that welcome

back to the 2019 Arnold strongman

Classic a bet too is pretty simple the

athletes have to pick up that 409 pound

Husa fel stone replica and carry it as

far as they can in two minutes without

dropping it this is one of my favorite

events in the heart of Iceland plays the

Husa fell stone this event is hardwired

at strongman history 200 years ago a

farmer named Snorri snorrison use this

stone to cover the gate of his sheep

pendant he was able to carry the stone

around the pen so full stroker was born

this is also known as full strength the

two keys to success on this event number

one is an efficient lift of the stone

you can't waste time trying to get the

stone up to your lap and standing with a

stone the second key to success is

taking deep breaths methodically

breathing so that you can continue to

get oxygen to the body to carry the

stone as far as possible we do not have

a sheep pen but we do have a stage and

the course around those four boulders is

approximately the same length as the

real one in Iceland and it will be Alexi

Novikov out of Ukraine going first

Novikov has that sewn up and now his

attempt will begin you want to keep

moving your feet moving your feet as you

move your feet

that's distance and you only have so

much time to carry the stone

it looks like he's rhythmically

breathing you can see in and out in and

out he's digging his fingers into the

stone slowing down just a little bit


impressive so far from the youngster his

attempt ends once he drops it


you got to complete laps the stone goes

down they'll mark that that is going to

be tough to beat 211 feet six inches for

Novikov he's digging his fingertips into

the stone he's taking deep breaths he's

trying to keep this stone on his chest

as long as possible getting every foot

great effort terrific carry Brian Shaw

up next and he is not 100% right now

he's nursing that hamstring injury that

he suffered during the first event the

deadlift a hamstring injury can affect

your ability to lift the stone off the

floor and also to support your weight

and the weight of the stone a quick

efficient lift is vital to him having a

good carry here Brian Shaw the key for

him is not necessarily beating Novikov

it's beating the man who's going to come

up next and that's how throw up you're


very nice pick and he's actually tall

enough to lock his fingers see if that

strategy works now if his fingers come

apart he still has his hands on the

stone he's moving his feet he's

breathing look he's good good breathing

pattern rhythmically breathing in and

out in and out he's done a lot of

carrying events Shaw looking like he's

starting to slip a little bit he'll get

through one lap and then drop that

400-plus pounds stone and it's clear

that Shaw is disappointed in that result

he's able to lock his fingers on the

stone he's moving his legs fairly well

with that injury but towards the end of

the carry after one lap that hamstring

injury is impeding him from continuing

on with that carry only one man has yet

to carry the stone and that's iceland's

haftorah bjornsen

he's your overall leader after winning

event one in record-breaking fashion and

he's now trying to beat the rookie

alexey Novikov mark of 211 feet six


bjornsen mulling that stone to his chest

and he is off on his first lap very

quick foot movement getting some

rhythmic breathing going coming to the

first very long strides one lap down for

bjornsen and looking like he's gonna

stay in the overall lead with three

events remaining now can he tracked down

the rookie Alexi Novikov

yes he's vying for that first-place

finish he's making a statement here he


all the way around this one's gonna be

close as the stone is down for half

through bjornsen and one thing is for

sure though he will be your overall

leader after two events after lifting

the stone very efficiently actually

tossing the stone up into his arms

starting with long strides very

deliberate foot movement taking good

breaths fighting it out to the very last

get those precious few feet for the lead

terrific effort after two events half

Thor Burton has two wins and is looking


he beat Alexi Novikov by seven feet so

the rookie takes second place and Mark

Henry is with the mountain after his

second straight event win I'm here to

win I'm a good said best if I'm alive

and I got guys thank you so much for the

support coming up it's a brand new

challenge for the strongest men on earth

event three the wheel of pain

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back at the Columbus Convention Center

