iPhone 7 cellular antenna/ screen replacement

alright guys today we have an iPhone 7

that is has a cracked screen obviously

and they're claiming that the reception

keeps dropping like it says searching

and they've done every software thing

they possibly can so they want me to put

a new room so you learnt a minute

so this is our cellular antenna that

we're gonna put in there this is on

iPhone 7 now we're gonna replace the

screen as well we also check out this in

tenancy well we think might be good

because I think they tried everything

stopped everything and nothing down here

at the bottom there's gonna be two

pentalobe screws you're gonna take these

out I already have well you're gonna

take out these two pentalobe screws at

the bottom now you're gonna take your

heat gun or hair dryer whatever you have

and you're gonna heat around the corners

of this iPhone 7 you're gonna go to the

top to the touch I mean we can really

damage those it anymore

Sartain broke and then you're gonna take

your pry tool it's just a little small

tool and you're gonna start prying at

the bottom and around the sides you're

gonna come over up the top i'ma side you

gonna do the exact same thing all the

way up through the clock once you do

that you're gonna lift up on the bottom

and you're gonna wiggle it out and it's

gonna have a gap up here and you're

gonna go up here with your pry tool and

say ya'll said he said loose once you

get that at least and he said loose you

put all of it and it should open up just

like a book now you're gonna take your Y

screwdriver you're gonna move one two

three four screws on this battery plate

when you lay these out try to write in

exactly how you're put them in it'll

just make it a lot easier when you're

putting it back in there and Boyd any

kind of long screw damage there we go

sometimes when you ripped us off it's

kind of glued to the battery and the

battery cable would come off just like I

did right there that battery cable came

off so I wasn't having trouble a little

thing holds the screw in with loose all

right so you gonna pop that loose you

can take your fingernail or plastic pry

tool and you're just gonna get

underneath this table and lift it up

anything right here just getting this

cable messed it up when you have those

lift it up now we're gonna go up here to

the camera part you're gonna move two

screws these are gonna be your regular

Phillips screws we'll go back to our

regular screwdriver you can remove these

two screws and watch the game with the

plastic foil your fingernail just lift

this little cover out of way and then

pull up on your table once you do that

you can release the screen there's some

that he said on the sides you can pull

that off there's some stays that's fine

it'll kind of help when you put the

screen back down can't hold it a little

better so you don't take it off too much

now we're gonna get under this antenna

let's know you learn into them and we're

gonna go ahead and replace it first you

can tell this antenna is right here

sorry it's right here and it looks like

according to this it connects to this

there's two little connectors are here

it connects to this top one am I go

ahead and move this group

and then see if I can lift up on this

table little connector there we go down

at least sometimes you have to take out

like the whole motherboard I'm hoping I

don't have to this is the first time

I've replaced the antenna on this

particular home we're gonna go down here

for right now we're gonna unscrew and

screw the hole down engine let's go is

gonna be like that one yet in there

that's I'm screwing out like okay that's

out I guess technically we didn't have

to unscrew this screw over here we're

gonna go ahead and put back I know now

look at this antenna and see how we need

to pull it off

you're gonna do

it's really hard to tell there's like a

tiny bit of gray right there or maybe it

was bent but other than that the antenna

doesn't really look horrible that's just

the only thing I can see it was like a

little band where I could see a little

bit of the inside of the little cable

that runs in there so hopefully that was

what was causing him to lose reception

so we're gonna go ahead and careful if

you have to pull it out of all these

bags this part is a little bit sticky it

sticks in that bag and you ripped you

hard you might just rip the whole it

would make a square one there's two

little holes on this antenna right there

right there I'm gonna make sure these

holes line up just right

first they're sent to the now cuz I was

thinking push it down good go ahead


if you can get under this just push it

back your name the same thing right here

you can put it back in there and then

this actually goes over here sorry I'm

not real good for the camera you know is

that right over the little connecting

push it down so you hear a little click

you know a little creek that's in place

we're gonna go ahead and go back to the

screen now I always like to start at the

home button gonna be one two three four

screws oh why screwdriver I think it's

called a tri wing screwdriver but

basically why I have about three of

these just in case the one kind of

starts to get a little dull Bart's

eating that one you can swap back and

forth um right here this little home

button connector music that my

fingernail on the bottom you lift the

top up like that now this is the most

important part I think of this whole

repair it's what you're gonna do is

you're gonna get underneath this cable

put pressure against the actual plastic

frame and try to get underneath this

cable and just gently rise it up what

happens a lot I've seen where people get

it you want to get some tweezers that

are like this that are not sharp you get

tweezers in a sharp and it cuts into

this cable and if you mess up the home

