Full Final Inning of World Series Game 6 as Dodgers try to win 2020 World Series!

they've got to get a base runner to have

a chance here in the ninth inning

margot wendell and adamus

against julio urias

who fires a strike yeah that's all he's

been doing

he has been in command of the strike

zone he's fearless


and like i said you got to have a slow

heartbeat it's not like he's done this a

ton of times he does have some saves

101 outside ball and a strike but now

the rays have to get somebody on to make

at least the nerves

a little unsettled to bring the tying

run to the plate

i mean since the first it hasn't been

the race have had

zero chances for the most part that's

strike two

and we'll give you a quick word from



that was quick

no lies not in game six of the world


the dodgers leading three to one

here comes a one two to margot

it'll pop up into right mookie betts is


and the first year dodger has out number


now what you can't do here joe and i'm

sure he's not you can't count outs

uh when you've been on the stage as many

times as the dodgers have

and as close as they've come you can't

count outs this is the only battery you


matters and then you go from there

and that batters mike brasso off the

bench this game has already tied the

record for

strikeouts in a nine-inning game if

that's what it is

in the end 25 strikeouts we've seen here


by these two teams rosso has swung the

bat very well this postseason


takes the ball he is a tough at bat and

if you don't believe me

ask a role does chapman yeah it's the

bat of his life

phillips had the moment of his life now

the razor hoping they

they have one more moment to keep this

series going

so much horsepower in the bullpen that

they have

good rip but wouldn't it be a little

ironic that that

ended up costing him in the end

reyes couldn't wait to get to their


one run charge to the starter blake

snell who was outstanding

and one to nick anderson who came in

allowed to double the mookie bets

and the wheels started turning

1-1 to brussels strike two


one-two pitch is high and tight



nope what a great take

after seeing velocity and then

spinning a breaking ball up there this

would have been real easy

to come out of your shoes right here but

a great take

rosso gives nothing away undrafted

trying to give

the raise a chance

down by two

buddhists looking too out

dodger fans to their feet

calm cool and collected


has retired all six he's faced

two best teams in baseball meet in the

most unpredictable format that we've

seen in a long time

one of these teams will have won a great

world series

strike one on willy adams

i don't think i've ever done a major

league baseball game and not thought of

my dad

but it's impossible to not think of the

92 year old

vin scully the greatest to ever do it

started with the dodgers in 1950 retired

four years ago that is strike two

67 years of his life he poured into the

dodger organization and you know

he's watching

and rooting ownership

andrew friedman

dave roberts


dodgers have won it all in 2020.




john the dodgers just showed too many

ways that they can beat you in this

series power

speed defense clutch hitting big

time pitching dave roberts pulling the

strings and

making right call after right call out

of the bullpen


and over the last 32 years the dodgers

have knocked at the door

for this a few times this year they

kicked it in

you know it's amazing they were down

three games to one to the braves

they played flawless baseball from that

point on

an almost flawless baseball in the world

series this is a complete team a team


had a lot of hurdles and a ton of

pressure on them these are two different

teams got here two different ways two

great teams

representing their cities the dodgers

had the weight of the world on them

and i'm telling you right now there is a


that you cannot understand until you've

been there

done that and they have answered

a lot of those questions