Baltimore: The Wire locations, part one

when the a/v Club travels we always make

time to visit pop-culture landmarks if

something memorable happened in the

world of film TV books or music we want

to go there we're not just tourists

we're pop pilgrims

a huge part of the wires gritty urgency

came from its street-level portrayal of

Baltimore Maryland aka body more murder

land which show creator David Simon knew

well having worked as a journalist there

for years almost everything in the wire

was filmed on location and over the next

two episodes of pop pilgrims we're gonna

be visiting a bunch of those spots we're

here with Eric Bennett location scout

the wire talking about some of the pop

pilgrimages from the wire am i wrong

that almost every exterior was shot on

location here in Baltimore I think 100%

every exterior location every exterior

shot in Baltimore yes it's so rare I

think we had 10 filming days in episode

and you'd have so many locations that

you didn't have time to move everybody

around with all the trucks so you would

you would try to consolidate lots of

different locations into a small area so

you wouldn't have to move around a lot

but also you're shooting in a real

active neighborhood did you ever

encounter problems noise or people or we

had a situation they think it was on

season 3 where one of the residents had

had their pull out in the backyard that

just kept barking and barking and

barking and somebody agreed to give the

person $20 to take their dog inside for

the rest of our shoot and then the next

time we came back here people had

borrowed friends and neighbors and

relatives dogs so the place was

literally crawling with 15 dogs in

various backyards with everybody

yeah wanting to get house money money

hushpuppy money yeah where are we right


this is Marlo's hide out from the

seasons 3 4 & 5 of The Wire this is kind

of where he would hold court so what is

this what did this area used to be or

what is it well it's a skate park and

kids skate and do tricks and this bowl

thing all along here and why was this

picked for uh for the hideout it was

kind of a combination of it being

secluded from the street but also

vantage points for people to be kind of

looking at them as they were doing their

business here Omar from up there would

spy on them as well

so that church roof is where they rose

up there with telephoto lens spy and

we're gonna try to get up there hey

there hey is pastor Willoughby here no

guarantee this was kind of the view the

police surveillance view of Marlo's

hideout and we you were here when they

were actually shooting you were the guy

opening up the gym at five o'clock in

the morning when I went our schedule

change to let us all in VIP

where are we this is the site of Cuddy's

boxing gym the dogfighting scenes I

think we shot a few Omar hideouts so

this was the gym this was the gym room

so you can see the boxing folks on the

wall and you guys painted all that rip

it up the painted all this and then I

believe this room was the dog fight wow

so many as you can see it's a it's a

really kind of cool-looking

old desolate warehouse that we pretty

much had access to whenever we wanted

which made it like kind of an ideal

location for filming these are actors

and tape marks we got one over here yeah

there was a there was a crack there was

some sort of group scene bad

take him out by enlarged all the

residents in Baltimore and the

neighborhood through film mendler were

very accommodating and very supportive

of the show which was which was nice and

made things a lot easier

are you