Removing the Wishbone from a Chicken

okay what we're going to do here for us

this morning is we're going to prepare

our chicken for roses the part first

process we have to do is we have to

remove the wishbone

so the wishbone is in here just comes

down both sides there and what we want

to do is come sound like that so what we

want to do is you want to put in our

knife scrape the back side scrape it

that side and then come with the far

side and release so cook through the

bowl there where it's fused and cut

through the bone there where its fuse

and then take it out so first thing we

do is pull back our skin there

in with your knife and scrape what

that's going to do is that is going to

show us the bowl where it is so that we

can cut down we've we've removed the

skin there on the flesh in with your

knife now on the far side and down the

other side then again we scrape and

you'll hear that scraping once you hit

the bone again then we can see the bone

is exposed we go in and we go down okay

put your knife down what we do now is

you push up and each side there with

your hands up push off that side right

back up and catch it at the very top

pull and remove so there we have the

wishbone out we're ready now to continue

on with the next process they're for

roast or chicken which would be trust in

our chicken or tying it up John