Apollo 1 Capsule Camera Test

I have a guy who won't waste water tanks

before they Larry go Roger they should

be topped off let me make a check out

that he is I've got both yes could you

do you know the condition of our

affordable and waste tank Roger they're

both full check meant to feed you a

check here bill ready to begin that

check up a boy crow say again plays

ready to begin check off a flight crew

Roger let's start with commander Roger

bailar bar down and lock check nickering

lock check tie down cross back check

biomed communication spitting lock

carrot check blue and let's secure the

lock check reading sauce secure the lock

to check blue wrist Hispanic in lock

check redress disconnect in lock check

zipper closed snap check boots if buckle

check let's proceed with systems

engineer Roger get our bar down on lock

neck ring lock check tie down cross back

check biomethane communication secure

the logic blue in let's secure the lock

check red exhaust secure the lock blue

is disconnect in lock check disconnect

in lock check zipper closes snap

check boots check navigator the other

bar down and locked

nickering lock tie-down ropes back check

medication secure the lock blue and

let's secure the lock ready secure the

lock to rank below the canister there

and so offer you'll be hearing it

warning this completes the navigators


we'll move on to the systems engineer

verify every thought the following leave

that mother in here all right on panel

number 1302 surge tank pressure meter

could you report the value

your right hand left hand I'll here DP

can you swing up on panel 13 overhead


okay we're 650 I'm okay I'm just barely

reading you the h2o accumulator bowed

Auto number one h2o accumulator manual

initiative off the center position suit

evaporator manual h2o indicator waste a

glycol evaporator h2o flow off center

position do I call the vibrator back

pressure mode man down glycol evaporator

back pressure temp control off center

position a glycol evaporator tamping

auto off cabin tap mode Auto cabin and

thumb wheel we've got into the number-5

position TV would you like to maintain

the number five position our probe on to

watch Roger GC

okay we'll maintain that in number five

position on panel number 23 floodlights

rheostat primary bright three secondary

turned off

you can dim those lights down if it's a

more acceptable as long as we can still

pick it up on television panel number 22

circuit breakers all in there all in

cabin air fan number one on cabin air

fan number two on PS glycol pup-pup 281

on panel number 21 suit compressor

compressor 181 ECS radiator 1a on what

be on to a on to be on DD one maybe one

go hip will take the information here or

recording there a point 32 and a

procedure Roger to 680 empty one go

ahead MCC one station that GS GS DC what

is our concentration now on oxygen 99%

in verified by GA commander would you

close the o2 metering valve now GA give

me a call out if it approaches 95% is

that on that's on the oxygen is that G

or G is G a G is whoever spots 95 first

dd1 Roger to see let's pick it up P 422

a to be that is over spilling rid of the

night inches water Roger

P 428 to be it's also or scale greater

than I did order P 4 1780 to be it's

also overspill Roger that's probably due

to the boost of the o2 metering valve P

sub Z 401 K S Plus 4.2 inches of water P

401 402 that's 18 point 2 inches order P

408 to 4:30 thirteen point two inches of

water P 417 15.2 pa e 603 14 point 8

p.m. a

201 a 914 psi T four one six 55 degrees

F T 603 seventy three point five degrees

F T one one to forty seven point zero

degrees F T 1 100 forty six point zero

degrees F e20 for 118 point 8 psi a key

to one five thirty nine point four psi a

t40 five ninety six point five degrees f

@w 101 272 pounds for our key 101

thirty-seven point two psi T 101 seventy

point five degrees F key 103

seventy point zero degrees F

go ahead CD WG 5 degrees station WG GG

when you reduce the inlet temperature to

the capsule from 39 to 34 degrees Roger

will notify you soon as it gets there


could you slide down a little in your

couch we're not able to see on the

faceplate or just that's it okay we've

got some apps at the top here for it

okay that's looking a lot better

commander do you think you could reach

up at the television camera and tilt it

up a bit

that's pretty rigid okay we fly like we

are stationed WG let me know when you

have 34 degrees on the line of the

capsule Roger the temperature is

dropping now well notify you Roger

an ETS Tech will you take a last look

around the interior to capsule and then

secured a test capsule hatch

navigator could you check the pan and

tilt and see if it still has a light on

it check what the pan and tilt camera oh

yeah that's a nice bike it's still there

our Roger thank you

ECS let me know when you have secured

the door

and I'll be down on podium

DC the CCS go ahead EEZs a story secured