Dance at the Green Steel Bridge, the Yellow Steel Bridge, and the Red Steel Bridge - Fortnite

hello everybody I'm in the letter would

Olsen in his Martin welcome back to the

channel and welcome back to fortnight so

this week we have got the chaos Rises

challenges and let's get started shall


first and foremost we need to find three

bridges that are steel and dance at them

and just as we head into this one as

well if you like this music in the

background the fortnight Christmas

battle bus remix I am actually made that

myself and sparkles we made it there's a

link in the description to that it's on

on low fine music channel have a lucky

but anyway this is the first bridge the

green steel bridge so if you're looking

for this you basically want to come to

frenzied farm and go a little bit

southeast and you can find the bridge

right about there in terms of its map

placement I would say it's on the left

side of about g4 if you're looking at

them the map grid but where my mouse is

right now that's where you can find it

and then the next one is over here so

basically follow this river all the way

along to the island as it's called um

see dead center go a little bit north

and then from there you want to go a

little bit west and basically the bridge

that connects both salty springs and

Pleasant Park is the red steel bridge

remember to dance at least when you get

to those if you don't dance at them you

won't get the challenge completed so

that's where your next one is in terms

of map location we're looking on the

lower end of d3 and it's right about

there as I said you need Pleasant above

salty nice and simple and then the final

one is on the southern end of the map

we'll make our way there right now and

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and then the final bridge is right here

as you can see so this one's really

simple to find misty Meadows follow the

road along to the east and then the

basically the bridge is right there I'm

sure it's kind of on the right-hand side

of f7 which is very very simple to find

and there we go that's it so obviously

all of the Christmas skins are dropping

right now inside of the game I'm

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