Arnold Classic 2019 Winner - Full results

Ward's that you've all been waiting for

ladies and gentlemen it's the last part

of the show so let's bring out our top

six let's see who they are

Ksenia six place metal Rick Ricard from

Ricardo automotive and Natalie Eva Marie

from muscle monster and the winner of

their $10,000 check in sixth place steve

coock low


thank you well done Steve from real one

proteins Chris chromic and from pure

protein Robbie Fusco with a check for

$15,000 for fifth place and the winner

of that tonight is roelly winklaar


congratulations Rowley from Olmecs Sarah

Fowler from Blackstone labs PJ Braun

fourth place a check for $30,000 their

fourth place winner tonight is cederick



well done Cedric presenting the third

place medal from Europa just in weeks

and from animal Kendall see right

$50,000 there's a new kid in town ladies

and gentlemen lewd sand Oh


gratulations Luke our second place metal

from VPX sports Phil Williams from Jan


we have Jan Tana $75,000 in second place

tonight ladies and gentlemen

William Banach

Thank You William presenting our

first-place award medal for $130,000

Midway Labs Carol Sawatzky and our

winner and new Arnold Classic champion

ladies and gentlemen yeah

Brandon hooray



so let's see it what made you so perfect

well my god is good good genetics man

good coaching coach Abdullah oxygen gym

battle mood I my wife supported me my

kids being here supported me I got the

best team in the world I got the best

team in the world that's that's that's

what you see but what did you do

physically okay they a lot of those

competitors have their wives here they

have their kids here if the coach is

here but what is the difference between

your training and their training what

did you train more did you train more

intensely or what was it or did opposed

more what when I speak of my team it's

like for those who don't know my wife is

totally cool with me going away for

weeks months at a time training in

Kuwait at oxygen gym with my coach

Abdullah and and just being pushed to

the limit focus on our body good and

100% I'd have never worried about

anything just those guys take care of me

my coaches with me every day cardio

weight training he's all in looking at

me every day and how much how much

training did you do every day when you

say every day I mean pretty much we have

one day arrest but pretty much every day

we're in the gym at least a couple hours

and then we don't that's not even

counting cardio so depending on how many

caught much cardio we're doing it of

course we do more to start less to

finish because we once we're in shape we

don't have to want to baby the body a

little bit you know and how much

practicing Digital deposing well the

practicing we pose every day I mean

every day we literally pose but two

times a week he really wants to look at


I came up housing right make sure

hitting all my shots right and then when

it comes to the routine it's a lot of

visualization it's a lot of feeling of

music and it's a lot of just making sure

you can see yourself and hitting those

shots and then when you go to practice

everything makes me it makes it easier

you know what's the percentage or that

has to do with diet versus training

that's it that's an even ballgame I mean

we're in this book because we like to

Train right that's why we're in this

sport right so most of that is easy but

when it comes to the discipline of diet

and that little farm tune adjustments

your coach looking over everything

seeing how your body responds to this

and that that makes the probably the

biggest difference when it comes to all

that all those all those types I'd like

to Train like to work out like to be in

the gym so that separates the gym rats

from the body boarders well thank you

very much you're a great champion and

this is a second our elastic 31 and

one-third we wanted in Australia Oh

Brazil toe that's right yeah well I

wasn't Brazil last time I was in a

hospital in 2013 yeah but it's not that

last year okay well congratulations

you look fantastic and II see you very

soon in Australia okay good see you bye

bye give him a big hand

come on now let me do a quick selfie

here and in a snapchat hold on a second


court ladies and gentlemen let's light

it up for winner Brandon Currie and

thank you I don't suppose they go we're

gonna bring the guys forward for you

group Friday you know ladies and

gentlemen it's got a message from back

home to say that the Arnold Classic live

stream right now is the number one

viewed thing on YouTube in the world

number one more people watching this

right now than anything else in the

world amazing we've had a great night

ladies and gentlemen on behalf of

everyone at the Arnold Classic thank you

and good night