Top 10 Facts about The Yangtze River

Top 10 Facts about the Yangtze River.

Number 1 The Yangtze being a whopping 6300km long, is China's longest River and the third

longest river in THE WORLD after the River Nile and The River Amazon.

Number 2, the Yangtze may be the third longest river in the world but it's the largest river

in Asia.

Number 3, the Yangtze River is the world's busiest inland waterway with cruise ships,

ferries, and freighters, moving around day and night.

Number 4, the Yangtze River has over 700 Tributaries.

Number 5, 1.3 million people were forced to relocate during the construction of the three

Gorges Dam.

Number 6, the Yangtze River Basin produces 70% of the rice needed in China.

Number 7, the drainage basin of the Yangtze covers 20% of China.

Number 8, in 1954, the Yangtze river flooded and killed around 30,000 people.

Number 9, there are more than 50 bridges spanning the Yangtze River and all of them have been

built after 1955.

Number 10, the Yangtze River's source is glaciers on the Tan Gu Lan Mountain range.

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