Skyrim escapist: Escaping Whiterun jail

hello assassins welcome to skyrim

remastered edition on the playstation 4

now i'm not i'm going to be doing a

quick video which you've probably seen

from the title what it is it's going to

be escaping from white runs dungeon

trying not to get caught out let's cause

a fight shall we I'm on your side well

that was [ __ ] right come on you're

pushing us around out in Skyrim in her

people who put what's say in your

defense I said meet you're going to get

in the Dragons of each dungeon right so

when you get put into jail here as you

can see you have two options you can

either try and escape from this door

which is probably the worst idea you've

ever got or you could either serve your

sentence or if you're really sneaky

remove this [ __ ] out of the way

take whatever the Fox in his body move

them out even further and then yeah

right let's get the [ __ ] out of here I

share some you know mission possible

music going on in the background of this

right so I've got fists so far I need to

go and get my weapons back that's going

to be the main problem in this sort of

equation so

let's pick up that actually


[ __ ] did that but that did something so

i need to get in upstairs i'm going to

get into the evidence lockup room which

should have all my [ __ ] and then when i

get out when i get out should hopefully

even so far

[ __ ] I got the phone

promise that took everything I need for

bus 38 gold God knows who just leave

that out there let's get into the guard

max this is why I have to be careful

because if they see me I'd i right or

prove your possessions I need to find

the evidence for that

Lydia I've got your back all right time

for Spock oh yeah go home

my heart I wonder if I can get I wonder

if dressing up words sort of i'm

wondering if dressing up as a normal

thing and just in normal clothes would

sort renda me incognito



if these guys wake up on funds

I didn't see you at all

the commit to be going on

some food so that of God not forget

about this

oh the help on my hand look at it look

at my hand it'll curl ha perfect I

should make me look a little bit more

that was tense just went through the


oh by the way oh hi long


because this is slow climb shower at

time of the world around your cell

i wonder if i can use murder of power is

that no no no no i don't open to won't

run [ __ ] however it can come out and

escape the prison if i go back in they

like sequels a prison they don't see me

as a prisoner oh my god um ok I just

needs finally I am your sword and your

shoes thank you all we just need to find

my stuff wait i know you laid out


he noticed it with me he noticed I was a

prisoner for seconds

long life




how long do I have is 108 p.m.


he's too busy worrying about me which is

good very very good don't want to leave

my stuff behind so there'll be high you

don't know me but if I go into wiper I

like see if i can get actually into the

dungeon bit perhaps they'll be in

evidence lockup there I need to be very

careful because i feel like if any of

them senior really get trying to

straighten up in jail again

I've got no weapons I've only got a

couple of shouts that might be able to

save my life


yes I mean really shipping oh yeah lots

of fishes start slow suspicious

all right thankfully not every guard in

Whiterun knows that I'm a you know

prisoner so i'm back in jax Blue Dragons

each dungeon hopefully there'll be

something down here um hi [ __ ] humble

ossicles wait completed huh you know I

didn't get anything

wait I

whoa boy world world world world world

war disease when your defense all right

I have an idea now I submit a pizza

Jared Wright dragons reach done you're

going to rise in the Dragons reach

dungeon right I now know what I have to

do I'm going to move him again oh I need

to keep at least one book back this

isn't all right idea actually because i

have tried this before it's never worked

before I've always been caught at the

last second like then so is the timeline

I need to know what the time is you


go to bed don't that all going here oh

my god come forward of them come on [ __ ]

off the bed [ __ ] off to bed this is just

turned into the escapist iphone careful

all right I was exactly careful but I

had to make sure that not all of them

could see me I there's the entrance I

can just see you there we go i mean i

need to figure out wait no I know you

you're making a mistake the only mistake

was you showing your face you've

committed crimes against Skyrim adore

people and it's time to face no all

right a few seconds I has a few seconds

guys know all right guys mod Stoke

family now right run gelpi that should

be yeah coming [ __ ] I'm sorry um hi

right here ya know


oh gosh


everyone fall




my boss tonight

my god ok ok ok




devised a hostage prison we survived

breaking out of prison we survived

getting our gear back and we also

survived get the [ __ ] out of there

anyway guys that's that's the challenge

done for today that's Skyrim done yeah

finish finish Skyrim you know joined our

Brotherhood that's about yeah yeah yeah

finished about finished about food for

17 finished it by finished it if you

understand that reference comment down

below understood please don't actually

I'm not one of those youtubers anyway

hope you guys enjoyed this video please

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add as always I'll catch you guys on the

next target because now i'm an assassin

properly in the dark brotherhood

uh bye