How to Replace your Air Filter

hey guys today I'm going to show you how

to change the air filter in this case

it's going to be a 2001 pause to be

three thousand but somebody is asking

how to change the air filter in a car

here's what I got very similar on all

makes and models so if you could follow

this you could probably change it on

yours it's a first step find the hood

release pop the hood might be over here

might be under here could be over here

depends on your vehicle you could always

check the owner's manual so then you

just find a little slot in here press it

sideways and lift up it's how you open

your hood and now to locate the air

filter this is the air filter it's

usually connected to a box which goes

into a long tube so the air gets sucked

in through here goes through the mass

airflow sensor goes through into the

throttle body into your engine mixes

with fuel and explodes so a lot of cars

you don't even need tools to change the

air filter if you do it it might be just

a flathead screwdriver

and in this case I don't think I'm going

to eat tools just click there click

there shake

with this up and you can see this is

really dirty and dusty and it's pretty

dirty in there so I'm going to go clean

this out and this filter it's not bad

but I could definitely use a new one

it's about two years old and I do a lot

of off-roading in the dust and stuff so

I'm going to vacuum this out get all the

dust out of here

so as I'm cleaning this box out make

sure that the seal around the edge here

is nice and clean so when you put the

new filter on it'll go on without

leaving any gaps so I'm going to try

this filter it was only five more

dollars than a regular Fram filter which

Fram sucks so it's an oiled filter comes

pre oiled it's lifetime warranty

supposedly it's performance one so now

with everything all cleaned out grab

your nice new filter and this part is

going to go down just like the old one

so you can watch how the how do you take

the old one out is how you gonna put the

new one in so it goes in just like this

make sure that's nice and flat all that

and you can see here there's three

prongs that go into there you're going

to want to tilt your airbox back and

push them into those prongs and then

these just click in so you push down

just click those two in give it a pull

check the gaps no gaps and you're good

to go so you just changed your air

filter so comment like and subscribe

I'll let you know how this air filter

works later on see if I get any

improvements in MPGs or anything I'll

put up a bunch of videos here you can

click on these are all how-to videos

that I've done in the past and there

will be more to come