What is the Bottomless Pit? Bible Questions with Michael Pearl - Episode 073


alright here we are to answer your

question Jarrett has the questions I

haven't seen them I'm gonna hear them

the first time just like you are right

now what's the first question jury in

the book of Revelation it speaks of a

bottomless pit could you please explain

this alright let's go to the chalkboard

here if you will now my mind is poor so

a lot of verses I will refer to that I

can't give you the reference immediately

but the Bible speaks of of Hell as down

like this down the Bible speaks of

sinners as descending into the

bottomless pit

it speaks of Devil's coming up out of

the pit all you need to do is get you

concordance look up it and you'll find

all these verses now the Bible speaks of

the gates of Hell place of opening and

then it also speaks in addition to the

bottomless pit it speaks of a lake of

fire and it speaks of outer darkness so

in the Book of Isaiah

it speaks of those who are on the sides

of the pit the Damned and then it speaks

in the Book of Luke chapter 16 of the

rich man dying and being buried and he

lifted up his eyes being in torment and

he saw Abraham afar off and Lazarus in

his bosom and he said father Abraham

send Lazarus over to dip his finger in

water and cool my tongue from tormented

in this flame and Abraham said son

between you and us Abraham was in what's

called Abraham's bosom

or paradise and the rich man was in the

pit on the sides of the pit in torment

in flames in fire Abraham on his side

was not in flames or in fire and so

Abraham said there's a great gulf that

separates us and those of us on this

side which would cross over to you

cannot and those of you on that side

cannot cross over so he said we are

physically prevented from bringing any

of our water over to the side where you

are now when when the Bible said that

when Christ died he that ascended into


first descended into the lower parts of

the earth is in Ephesians maybe chapter

5 descended into the lower parts of the

earth it said he led captivity captive

and gave gifts unto men and then it said

many of the saints which slept in the

earth were seen walking around on the

earth during the time after Christ's

resurrection before his ascension into

heaven and then he took with him those

that were raised took with him into

heaven and they will come back with him

at his second coming now why is it a

bottomless pit it's a bottomless pit

because if you have in space a doughnut

a planet that's a doughnut an asteroid

that's a doughnut and another object is

floating near by gravitational forces

are going to pull the two together now

where would the small object end up

attracted to this doughnut it would end

up in the middle without touching the

doughnut in the hole because that's the

center of the gravitational pull now it

would gyrate there in that center

sequence seeking equilibrium as the mass

changed in structure and in size or

volume or shape

as it moved throughout space now there

is a pit that leads into the heart of

the earth

it's called bottomless because it has

two openings it goes all the way through

the earth like this and has gates and

bars that get can be locked and in the

middle of it is the lake of fire called

outer darkness this lake of fire is the

place the ultimate place of the Damned

right here this is the federal prison

this is the local jailhouse prior to

trial the guilty have gone where the

rich man went in a waiting trial the

Bible says in the book of Revelation in

chapter 20 that the the sea gave up the

Dead which were in it that's here in the

oceans and death that's in the grave

death and hell that's anywhere in this

contraption death and he'll were gave up

the Dead which were in them and they all

stood before God and were judged and the

books were opened and another book was

opened which is the book of life and

who's Sarah's name was not found written

in the book of life was cast into the

lake of fire this is the second death he

said so this rich man has not yet

experienced the second death he is in

this first death right now just as

Abraham was in the first death just as

the beggar Lazarus experienced the first

death and was preserved in let's call

this paradise a an elite prison a place

where the prisoners go that are rich and

wealthy and haven't committed great

offenses we have those in this country

and their golf courses there and they

have great deal of liberty and there's

really no suffering or punishment but

they're confined that's the only problem

so God has

as it be air-conditioned spot in hell

and there's where he put the Old

Testament Saints who were not who were

saved were not to be damned and he kept

them there until the resurrection at

which time there was atonement made for

them and they were raised to go into

heaven so paradise right now is empty

but on the other side of paradise and

then in many other sides of the pit the

Damned await like like a wasp takes a

spider and sticks it into a cocoon and

wraps it up to preserve it in a semi

state waiting so the Damned are like in

cocoons preserved on the sides of the

pit waiting for the day of judgment when

they be resurrected so if a soul a body

or any substance is cast into this

bottomless pit and goes all the way to

the center it won't hit bottom

there's no bottom to the pit it reaches

the center of the lake and continues to

gyrate in a falling state never reaching

the bottom so it's a pit with two

openings is the only possibility a pit

with two openings on a round planet with

gravitational pull pulling toward the

center so that it never reaches a

bottomless a bottomless pit and a lake

fire that's called outer darkness

because this molten center doesn't have

any oxygen so it doesn't create light so

this is pitch dark red hot and forever

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