Remove the Wishbone from a Turkey

greetings my name is Scott today it's

Christmas and we're having Turkey now

the number one most important thing

about carving the turkey is getting the

wishbone out in one piece so today we're

talking about wishbone extraction let's

let's take a look I know you want the

wishbone but I have to extract the

wishbone first and now the wishbone up

here you want to hear pull up a stool

pull up a chair here pull up the chair

time's a-wastin all right you see

oh you're blocking all the light here

with this other side

Oh time's a-wasting hurry up rush rush

rush run run run keep watching what

about that we'll see here that later

alright now this is right here it's on

but here the legs right here see that

there's length hold the camera here's

the legs here's the legs here there's a

leg there's a leg notice that they're

pointing that way now the wishbone is

this piece right here so here okay so

this is this is the wishbone right here

don't worry you're holding it just

perfect now come underneath the wishbone

like that and just slice down like that

that should get the tooth out you know

we got now we're starting to get a

little that's some action there right

let's just cut see there that that one's

free now let's just get the other side

free right it is snowing out there we go

and there we go I've got the wig I've

got two were you watching did you see

that oh there's a wishbone now you two

have to peel the meat off and you eat

that part right all you got to do is see

now it's in one piece

all you do is get the guild meat off of

it let it dry out for a couple days so

get all the meat off let it dry out and

then you can do the wishbone trick if

you ever gets the bigger piece gets a