button cable and your home button is

basically non-existent you can't replace

it unless you send it to Apple so be

careful now we're going to the side

there's one two three on the side we're

still using the trial my screwdriver

flip it over one two three on the side

these are all the same size um

screwdriver seen countless permanent


you don't have to organize these very

well you just wanna make sure they're in

the power you know where is a pair we're

gonna remove these one two three four

five six now these most of these are

different sizes so you do want to make

sure when you take these out we're going

back to our bakery screwdriver you make

sure when you take these out then you

can line them up and lay them out

exactly how they are mr. deejay like I

said they are all basically different

size screws you don't wanna cause any

long screw damage and a little table

over there now this is this speaker

there's nine times

so that's inside if you lay it with your

screws is gonna attract all your screws

and before you know it all your screws

are together and you better know a lot

holy went in the hole part of us laying

them out with basic way for nothing I

hear I'm just trying to get underneath


there's cable it's got a little gold

circles on it and then I lift it up no

one figured out I go okay to the

proximity sensor and I pull on this I

know sometimes it comes out like that

sometimes it doesn't so I'll go from

this way and then what you do that you

wanna go back to this standard Standa

Neath and then same thing you're gonna

kind of put pressure on the plastic for

the frame and then just gently lift up

when you lift up this should just come

right off so there's that nice thing I

do is just take off the heat shield

sometimes stuck down here a little bit

she shoulders pretty brutal so if you've

ended any make sure you kind of flex it

back there's our screen let's go ahead

and get one of our replacement screens

you laid us on top holes

once I holder lined up you can go ahead

and that little pile your head earlier

since you were doing the side once get

started taking some screws from that

pile Smith a high wing screwdriver why

screwdriver should be three on each side

he's gonna kill me there's this little

piece of metal right here you just want

to kind of put it behind your cables I'm

a little more of a close up here in a

second so you see it it's okay some that

I have seen some of these are out in

front man I don't think is really gonna

do any damage but I mean it's there for

a reason it's gotta be why would they

make it so just do it right like that I

think if you forget it it's not gonna

mess up your screen or anything but

you're gonna do it do it right

home button coming from the bottom push

it up slide it up on there there's a

little hole just like everything went up

and Kenna it's gonna make sure that hold

fits down there and then we're just

gonna snap the home button on show you a

little quick want to do that lay back

our shield screwing our four screws

I witness grow anything this is grant oh

you feel some resistance you don't wanna

sometimes you got to push on the home

button on this one from the other side

no one I overdo it um you just want to

push you just want to screw it in so you

feel a bit of resistance and then just

leave it alone don't over screw it now

up here will not take our camera

everything there's gonna be there's two

holes right here you're basically just

gonna line these two holes up push these

little gold prongs down and you're gonna

come up here to the top and the

proximity sensors as little square and

on the frame there's a little square

holder if this thing goes in and

sometimes when they give it a screen

then little grey holder is kind of a

little bit crooked so you have to kind

of tilt it a little bit but you just

want to hear it kind of snap and I like

everything else there's a speaker of

gold prongs at the bottom I mean when

you're on ease - pick her up on the

holes you really can't put it in there

long eleena's cover a little top

Nadia speaker is magnetized so I mean

how many way you're trying to put these

screws in they'll kind of go they'll

kick off to the side or whatever only

because of that magnetism you got on the

speaker so just kind of take your time

and just keep trying anything don't

screw these in too hard just takes a

little bit of resistance oh we just kind

of look at it make sure it looks flash

of those these down here to be touching

you really can't see them but at the top

is for us the bottom usually is too so

we're gonna start connecting this back I

always do the camera connection first

usually hear a click I'm really hear a

click but I can tell that today I'm not

gonna mess up anymore

and here we're gonna start a click and

this one does anything is gonna listen

for a click there we go I'm go ahead and

connect the power now we're gonna lay it


I've always screw in the final screws

see if we can power it on and then kind

of test the screen out a little bit just

give her a minute the powder on make

sure the home button is what kind of

touch is working there's something's not

working we can reconnect it never stays

on this Apple logo for an extended

period of time and you're just waiting

for it to load up load up load up more

than likely something to do with the

home button was not connected right so

take it off reconnect home button

sometimes they could be in a camera too

so make sure that that's pushed down as

well this one came on right now it's not

letting to touch it so we could have an

issue with the touch the digitizer I had

it before where the phone's just turned

on and just takes on a minute for us to

kind of weren't snaps mouth touching

that's working

Christ looks like it's working

there's a cricket LTE so we have service

we got three bars out of four so they're