in Columbus Ohio as fans have been

enjoying all the Arnold sports festival

has to offer

the Arnold is in its 30th year and the

roughly 200,000 people attending make it

the largest festival of its kind in the


twenty-two thousand a fleet from 80

countries competing in 80 different

sports and there is one big main

attraction here the wheel of pain at 40

feet in diameter and 21 feet tall

it has 8,000 pounds of steel and 7,000

pounds of oak it is hard to miss and it

is a brand new challenge for the men

vying for the title of the Arnold

strongman Classic champion

the wheel of pain event is is very raw

we no one really knows what to expect

it's it's amazing how how much for your

Oakwood interest in one event just the

structure of its ridiculous and under

pushing event like this after 30 maybe

40 s again total burnout but you must

continue in continue I think the best

fighter must win the sale it is standing

room only here at the Greater Columbus

Convention Center's the doors opened up

early this morning and people rushed to

get a good view of this formidable

implement not Josh Bell shock will be

the first man up his second appearance

at the Arnold strongman classic he

finished sixth as a rookie in 2018 60

seconds to push the wheel of pain as far

as he can with those arms extended he

has that thing moving pretty well looks

like his belt has come off and around

his waist notice his hips are very low

and he's pushing up now he's got his

shoulder against his shoulder girdle

started to get weakened

so now he's got his shoulder against it

you have to be a little creative with

this event

we're just matching the event matching

this implement doing everything you can

to make movement forward for reporters

inside 20 seconds to go from Matt Josh

Bell Shaq who has kept this thing moving

at a pretty consistent pace without

starting too slow

final seconds for Bell shot he is still

giving this thing all he is worth and

that will do it they will mark the

distance and reset that been a great

effort for the man from Slovenia not

Josh Bell shot Alexi Novikov the rookie

out of Ukraine is up next he's coming

off a second-place finish in the last

event that was the Husa fell stone carry

but this may be a challenge for him he

is one of the lighter athletes in the

field at 302 pounds and now Novikov is

going with a new technique that we have

yet to see here we saw the Kyle

look off through the same thing on

Thursday night it seems to be working

pretty well for Novikov

now this is an approach that I don't

think we've discussed shoulders on it

but with his head under the implement I

hope and the other guys who are watching

and Novikov is threatening to demolish

nachos Bello shocks top distance



his pace has slowed but he has about 20

seconds to go he is very close to

Phyllis Cox top mark this is when you

tell yourself that you're a Supreme

Being you will overcome every step is

points five seconds for Novikov and he

is your new leader Alexei Novikov once

again with an impressive performance and

now has the top mark in the wheel of


once again Alexei Novikov sets the top

mark and once again a couple of former

champions will try to chase him down the

conclusion of event 3 the wheel of pain

when we return



back at the 2019 Arnold strongman

classic where rookie Alexi Novikov has

the top distance in event three the

wheel of pain but two athletes remain

including defending champion half-door

bjornsen while we were away russia's me

Kyle Shiva Cobb failed to get that far

on his attempt he finishes at 103 feet

that's about 10 feet shy of Alexi

Novikov top distance potatoes killers

cause he was hoping for a strong finish

in this event but he only pushes the

wheel of pain 101 feet 6 inches Brian

Shaw meanwhile continues to struggle

thanks to that hamstring injury he

suffered in the Elephant Bar deadlift

shop only goats 95 feet he came into the

event in second place overall and this

effort will definitely drop him down the

overall leaderboard our team's Lee sees

is up next he is tied for 2nd overall

Lee sees with two top-five finishes so

far he is ready to go and he will try to

chase down Alexi Novikov top mark of 113

feet got a good start hipster low very

good leverages he's pushing up on this



he sees with a good pace yes he does and

as you saw yesterday with the new

Chevelle stolen he's got the good

rhythmic breathing forcing air in

pulling air forcing air into his lungs

and pushing the air out of his ones 30




this is where it comes down to we'll

what does he want to do with this

implement is up to him at this point

