BREAKING: Trump does coin toss at Army-Navy football game



to the sideline

into the weight into the weight


good join me as we ask a blessing

on this day on our land

almighty god forgave and sustainers here

at the end of an

incredibly difficult year we stopped for

a moment to focus

on the joy of america's name and ask

your blessings

first blessed this day as we recognize

him as a gift

we did not make the sunrise we do not

make the earth turn

but we see the light and we feel the

wind and we're thankful we're not

enjoying the right

lords with this gift

but soon in the days ahead you may ask

them to deploy to a field of battle

that we as a nation humbly learn the

lesson that is being played before us by

the cadets and midshipmen today

that we as a nation even as we strive

our ultimately upon one team

and only through our dedication to the

truth only through our discipline to do

what is right

and only through our sacrificial service

to others and we have our hope

to appear over the challenges that may

lie before us

and so lord bless this day

bless this game and lord god bless




and now please remain standing for the

presentation of our nation's colors

and performance of our national manpower

performed jointly today by the glee

clubs of the united states military


and the united states naval academy




















ladies and gentlemen please direct your

attention to midfield for today's flight


and welcome from army sideline

acting secretary of defense the

honorable bliss

steve miller secretary of the army

the honorable brian d mccarthy

chairman of the joint chiefs of staff

general mark



general james c mcconville

sergeant major of the army michael


united states military academy


lieutenant general daryl a williams

and united states military academy

command sergeant major

michael coffey from navy sideline

secretary of the navy the honorable

kenneth braithwaite



david operations

admiral michael mike hilde


navy russell l smith united states naval

academy superintendent

vice admiral sean buck yeah

and for today's going to the 45th


of the united states

my name is duane this atlantic is

conference joining us today is a very

special guest

it's my honor to introduce emmanuel


as president of the united states of


donald trump

navy logo that represents heads on the

other side

is the fighting stage game stadium that

represents tales

what is your selection sales is called

mr president

they're just good as fans