starting to use some as a secret code

that we as parents can't necessarily

figure out often it's a combination of

emojis like a face with a zipper along

with a couple this could mean don't tell

your parents what we're going to do if

it's a fox

just a simple Fox emoji that can mean

let's go sneak out of the house now they

can get darker as well a skull arrow and

a flame that can be someone and say to

someone I hope you die in a fire now as

parents we can look at is we have no

idea but this can obviously lead to

cyber bullying and cyber experts say

predators online may use some of these

codes as a way to begin communication

with young people and they say you have

to tell your kids you want to look at

their phones and talk to them about some

of this stuff again so the most basic

apps can have secret meanings so we'll

put Matt Lord's to the test here for

instance if I text you a flower what

would you think that's a hibiscus flower

I don't know if that makes a difference

I have no idea without this could mean

drugs or really some drugs yeah let's

take a look at another one here just a

frog hop on over to my place like that's

a good yeah it could be that but to some

kids and the code this could mean you're

ugly I'm telling you you're ugly by

using this frog and it'll kind of frog

to a bowling yeah but yeah and then the

eyes I'm watching you and outside we're

boys watching you right Enemy 1 yeah but

this is getting into the sexting area

this can also mean send me pictures of

you naked

oh my kind of conserving these are

things that we don't even comprehend the

kids could be doing using emojis on

their phone