How to Figure Out Adjusted Gross Income - TurboTax Tax Tip Video

Hello, I’m Lisa Lewis, CPA from Turbo Tax

with important information on how to figure out what your adjusted gross income is.

You’ve probably heard the term many times,

but do you know how to calculate your adjusted gross income,

or AGI as it’s commonly referred to--or even why it’s necessary?

Every tax return form will include a line that reports your AGI;

however, the calculation can be a little different depending on the form you use.

When filing your taxes on Form 1040,

the last line of the first page will report your AGI—

which is equal to your gross income minus the deductions

listed in the “Adjusted Gross Income” section.

These deductions—which are also known as “adjustments to income",

can change each tax year, but commonly they cover

payments for alimony, job-related moving expenses

and student loan interest.

Adjustments to income don’t, however, include the standard deduction,

itemized deductions or personal and dependent exemptions.

Instead, you claim these items on the second page

of the 1040 to calculate your taxable income.

When using the 1040A form to prepare your tax return,

the IRS limits the types of adjustments to income that you can claim.

The available deductions will also vary each year,

but generally, only a fraction of the adjustments

on the 1040 are available on the 1040A.

And if you file your tax return on the 1040EZ,

the form doesn’t allow you to claim any adjustments at all.

As a result, your AGI is always the same as your total income.

Although every tax form reports your AGI, in most cases,

it’s not significant unless the IRS uses it as a threshold

amount to determine your eligibility for a tax benefit,

such as a deduction or credit.

For example, if you plan on taking the child tax credit,

your AGI cannot exceed the amount for your filing status;

otherwise, you cannot take the credit.

When you file with TurboTax,

we’ll ask you simple questions and do all the math to determine your AGI for you.

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