What is an ABA Routing Number?

is a unique code that exists on a check

that the ABA assigns the ABA stands for

the America's Bankers Association the

ABA routing number identifies the

financial institution that issued the

check banks and other financial

institutions based in the USA that own

accounts at the Federal Reserve Bank

used the nine digit ABA routing number

they use it to process check

transactions including clearance and

deposits the United States has hundreds

of banks tens of thousands of branches

and hundreds of millions of bank

accounts the ABA routing number which

consists of a nine digit code identifies

banks in the US the number helps other

banks and financial institutions

transfer money to and from a customer's

account for transactions like automatic

bill payments or direct deposits the ABA

routing number has important information

for the financial institution the first

two numbers indicate the type of

financial institution the next two

indicates the Federal Reserve Bank

district branch the next four numbers

give us information on the institution

where the checking accounts is held

while the last number is the single

check digit a bank might have many ABA

routing numbers therefore it is

important to make sure you use the ABA

routing number that is specific to your

account this is the one in your

checkbook deposit slip or the number

they give you if you contact the bank

over the past couple of decades there

have been several mergers and


whenever banks merge the new entity ends

up with multiple codes