Fortnite Save the world how to find Acade Machines

here daily things to the 36 arcades

right six and I really got to I'm gonna

tell you a certain spot where you can

always always will always find arcades

always so you got to not be lazy like

someone I know hon David you're David

baby oh my car you faked all right so

first you're gonna go here and you're

I'm frickin mad me go to stone wood

stone would go here words to survival

mission in the city

I would go here what I like doing so if

I see my teammates are doing the mission

yourself then that's just what I do I

just chilled like go on YouTube just

collect research or just collect

resources after I came on our case you

know so yeah that's good to know

alright so what you gotta do when you

doing the mission wait for it to load

then you started and you're gonna show

you trick to sometimes I say I'll do

underground place where response and

like part of like four or three not sure

if it's this map but I know there's

always gonna be our case in here what

I'll call me what location that's how

you me alright so after it loads

oh wait fraid you way free can't wait

for why my god you're being annoying I'm


alright cuz it's to that alright so when

you're here oh you know what did this

the trigger let's go until you always

run close to buildings like this and on

your mini-map if you will see like your


we feed them with that's an arcade or a

different mission you're in danger

Martha God gave David

Oh Miku

what you said something David oh my god

I'm gonna lie what you saying alright so

you run next to building

Nikki I'm recording [ __ ] at all right

nobody in there's one [ __ ] I say I'm

about to record alright so I'm just keep

running that two buildings looking for

the yellow question mark but I know

there's a certain spice thing is this

one in front of me or that's not the one

in front I'm going you're gonna you know

the swimming pool there's always a

swimming pool on the swimming pool just

like in one or two arcade and you might

be like that's just once pretty good

thing about it it's better than getting

nothing boom believe this mission

then I hate when it's like like this if

we got off your kid how many survival

you're almost big fat can you get in

chicken what's good

I'm a big fan can you get Instagram them

now I'm to get into cam for you my


oh yeah right here this woman's clothes

right there you guys you see it here let

me open some maps I never know where it

is so it's always gonna be on this side

of the mat with fun names medical things

how much meadow you have baby wasted all

of it or not have to open some more

going to get some free oh no you could

get too much sleep then I get some free

so you can make more and I need help i

need help with you the person

trance-like okay I can help you with

traps because I need resources to get

read like any RAC look you see on the

mini-map guys you can see the question

marks I don't know what is code to be

honest but it's yellow question mark

seemed to me map next to my where I am

yeah that's the thing right there sorry

kid alright shut up

I heard you kid alright so you break

wine that's four I already have four all

right guys see there's always gonna be

one in this mission every time when I

come to this mission there's always this

wonderful all right now what you're

gonna do after this just keep going next

to build things hold on please see the

question what do you want me to help you

with your with your homepage because I

recently four knots in boats I can hook

here we tried to think yeah I know but

like galleys try together like this is

what you could've do listen like for

real David says what I do I'm always

destroying machines

anything the trucks not symbolic this


anything that rubs rusty parts don't

like they're for traps

cuz I need everyone getting back down

metal and right now I'm looking for

arcades I know I'm not gonna find more

but oh yo there is more see guys see

always got next to buildings they're

gonna find them just one by three in

this mission it's the same mission we

always do but you're a lazy little kid

that never does seem obvious a are you


are you lucky biggest Ryan finished a

mission right now and let's just get the

middle why you want to doing didn't you

complete your daily already I'm trying

to play bad if I could get the black

night or a baby so if I love all a bunch

I'm Mike I might get a feeling faster

guys you know what I'm gonna do for you

guys I'm gonna shut up how much you guys

are watching what I'm gonna do I'm uh

I'm uh Steven I [ __ ] him to start the

floor and see if I still can collect the

the arcade so you guys won't have to go

to the tribe board thinking about if you

can't alright I want to start the floor

I haven't hit the arcade let's see if

they work alright let's sit right here

oh I got it David works

you're David here and you know wait let

me say one more thing guys so if you

guys want you see an art K you ain't

trying to go inside look all over the

house just a story everything at the

bottom so everything to fall off so it

damage isn't you still getting the


all right David I - well guys only we

fish guys if you like this video to

forget to people

drive in check out my homies Canada

generally not in the subscription all

right later guys