Exploring North Korea From The Yalu River

hello I'm Justin Martel with young

pioneer Torres I'm down here on the

Yellow River waterfront and Dandong

China I'm across from the North Korean

border city of sinuiju today I'm going

to get a little bit closer to the Hermit

Kingdom by joining one of Dan dongs

North Korean themed riverboat tours

let's check it out


down near the sino-korean Friendship

Bridge there are a number of tour

companies offering boat tours which will

take you a little closer to North Korea

where you can see what life is like for

Koreans living on their side of the





hee hee


somehow you're on the yellow river right

behind me is North Rim we can see lots

of North Korean fishermen we can see

North Korean armed houses and farmland

as our boat made its closest pass by

North Korea

we went buy lots of Chinese swimmers who

were swimming very close to the North

Korean side on the North Korean side the

atmosphere was light and relaxed and we

could see children playing in the Yellow

River and women washing clothes for sale

on the boat where North Korean souvenirs

like currency cigarettes and toddler

size traditional Korean clothing

we waved at fellow tourists as we passed

underneath the Friendship Bridge and

broken bridge and then we returned to



those concludes our Yellow River North

Korea boats or like the broken bridge

this is about as close as most people

get to North Korea if you want to see

the Hermit Kingdom for yourself sign up

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