✅ How To Check Target Gift Card Balance 🔴


hey welcome back guys so today on this

video we are talking about Target Gift

Cards and more specifically we're gonna

show how to check your balance for your

Target store gift cards so let's go

ahead and talk about this first off so I

want to let you know these are Target

store gift cards not to be confused with

the target Visa gift cards or Target

MasterCard gift cards these particular

target cards that we're talking about

today can only be used inside the Target

store or on the target website and

that's what we're gonna show how to

check your balance on these things but

why would you want to check your balance

well maybe you got one of these for

Christmas or maybe the holidays or

possibly a birthday and maybe the person

who gave you the Target gift card didn't

actually fill out the dollar portion or

how much it's for so we're gonna go

ahead and check that guys this is a

really quick video not a lot of steps

involved so stick around first off what

you want to do is go to this website

right here target comm forward slash

gift cards if you can't remember it

either check my video description I'll

try to leave a referral link there or

you can easily just flip the card over

and it is typed in the back there it's

just really hard to see though but I can

assure you it is there you can also call

to through the 1-800 number that's on

the back of the card I don't really like

to do that just cuz automated systems

are kind of annoying to me sometimes so

I usually just go to the website once

you go to that website this is the

screen that's gonna pop up it should be

gift cards right here and as you can see

it's not real easy to see where you

would check your balance for your Target

gift card I can assure you it's there

what you want to do is scroll down a

little bit just a little bit and you'll

see this section right here Target Gift

Cards help what you want to do is click

on this section right here check your

balance I'm gonna click there now

alright once you're there what you want

to do is go ahead and enter your Target

gift card number that's on the back of

the target card now the Target gift card

number will be underneath this little

scratching portion so if you're buying

this card for somebody don't buy one

that's already scratched off because

that's gonna include the gift card

number and also the access number so I'm

a scratch mine off and then enter that

in off screen now alright guys I went

ahead and scratched it off and then as

you can see right here you can see the

card number and the access number I'm

not going to show you the actual card

because I don't what you guys swiping my

money but I did go ahead and add the

information in right here next this red

button pops up right here called check

balance I'm gonna click there now

alright next the screen pops up and it

shows that this card this gift card has

a $5 balance for

Target Gift Card so looks like whoever

sent me this money probably didn't like

me too much because they only gave me a

little bit of target money but that's

okay never look a gift horse in the

mouth so there you have it that is how

you check your balance for your Target

gift cards if you happen to know an

easier way be sure to leave a comment

below let the rest of us know how you

did it hopefully you found the video

useful if so click thumbs up or maybe

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hope to see on the next video thanks

again for watching