How to Add AdBlock in Google Chrome

hey welcome back to another tutorial in

this video we're going to learn how to

add the ad blocker into your Google the

Google Chrome and by doing that you'll

be able to block all the ads on YouTube

on other websites so for doing that all

you have to do go to Google and write

down the word Google extension as you

write down the word Google extensions go

to Chrome Web Store and in here search

the ad block and best as you search out

adblock best


you come across this ad blocker called

ad blocker best ad blocker this is the

best in actual sense it's the best ad

blocker available so all you have to do

is go on to click Add to Chrome and add

extension and as you have added the

extension you will have this download

link in here and you will get to the

website down here and your ad block is

installed now now you can see it this

way this is your ad block you can pause

on this there are a few options you can

pause on this site which means you'll be

able to pause on this side you can be

able to pause on all sides which means

the ads will be running or if you want

to keep it blocked leave it as it is

it's blocking ads and you won't be

seeing any ads on any other side and our

youtube so if you find this video

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we'll see you in another video keep

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