he's now past Brian Shaw Shaw's mark of

95 feet and he's creeping up on Alexi

Novikov and Marty's nieces looks like he

will be your new leader and he is done

but Marty's leases overtakes Alexi

Novikov with just one man remaining he

has the top mark what's extraordinary

about this push is that he's very

comfortable with his shoulders locked in

he's got his hips down creating tons of

leverage pushing pushing relentlessly

the dragon continues to slay the wheel

of pain Hathor bjornsen has won both

events him so far going for his third

win no one has ever won all five events

at this competition Georgeson certainly

capable of becoming the first but he'll

have to chase down Martine Lee sees top

score of 119 feet 9 inches F door has

his arms extended with great leverage

this year's size creates a tremendous

amount of force to move this implement

forward you're assuming extremely well

here as long as he doesn't finish

towards the bottom he will remain your

overall leader and now he's starting to

get to the tail end of things is he's

chasing down Brian Shaw and now going to

that style that we saw Alexei Novikov

employed inside 30 seconds

20 seconds


this one will be closed yes every name

that he passes his points he's keeping

it going got his shoulders against it

he's keeping his hips low even for a

tall man that's where Lisa's nameplate

is and Georgeson is quickly approaching

that final seconds and half Torrance and

may not have gotten there but he was

close he might have been a few inches

short and he collapses as something

finally brings down the mountains and it

looks like Martin's Lisa's just edging

out half Thor bjornsen

Martines Lee sees is climbing now the

wheel of pain after conquering this

implement crush your enemies see them

driven before you and hear the

lamentations of the women

Martines Lee sees nerds his first career

event victory in the wheel of pain but

he only gains one point on Hathor

bjornsen who ends up finishing second

Mark Henry talks with the dragon after

the event the feel for this and and what

it took to get into it I felt like I was

a barbarian savage I was taken from his

homeland as a child and it felt like I

was there for about two decades pushing

it didn't feel lovely well there's a

threshold if you get enough speed there

actually is momentum on the thing but

you gotta keep it moving fast otherwise

it does push back on you coming up next

for my brand a new test to a very

familiar one event for another classic

test as straight as the strongest men on

earth face the Austrian oak


welcome back to Columbus Ohio in the

2019 Arnold strongman classic the

athletes getting ready for event for the

Austrian oak let's take a look at where

we stand right now after the wheel of

pain Martines Lee sees pushing back on

half-door bjørn's and in gain sole

possession of second place Alexi Novikov

moves up to third as he gets another top

three finish Brian Shaw drops down the

standees again he sits in seventh with

two events left event four is one that

these men have faced in the past the

athletes will have 90 seconds to lift

the Austrian oak as many times as they

can and that implement weighs 430 pounds


Poland's Matteo scalars Koski is ready

for his turn on the Austrian oak right

now he's in 8th place overall but

looking to make a move in this event

this is the first attempt for killers

Koski he has 90 seconds to get as many

as he can and 1 rep excellent for Mateos

Keller's Koski this event and the next

event will find him higher on the leader

board because they highlight his raw

strength and his tremendous athletic

ability his attempt number two now

Mateusz kilos Kowski adams forward up

and back that'll be 2 with this awkward

and massive implement he has to dig deep

to get additional reps as you get deeper

into the reps unfortunately your

abdominal muscles start to weaken and

the log wants to fall forward after you

stand up with it this is when the

strongman has to completely commit

third attempt for killers Kowski


the crowd was trying to will that thing

over his head but those Koski will exit

with two good reps he is the early

leader rushes me Kyle Shipley cough up


Shiva cough needs to come up with a

strong performance on the Austrian oak

if he wants to work his way back up the

standings as Mateo skiller's Koski still

has the top score of two reps he needs

this efficient lift to the chest and

then pushed back and up to complete the

lift with the log and the press is good

as Magnus ver Magnusson gives him the

signal one down from Kyle Hill the cop

down the third man to be able to lift

