ACC tournament canceled, Florida State named champions & given automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament

and unknown enemy worldwide with the

coronavirus we don't know entirely what

that means for the future we have been

in constant deliberations and

discussions within the Atlantic Coast

Conference with our presidents and our

athletics directors for weeks we've also

been in numerous conversations with

appropriate health officials through

this trying to make the right decisions

for our team's our our students you the

fans to do what's right as we move

forward after a recent discussion of

about 15 minutes ago with our presidents

and athletics directors again the league

has made a decision to end this year's

Atlantic Coast Conference men's

basketball tournament as of today it's

tough to say those words for these young

men that are on the floor that would be

continuing to play it's tough to say

those words for you fans that are in the

stands for the media covering this great

event but we believe that it's the right

decision to make at this particular

point in time you can ask why was it not

made sooner it's a fair question the

answer is that it's an extraordinarily

fluid situation with information coming

to us that changes I used to say you can

buy by the week then I said by the day

and now I say by the hour so hopefully

we're doing the right thing in the

context of this great country of ours

and in the context of intercollegiate


so thank you for your understanding

therefore and I appreciate the class of

the Clemson Tigers being on the floor

right now because they


when I spoke with Coach Brownell his

immediate reaction was we want to be on

the floor wouldn't expect anything less

because he's a class person and he's

part of the class University and the

class program so Brad and the Clemson

Tigers thank you

that we usually give two trophies during

this basketball season one goes to the

regular season champion one goes to the

tournament champion and a hue to the

NCAA Florida State University has had an

absolutely tremendous basketball season

to this point if there is an NCAA

tournament and we hope there will be I

can't assure you that there will be the

Florida State Seminoles will be the

Atlantic Coast Conference aqu and will

represent this great conference in every

conceivable positive way because of the

leadership at the end of that bench

Leonard Hamilton the ACC this year is a

ACC coach of the year for the third time

I believe Leonard if that's correct and

we appreciate you guys the year that

you've had and hopefully you'll have the

opportunity to represent the Atlantic

Coast Conference is our champion going

forward and we've got a trophy here

somewhere I'm not strong enough to hold

a microphone and a trophy so guys take

later come on up here the Florida State

Seminoles Atlantic Coast Conference

men's basketball champions 2020 for the

Atlantic Coast Conference