MUST WATCH! CBS Introduction to the Army Navy Game! (2018)

so what does this mean exactly

I don't understand it's hard to explain

I'm sorry

I need where I'm gonna like it you're

sure about this

absolutely and what about us we still

stay in touch yeah do you know what

you're getting yourself into

I do

dad would be proud



choices at every step of our paths give

you a hand there would drive where we go

aside to where I'm going to be on a

school next year and the hardest choices

the ones that impact the most people a

Sabra do a little man talk what's up I

finally decided what I'm going to play

okay and embrace the most uncertainty

Navy like the military I'm going to West

Point they define our lives forever

the army mom and dad won't let this

happen they make this choice knowing all

the expectations knowing all the work

all the risk

actually we were kind of shocked because

he had never mentioned any interest in

the military before we couldn't make

this decision for him knowing what it

could come with that that's not an easy

decision it's not for the faint of heart

work as hard as you can never give up

that's the attitude they just decide

things differently they make different

decisions than normal kids mommy

believes this is the greatest country on


and we believe it too so that's why

we're here we all know how precious

spending time with them

so you give up that they're not yours

anymore they belong to the Navy you are

signing up to lay down your life for

someone else I just admire the ability

to make such a difficult choice much

much bigger than football

they don't come to these academies to be

recognized they don't make this choice

to be cheered but once a year there is a

chance to celebrate them the army-navy

game it's the grand sporting event in

the country it's very impressive I mean



we're basically all on the same

the healthy rivalry

but it's Rob but it's so much bigger

than football

there's pageantry and there's passion

there's history and there are memories

but there's also a game to watch and a

chance to celebrate the choice they've

made I can be loud though so get ready


well did you matter from Nigeria I

wasn't have fun then but I'm the biggest

fan now all along throughout their life

you're trying to guide them and he just

are overwhelmed with pride he's always

been good about keeping an eye out for

others and it's pretty much over Liz's

life my pride isn't the type of person

he is his choices have taught us things

yeah your heart and soul part

sacrificing for the country is a big

deal to him also it makes me happy it

makes my heart smile he's there he's

willing to give it all for everybody

else and I mean how many parents can say

that about their kids oh maybe not what

they've chosen to sacrifice to dedicate

to serve it takes a different kind of

kid to commit to this path now today in

a football game

celebrate the courage of every man and

woman ever to make that commitment this

is Army Navy