that over his head he had an explosive

lift to his chest he drives the weight

up in fact over his head


second attempt now for VCAL schifflet

cuffs if he gets this he would tie for

the event lead

lift number two is good so Mikael shimla

cough is going to call it quits and he

will tie Mateos Kellis Kazi for the lead

to good reps for the Siberian force up

next Martines Lee seizes his second

career appearance at the Arnold

strongman classic and he is really an

up-and-coming star in this sport and

Lacey's career started when he was just

a young boy in Latvia

when I was just a kid I would go to my

grandparents farm in Latvia my

grandfather was a stonemason and lifted

all these giant rocks so I would help

him move them to help him build

sculptures out of them was essentially

doing strongly on a farm already as a

kid growing up so I got most of my

training back then pushing pushing

relentlessly the dragon continues to

slay the wheel paint these he's is set

to take on the Austrian oak right now

six points back a half Thor bjornsen for

the overall lead so Lee sees needs to

find a way to win this event if he wants

to gain ground on the mountain and he

will lock it out analysis in a tie for

second place with Bryan Shaw in this

event right to work on attempt number


and nice tease we'll hit that one and is

now tied for the lead with matches

Kellis Koski Jew Kyle schifflet cough

with two successful reps and he still

has plenty of time he wants to dig down

and get this third rep this would this

was definitely separated from the

competition looking to keep the pressure

on half-door of your team Martini's he's

just six points back of Norton in the

overall standings coming into this event

one event remains after this third

attempt will the dragon quickly up

through the chest

at least he's out of gas but does tie

for the best marks so far with two

successful reps half-door bjornsen is

the final man up he has won two of the

three events so far and he was six

inches shy of beating Marty's lease he's

in the prior event he took second in the

wheel of pain and that is easy for

half-door bjornsen one successful

referent represented afterward one of

the few athletes in the field who

actually weighs more than the log but

his height makes it a little more

difficult to press something overhead as

it has to travel a greater distance just

each one more to tie himself would be

three other athletes who have completed

two repetitions clearing his hand a

little west there the mountain asked for

some help from the crowd and they will

gladly give it to him on attempt number



Georgeson locks that out and he has tied

for the lead and he has more time left

on the clock if he wants to make another

attempt he needs this a tip the middle

basically lock down the competition

overall third attempt for the mountain

plenty of time no problem to the chest

no if yours and just cannot get under it

final results for event for the Austrian

oak and it's a four-way tie for first

place between half Thor bjornsen Martis

Lee sees me Kyle schifflet cough and

Mateos killers Koski Brian Shaw gets one

rep he'll take fifth Bell shocked and

Heine they get two wraps on the lighter

lock with Gerry Pritchett getting just

one with one event to go after abuse and

has a six-point lead over Marty's Lee

sees as Lee sees is really the only man

who can keep the mountain from repeating

his champion Kalish cos he moves up the

standings three spots and he now sits in

fifth place and kalish koski holds the

world record in the next event coming up

in the finale the stone to shoulder

decides who will be crowned the 2019

Arnold strongman Classic champion the

2019 Arnold strongman classic on CBS

Sports is sponsored by row strength and

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one event remains at the 2019 Arnold

strongman classic Martines Lee sees the

Dragon will try to keep the man known as

the mountain from repeating as champion

Ben five is the stone shoulder the

athletes have two and a half minutes to

bring that 410 pounds stone up to their

shoulders as many times as they can this

is a repeating event from last year

Matteo's Kayla's Koski set the world

record in this event in 2018 with four

repetitions and the man who trains in a

small gym in Poland looking to make a

big splash in this final event


Joshua Macedonia is a male name is Sri

Racha khana goof top rafters in Omaha

police appear to launch a play mr.

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business name options of a deacon should

go on an anvil classic after much

discharge by Osama justice a lot mr.

