Where Is The Winterfest Cabin in Fortnite

where is the Winterfest cabin this is a

question that's being asked and it is

absolutely trending right now I want to

do a video let you guys know exactly how

to get to it most of you probably

already know once you get to the lobby

here you go ahead and choose the

snowflake up here and as you choose that

it's gonna go ahead and give you another

option here it says Winter Fest presents

you don't know you get 14 presents from

here so you go and choose visit Lodge

and you'll be in there and now you're

going through and visiting you can go

ahead and do things like open the

presents check out crack-shot go ahead

and go to the fire when you're in the


some people get XP oh it's working for

me now that's nice so you can get

unlimited act busted supercharged XP by

watching this so it basically means

you'll get XP a lot faster once you go

in for the game and I don't want to make

this video too long so you can also

click the stocking to go ahead and get

anything that is a new quest so you can

do that as well you also have presents

you can open one it will open one real

quick because we can we'll just pick

this one and you can hit Q shake it and

eat it

open and oh well we get yes I wanted

this actually so I'm kind of happy that

we got this so we got shortbread slicers

the dual pickaxe I always love dual

pickaxes so that's a new one I'll be

rocking right now and that's the video

that's how you go ahead and find The

Cabin in Winter Fest hope this helped

out and thank you so much for stopping