hi guys welcome to we film things today

we want to talk to you about five things

that you need to know before you travel

to the Amalfi Coast in Italy so we're in

a weird location today we're on the roof

of our flat and London that's making his

siren and that's because it's really hot

lessly and it's the only way to stay

cool so sorry about the background noise

well we're not going to cover in this

video is all the stuff that you can find

elsewhere on the Internet things will

tell you to go to Vesuvius go to pop a

with the Naples or Vesta we're not going

to cover that instead we're going to

cover what we think are the kind of top

five insider tips because we've just

been to the Amalfi Coast so get ready

for that the first tip is eat and eat a

lot now I know we said that we're not

going to talk about the most obvious

things and Italy and food just go hand

in hand so it is the most obvious thing

but what we just mentioned some of the

foods that are specific to the area of

the Gulf of Naples and the Amalfi Coast

so firstly you have pizza in Naples

now Naples is a home of Pisa and the

pieces are really is just the best in

the world so make sure you have some

second thing is lemon the whole of the

Sorrento area is known

lemons and lemon trees to shove anything

with lemons in it so I include lemonade

lemon cello lemons on days granita which

is basically fluttery with fresh lemon

juice in them

pasta with lemon sources if anything

with lemon there is amazing because the

lemons are so juicy so sweet and just


that's the noise you make when it

doesn't make sense when they say like if

you guys insulted I'm your mama

recent means winning first thing that

area a slightly further inland from the

Gulf of Naples is the home of buffalo

mozzarella believe it or not so make

sure you get some of the good stuff I

also have it really plain and a caprese

salad just admitted but a basil a bit of

olive oil

obviously that whole area is on the

coast the seafood is amazing express

it's delicious we were lucky enough to

stay in a place called villa Walter

where the lady who owns the villa cooked

for us every night and she made Liz's

bungalow with his clams and we had fresh

fish we just ate the best food and just

like we've never eaten so well before in

our entire lives

I think we'll link the place down below

yeah if you ever want to stay that way

that peace and the views incredible

okay so the second tip for the Amalfi

Coast is to do everything you can

by sea so you can travel around the

Amalfi Coast by Road I wouldn't

recommend it though for a fair number of

reason those roads are really narrows

with a hard drive

secondly they get pretty clogged up

during the day so you can't really get

anywhere very fast a third of all is

really hot and you're not going to see

the best in the Amalfi Coast the best

thing about the Amalfi Coast is the

landscapes and the best landscapes are

seen from the sea so what we did was we

bear a group of private tools around

automotive boats with some other people

and that was really cool we were on is

really beautiful make those kind of

playing fooling around the kind of code

seeing supports on site we stopped off

at some swim locations to which is

really really cool I'm just going to

continue like here Marco I advanced you

can you can also take the ferries if you

want to be kind of on a bigger boat

which is a-rockin we can hire your and

shuttle side charter your own boat and I

think that's pretty cool we did do that

but if we went back that's why I think

we do although I think it'd be quite

terrifying we had a few like kind of

determine exactly modes of transport as

our third tip is don't expect speeches

so you think of Italy you think of

lounging around by the seaside in the

Sun which you can do but just don't

expect sandy beaches it's a rocky coast

it's basically the entire posted a cliff

the beaches that are there are all

man-made they're usually quite crowded

you should expect to pay for them as

well you have to place ones grill

take some seats to sit on two and you

can only pay by the day

I can't Baker our I think that really

goes around to talk about so his work

bringing of each talent last event

defiantly I would recommend going on the

boats anger and swimming off off the

coasts and things like that because then

you have access to sort of more private

areas where you can do swimming rather

than going to the beaches like in

Sorrento and Capri and stuff so one

thing that you definitely learn from

Alfea was to try and stay away from the

beaten track so we hear what the

tourists type things which were we went

to Sorrento we went to see how the name

of Capri positano amalfi they were

pretty nice but they were full tourists

with being additional tours that quite

touristy restaurants very narrow streets

quite hot that's good in some respects

because you're on holiday in her aspect

it wasn't really al Kuwaiti one of the

big advantages of going by boat with

actually you could scout out of quite a

few places that were off the beaten

track so we saw some really cool rock

formations when I called lighthouses for

example some bridges that people were

jumping off enough codes as well so I

would recommend is if you are loading a

strip and you're a bit more adventurous

spend some time exploring by yourself so

that we might be getting a boat to a

certain place and getting your scooter

and driving out or it might be going for

a hike or it might be just having your

own boat and going on the places you

went previously on where your toes


okay so the last point in towards making

Valley Mountain Coast is just how

inclusive it is a holiday destination

there yeah there are plenty of people

who are our age you are going on like

party boats and staying in hostels and

stuff but there's also like hikes that

you can do you can hike up to the

Soviets you can see the mullet and stuff

like that just lovely folks we would

want these people we're definitely not

the two we were there with my baby

pictures okay

yeah we're in my two year old sister if

you like refused but then like equally

lends itself to families with young

children or the older people who might

want to have a more chilled out holiday

and do you think it is very accessible

nice place - so um you can pretty much

get transport anywhere you don't walk a

lot or walk a lot of things because

there's usually lift actually too high

off of the cliffs and things like that

so as we mentioned it's quite accessible

you know

however physically able you are alright

guys thank you for watching this video

about the Amalfi Coast if it committed

you to check out the Amalfi Coast can

you do that no we really love to know

our stuff and also what them I found it

if you have any other additional tips to

add to our five then yeah we'd like to

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one can this new that I tried to warn

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