Moya Chinese roshni era's Bingham lot


you change the motion Estella koozai

unfertilized as a lot about classic

solution mix to tack VLK potential in

the world of mr. Osamu vita lasagna in a

favela do madras a negotiability regina

each other the first one we have

definitely saved the most difficult

event for last lifting this ode Hagen

tombstone is no easy feat as some of

these men quickly found out the natural

stone is not made to be lifted the

strongest men on the planet have found

this to be an almost impossible task

first you have to be able to read the

stone and then a combination of grip

strength technique and raw body power

needed to shoulder this stone but this

is a supreme test of strength and power

here's the man we've wanted to see get

his hands on this stone matches Kalish

Kowski and last year he put on a show

with the old Hagen tombstone this is his

first attempt he just rips that off the

ground he's feeling the pressure of

being able to perform on this event

because he did such a great thing last

year with this stone and there is one

rep for caylor's Koski if he breaks his

own record of four repetitions to walk

away with $5,000

one good repetition down for caylor's

Koski here's the second attempt he just

comes right off Wow and that will be two

and he barely looks taxed he's read this

stone he knows exactly what he's gonna

do and then he gets the body position to

get it up to the top of the chest Oh

hitches his shoulders and his and his

hips together and get Sun with that

stone third attempt for caylor's Kowski

this also requires tremendous upper-body

strength a lot of shoulder strengthen

people don't understand shouldering a

stone because from here you've got to be

able to hold it close to the body and

then push it up and that will be three

good reps for matches killers Koski and

he still has a minute to go remember he

has the record it was four and he did it

last year okay we're gonna watch again

this this this next attempt this will

tie his best it's gonna get his hands on

it he's gonna push his feet down get it

to his lap

he's got that right hand in a great

position to hold on to the stone and


caylor's Koski once again moving on a

clinic for good reps he's lifted this

stone eight times total did second place

man ever ever lift the stones only done

it once this is something that he's just

got this this got this event down just a

few more seconds to go okay let's Kowski

has time for one more attempt and

possibly break his own record this would

be his fifth good rep this young man has

been dreaming about this night runner

the big crowd so he gets his hands

around the stone he pushes his feet down

and lets his upper body stay pretty

quiet and gets it up to his lap he

doesn't really put it to his chest he

just puts it right up onto his shoulder

unbelievable Majesty Laskowski who last

year had four good repetitions that was

a record one year later he beats it by a

full rep art Easley sees is up next and

he is really the only man who can keep

half thora bjornsen from repeating his

champion but least he's is probably

gonna have to win this event to do that

that will not be easy as he has to beat

caylor's Kowski score of five reps Lee

sees watching his chances sort of fade

away here but he's still going after

this thing off the ground pretty quickly

had a good read on that stone he had the

can strength to get it up same exact

same exact same technique now I'd remind

you that he trains with owed Haugen this

is the ODE Haugen stone he has seen this

stone before he has drained the stone

four pcs with one good rep so far the

mark to beat in this event is five and

that is a record so if Lee C's is able

to shoulder this thing six times five

thousand bucks

more importantly he'll gain points in

the competition I think that's what he's

really after and that is to for Marty's

leases and now the stone is off the

stage I think that's the first time this

has ever happened and they have stopped

the clock while the crew finds a way to

get that stone back to the stage

Martines lease he's taking a second to

play to the crowd as now basically

everybody in a blue ropes shirt all the

members of the crew were to come out

here trying to haul this thing back up

to the stage they haven't met with which

to do it you see it there now the stone

is back to where Lee sees can get

started again they're doing it quickly

because they've stopped the clock Jan

Todd on the stage dr. Jan Todd to say

okay we've stopped the clock but they

want to do it quickly so that is to get

too much rest and it affects the event

itself police ease grip now starting to

slip he has two good reps remember to

mark to beat his five that was done

earlier by my twos killers Koski and

that's a record

Marty's lease he's looking like he's

using a ton of energy just to get that

to his laughs just couldn't get it up to

his shoulder and that's going to be it

from artis Lee sees with two reps we are

down to the last man in the fifth and

final event of the 2019 Arnold strawman

classic the mountain half tour bjornsen

one rep on the Oh

algún tombstone and he will lock up his

second-straight arnold strongman classic

championship and he has simply dominated

this competition he's only had one

finished less than first place and that

second place finished was only by six

inches and bjornsen also broke his own

record in the Elephant Bar deadlift that

was the first event when he put 1045

pounds now lining up for his first

attempt on that 410 pound stone half

Thor actually weighs more than this

stone but at his great height it's that

much more difficult to get it up to his

shoulder he's a nice under lots of

stones there he's got a tattoo on his

calf of john paul singer Merson when the

stone on his shoulder this is for this

is for pride he's left-handed he's gonna

go to his left shoulder Georgeson has it

to his chest he just has to get it to

his shoulder and show control and half

Thor bjornsen will get the rep and that

will do it he is your 2019

learn old strongman Classic champion

the most explosive strength athlete on

the planet gets the stone up to his

shoulder and complete is 2019 Arnold

strongman classic championship this

could be the beginning of a historic run

for half for bjornsen half the reports

and basically won this competition

during the first three events when he

racked up two first in a second

he built enough of a cushion that he

just needed one rep to clinch the title

here in the fifth and final event here

are your final standings half-door

bjornsen scores 45 of a possible 50

points marquise Lee sees with his best

finish ever as he takes second Matteo

Skelos cocky courtesy of his

record-breaking performance and event 5

takes third that matches his best

performance ever at the Arnold strongman

classic as both he and Lee C's are

establishing themselves as the future of

this sport half Thor Julius bjornsen

wins his second straight Arnold

strongman classic at one of the most

dominant performances we have ever seen

he is clearly a mountain among men for

dr. bill Crawford and our entire crew

I'm Sean woodland this has been a

presentation of CBS Sports Network the

24 hour Home of CBS Sports