Evidence of the Yeti | National Geographic

at seventeen and a half thousand feet

Everest base camp was a ragged

collection of tents on a moon like seal

boulders near here is worshipped and

took his remarkable photograph the image

that started the West's obsession with

the Yeti


it was late in the afternoon on November

the 8th 1951 and shipped in and the

expedition's doctor Michael Ward were

working on a glacier a couple of miles

from here and then suddenly they came

across a set of huge footprints that

went away from them down the glacier and

it left them completely mystified the

mystery footprints were about 12 inches

long and five inches wide Shipton even

had the presence of mind to use his own

ice axe to give a sense of scale to find

any footprints at such high altitude was

simply inexplicable so high above the

treeline and so high above any human

habitation they didn't look like the

footprints of a man a bear or a yak the

only animals that could even conceivably

be one a glacier at this altitude but

the Sherpas knew exactly what they were

Yeti footprints another member of the

Shipton team Tom bordelon saw the

footprints a few days later and when he

wrote a letter home he used the

memorable phrase the abominable snowman

is not a myth

Shipton's picture made headlines around

the globe nowadays they be cries of hoax

but back in the 1950s respectable

adventurers were taken at their word

this iconic photograph marked a new

beginning and Yeti mania was born